Baby Goats Born at Circle D Corral This Week

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

We’re proud to announce some new arrivals at Disneyland park. We recently shared a photo of an expectant Gadget at Circle D Corral, and this past weekend, Gadget gave birth to three kids: Squishy, Dory and Pearl. Gadget is pictured below with Squishy, who is now two days old.

Gadget and Squishy

Just yesterday at 5 a.m. another goat at Circle D Corral named Mulan gave birth to Stitch and Lilo. In the photo below, Stitch is shown on the left, and Lilo (with the white patch on her head) can be seen laying down on the right.

Mulan, Stitch and Lilo

You can see several animals, including two more expectant goats in Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland park, and you’ll be able to see the baby goats at Big Thunder Ranch in a couple of weeks.


  • also how cute the baby goats r cute!!

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  • OMG! So super-super cute! I totally love going to Big Thunder Ranch to see the goats, and now I have a reason to make a beeline back there on my next Disney Parks Anaheim visit! Those babies are just so adorable!!

  • Big Thunder Ranch is always a photo op. Now even more so.

  • So will the goats help trim vegetation around the parks on a rotational basis to reduce the carbon footprint and educate visitors?

  • we are planning a trip to Disneyland this june, can my family tour the circle D ranch? My girls would love this…too cute

    • Circle D Corral is located backstage, but you can see the animals at Big Thunder Ranch.

  • I will keep an eye out for them when I am there next week. Welcome little goats.

  • Awww! i cannot wait to visit them!!

  • They are too precious-congratulations Disneyland.

  • Awwww!! Arent they just precious!! And how much more cute is it that the babies are named after disney characters. I love that idea so much. Too cute 🙂

  • They are so adorable

  • How precious!! I cant wait for my son and I to see the new additions to the Disney Family. Yay!!!

    • Let us know when you see them!

  • So cute! Might just have to take my little one in a few weeks to see the new babies.

  • Adorable! Love all the animals at the Circle D Ranch!
    Good job, Momma Goats!

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