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Animals in the Wild at Kidani Village

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

Animals in the Wild at Kidani Village
If you are a DVC member or hotel guest staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas — Kidani Village you are in for a treat. The six-acre Pembe Savannah has a huge collection of animals including nyala, impala, waterbuck, spur-winged geese, ground hornbill, red river hogs and okapi. Because of space limitations it is uncommon for an exhibit to have so many different species interacting with each other — like they might in the wild. My personal favorite is the okapi. It is such an odd looking animal with stripes like a zebra yet also giraffe like. Okapi are actually pretty rare with fewer than 100 okapi located in just over 20 locations. In this picture, the red river hog seems quite happy sharing space with the okapi. All one big happy family.


  • Great timing on this post! We’re headed to Kidani Village tomorrow with a savannah view room waiting for us. We’ll be on the lookout for that okapi and the red river hog too who has a face only his mother could love!

  • I love animal kingdom lodge. Such a beautiful resort. I am hoping you guys will announce the annual pass financing soon so I can book my next trip

  • We just got back from WDW and stayed at Jambo in AKL! What fun to see the animals each day outside our room! The giraffe’s and zebra were our favorites. But all were gorgeous.
    The whole lodge is just stunning!

  • The savannah view is awesome. We did it last year @ the AKL (KV) and loved it. We loved to have the ability to see the animals when we woke up or anytime we looked outside. U will love. I promise. We took lots of pictures. Enjoy.

  • I missed out on the viewing area for the Kidani Village Pembe Savannah on my trip in February. I didn’t realize the primary viewing area was by the pool so we kept searching the hotel to see the Okapis through the windows.

    I also stop on the Pangani Forest Exploration trail to take photos of the Okapi, they’re a great addition to the Kidani Village animal lineup.

  • I’m taking my friend with me for our graduation trip to the DVC’s at AKL, and we both can’t wait. We’re both huge animal people so while we couldn’t spend the whole week at those DVC’s, staying there will be the perfect trip for our celebration!

  • we check in to Kidani on Sunday with a Savannah view….can’t wait! It will be the 3rd stay at AKL for my wife and I, but the first for our daughter who is turning 25 while we are there and also the first for our 9 year old son! Can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they walk out on the balcony!

  • We recently stayed in a KV savannah view room facing Pembe. It was an especially remarkable joy that we felt. When we spent our honeymoon in June 2006, we were at the AKL in an end room over the nursery where those Red River Hogs were spending the nights during their first few months of life. My new wife and I were honored by the AKL Animal Staff. They allowed us to use the call horn from our balcony to herd these lovelies to the building for the night. It is a memory we’ll always cherish. And, these little ones will always be a part of our ‘ohana because of that. Thank you to the entire AKL staff for taking care of our babies!!!

  • As new DVC members, we actually stayed at two other DVC properties before checking in at our “home” resort of AKV last December. We loved our stay and AKV is definitely our favorite DVC. The savannah view is priceless and the rooms are warm and cozy. Can’t wait to go back “home” this June!

  • Will be checking in on May 1st with my sister who just bought into the AKL DVC. Can’t wait to see the animals.

  • AKL is the best. My 18yr old daughter graduates in May. Where does she want to go for her senior trip? Cancun? No. Bahamas? No. Panama City Beach? No. She wants to go to AKL – for the THIRD time in two years. Yeah, she’s a Disney Freak. I guess we all are, because we’re Making Her Dream Come True – again.

  • We stayed in Kidani Village on our recent trip to WDW in February…what a treat that was. The savannah view room was wonderful…it was great to see all of the different types of animals there were. I never could remember to get a picture of the giraffes when they were out though 🙁

  • We are staying there in October/November, 2011, for our daughter’s 12th birthday. Already making plans and getting excited. It’s always fun to see what we will be able to see/do for our next visit. Keeps the excitement alive. Can’t wait.

  • Will be staying in Jambo House this coming November, and Can not wait !!!

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