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A Model Vacation on Disney Cruise Line – Exclusive Tilt-Shift Video

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

We’re at sea for the latest in our series of never-before-seen looks at Disney Parks. This time it’s a “miniature scale” journey on the Disney Wonder cruise ship created through the magic of tilt-shift photography. The adventure begins at the dock and quickly moves to Castaway Cay…with some amazing sights in between.

As you know, our first tilt-shift video celebrated the birthday of Magic Kingdom Park. Project champion David Roark, manager of creative photography for Yellow Shoes Creative Group, then captured fireworks at Epcot. So, what’s next? Please let us know what you’d like to see featured in the comments. And if you’re looking for more Disney Cruise Line updates – become a fan at


  • Absolutely love these tilt-shift time lapse videos! Keep them coming!

  • I absolutely LOVE these tilt-shift videos! This latest one brings back fond memories of our Disney Cruise aboard the Wonder… Love the shot of Mickey and Minnie watching the sunset! ºOº Another job well done to David Roark and the rest of the Yellow Shoes team!

    I would love to see one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Or how about a special Disney Resorts tilt-shift?

    Have a magical day,
    NCDisneyDad Bob ºOº

  • Now that is great, as usual. Just love the “tilt-shift”.
    Thanks again.

  • That was great, I went on the cruise that stopped at Key West, and obviously Castaway Cay! It was great to relive it in fast forward. My next cruise will be in 2012 for my 10th anniversary!

  • I don’t want this to be your _next_ video, since it would be several months off… but I would LOVE to see a tilt-shift time lapse of the Christmas trees being assembled in the different parks and resorts!

    And maybe, for the summer, how about one of the water parks? I want to see what those huge waves in the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool look like “in miniature”!

  • Always love the tilt shift videos. What would have been cool was to show Animator’s Palate.

  • Love these videos too! Makes me want to sail tomorrow. Going on the Dream in a year and 5 months:(

  • I would love to see a tilt-shift video of Fantasmic!

  • Love the tilt-shift videos! Leave it up to Disney to amaze us. This latest DCL one is awesome. Can’t wait for our cruise on the Dream next May. ºOº

  • I love how the ship and all the other water-craft look like toys! Fun video!

  • I love both Jonathan’s ideas about getting ready for the Christmas holidays and Typhoon lagoon! Both would be served well by tilt-shift, I think. As would Fantasmic! and the Lights, Motor, Action! shows. Even better than DCL, I believe.

    Other suggestions:
    4th of July
    Food & Wine Festival (I know, another day in Epcot).

    I don’t know how long you’re planning on doing these videos, but a tilt-shift on behind-the-scenes construction might be cool. Maybe something for the Fantasyland Expansion or the final touches on the Epcot additions?

    And let’s not forget Disneyland!

  • Tilt-Shift of some of the backstage goings on at the parks would be wonderful

  • These videos are like a mini vacation. My 7 year old daughter and I watch them when we need a little Disney between our real vacations at WDW.
    We’d love to see Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. How about Disneyland and Calafornia Adventure while you’re at it.

  • These tilt-shift videos are just fabulous. I’d love to see ones for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    A vacation on the Disney Cruise Line is one of our dream vacations, and we hope to be able to do one in the near future. We live on St. Thomas, USVI and see the Disney Magic in port almost every Wednesday during the winter cruise season.

  • I’ve relived each of my cruises through this video. THANK YOU! I can’t wait until my repositioning cruise on the WONDER in January 2011.

  • Great video! I’d love to see “A Model Day on the Savannah.” It could be from Animal Kingdom, or from the Lodge or Kidani Village, but I think it would be fun to see the animals in this kind of video.

    And maybe something to do with the all the work being done at Disney’s California Adventure?

  • I would love, love, LOVE to see one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!! Lights, Motors, Action would look great in tilt shift form, as well as Catastrophe Canyon and the Special Effects Water Tank!

  • I would like to see a tilt-shift video for Disney’s California Adventure!

  • I would love to see one for transportation of the monorails buses boats etc

  • I love these videos! So does my 4 yr old. So fun to watch.

    What are the songs that play with each of the 3? I would really like to download the songs.

  • Where do I find the other videos that been made?

  • I loved that video! Can anyone tell me the name of the song?

  • Loved the video! Onboard May 27, 2010, can’t wait for the “magic” to begin!

  • Loved it! Brought back lots of memories of my cruise experiance…

    I think a tilt-shift of Disney’s California Adventures with the opening crowds of World of Color would be amazing!!!!!

  • It would be really cool if you guys made one for the Disney Dream–with the Aqua Duck and the restaurants and kids clubs! Always love the tilt-shift videos, this one has to be my favorite!

  • What a seriously fun video! Wish I could be there right now! Can’t wait for a tilt shift video of the Dream!

  • These videos are fantastic. You really need to do Disneyland or California Adventure, especially when World of Color gets up and running.

  • I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  • Great work!! Going on my FIRST Disney cruise in just over 7 months. I can’t wait!!!

  • Brought back great memories from our cruise in Nov ’06!

  • i’d love to see a tilt shift on disneyland park or california adventure!!

  • Love it! Disneyland or DCA, with World of Color ought to be next! These are fantastic!

  • Great Tilt Shift video! We went on the Disney Magic for a seven night Eastern Caribbean cruise during February of 2006. We can’t wait to go back on the Disney cruise. This time it will be on the Disney Wonder. This video was an awesome way to get a taste for what’s in store for us. Please keep the tilt shift videos coming. Thanks!

  • I would suggest two things… I think Animal Kingdom should be next because the effect of the animals in “miniature” would be wonderful to behold.

    The other thing would be a tilt shift video of the various Haunted Mansions/Phantom Manors around the world to celebrate Halloween. Try and do a POV video of the ride… that would be very nice!

  • Love it! And ditto to all the suggestions!

  • Super video. My children are really going to enjoy this one.

  • Great Job on this and all the tilt-shift videos. I agree with the others, keep them coming! This makes me want to try the Disney Cruise.

  • That was great. I love the tilt-shift. I can’t wait till my next cruise.

  • I know these videos must take a lot of work, but I can watch them over and over. I really feel I’m there. The next best thing to being in the parks/ship every day. Could you make a separate category for them, so they are easy to find?

  • I like these tilt-shifts so much, I’ll take ANYTHING you can give us!

  • Does anyone know when (the dates) this video was filmed? I swear my kids are in this video at Castaway Cay. I would love to find out if it is them.

  • Cool video!

  • Love these videos! Can you just include the music track listing in the description so we don’t have to continue to ask for it in the comments? Thanks.

  • these are awesome. I would like to see alot more. All the parks and maybe one showing things outside the parks. Like Downtown, Water carfts, Resorts, Golf Course, etc.

  • Oh you guys! Now I am missing the Wonder sooo bad!
    Beautiful job!

  • Thanks for letting me re-live our recent cruise on the Wonder.
    We loved it! It was our first cruise and first Disney Cruise.
    We are ready to go again, maybe in 2012??
    This brought back all the fun and memories. Thanks!!!!!!
    Nancy from MO

  • This is sooooooo cool. It brought back so many memories and makes us even more excited for our upcoming trip in a couple of weeks. We might have to watch this clip everyday (smile). Thanks so much!!!

  • I just got a camera that will take tilt-shift photos. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Loving the Tilt shift!

  • I love the model day videos! I sailed with you on both ships – the Magic and the Wonder – and both ships were awesome! Can’t wait to do the Dream on 2013!

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