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Captain EO Returning to Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Captain EO Returning to Walt Disney World

Yes, you read right…the classic 3-D film experience “Captain EO” is coming back to Walt Disney World Resort this summer just months after it reopened to rave reviews at Disneyland park. The 17-minute musical space-fantasy adventure film is now scheduled to begin at Epcot on July 2.

I remember enjoying “Captain EO” during its original run at Epcot from 1986 -1994. But for some of you, it’ll be a new experience. The film features Michael Jackson as “Captain EO” and a crew of Disney-created space characters. During their journey, the group uses the power of dance, light and music to turn a colorless planet into a world of color and happiness.

And there’s more. “Captain EO” will be returning to other Disney Parks locations. It’s scheduled to open at Tokyo Disneyland on June 30 July 1 and Disneyland Paris on June 12. We’ll have more details on the film’s return to Walt Disney World in upcoming weeks but we wanted Disney Parks Blog readers to be among the first to know. Please check back for updates.


  • Will Epcot be getting the Captain EO merchandise that Disneyland got?

    • Checking on this, Brice. May be a good future blog post. Thanks.

  • This is fantastic! My daughter was so excited to hear this but bummed because she thinks we are not returning to Disney World until June 2011. Little does she know, Mommy has a surprise trip planned for July! I am so thrilled! Thanks for this Disney!

  • This is GREAT news. Will we get new ‘merchentainment’ or will we have the same stuff as Anaheim?

  • So will Honey I Shrunk the Audience be shut down permanently? Oh is this a temporary deal, cause i really like HISTA =(

  • Thank you for listening to us.

    • Sure. Thank you for the great feedback.

  • Can’t wait. I’m going with some friends around Christmas time, will be excited to see this and the MSEP!

  • I always loved captain eo, i am so happy that i will now be able to share it with my children, i know they will love it too!

  • Great we’ll be there July 5 can’t wait

  • This will be a first for me…but I’m sure it will be cool seeing something from Disney park’s past!!

  • Wonderful! We’ll be there in August. My boys will love it.
    We did Honey I Shrunk The Audience last year. That was plenty. I’m sure when it was created it was cool, but it is time. Some attractions age better than others. Thanks for adding another family-friendly attraction to Epcot.

  • WOW! I remember seeing it and now I can share it with my daughter, we just got our annual passes so we will deffinitely be able to enjoy it!

  • Will it still be at Epoct in August???? that is when my family are going!!! I would LOVE for my 7 year old daughter to see it!!!! WOW!!! wonderful news!!!! Thank you whomever thought of the idea!!!

  • WooHoo!!! I am so excited. I’ll be at Walt Disney World from July 13-21 and plan on seeing it multiple times!!

  • Thank you for finally removing Honey I Shrunk the Audience! Now please bring back the Dreamfinder!

  • I AM THRILLED. Hope it’s there until October!!

  • Ahhhh! ELATED to hear this!!! And soooo bummed that my trip to Disney World is planned for mid-June. I haven’t been there since Captain EO originally debuted in the late 80’s! And to think that I’m just missing it by weeks… :o(

  • Good counter-programming to offset some of the excitement over the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I must have seen EO at least a dozen times, and it will be very nostalgic to see it again!

  • where in EPCOT is “Captain EO going to be?

    • Hi Craig…Imagination Pavilion at Epcot.

  • Any news on how long it will run at Epcot? I’d hate to miss it! But, we’re going in May and September.

  • I can’t wait! To bad it won’t be open for out May trip….I hope it will be for our Oct/Nov one.

  • How exciting! I only saw it once back in 1989 and I loved it. I hope it lasts until August as we just came back yesterday from WDW and won’t go again until end of summer. I’m hoping my daughter gets to see it too!

  • OMG I used to love that!! I was just sitting here with a friend going over old disney rides and attractions that we’d like to see come back and that was DEFINITELY on the top of the list! Please keep it there til the end of the year AT LEAST! I’m coming to disney world for my honeymoon starting Nov. 2nd!

  • THANK YOU! This is great news! Please keep it for good, or at least through winter!

  • Fantastic news! Making my next trip down in December, can’t wait to see it at Epcot!

  • Would like to see Dreamfinder back too!

  • Glad to hear it! It’s been awesome having it out here in California. I remember its original run when I was a little girl, and I’m glad my friends out East have the opportunity to watch it in Orlando now!

  • I’m so glad this is going to be back! I didn’t like it when they took it out in the first place. But it’s nice to keep things fresh. Wooo HOOO!

  • Oh, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it not being there anytime soon.

  • After opening in DL and the announcement that it was opening in Tokyo, I had hoped it was only a matter of time before it came back to EPCOT. I am so excited that it is! But like most everyone else, I am very curious about how long it will be there. I just finished this year’s trip so it will be next year before I get back. Of course, I could be pursuaded to visit again this year! 🙂 not a lot of arm twisting would be needed!

  • I’m with you all here. We’ll be there in October and I hope it’s still open then.

  • YAY! I remember seeing this right after it opened on my first trip to disney..but it was closed by the time we went back for the 2nd trip. I’m going in August for my 10th trip, so I’m excited to see this again!!

  • Please keep it there until just after New Years Day!

  • “Why didn’t it open when the Disneyland version opened?”

    Evan–If I were to guess, its probably because they hadn’t yet made the decision to bring it to Epcot.

  • AWSOME! I hope it will still be there what I visit in December 2010!

    • It will, Jason. December is one of my favorite times to be in the parks.

  • I hope it will only be there temporarily. I AM glad to see Honey I Shrunk the Audience go, but that theater could be SO much more than just a place to stick Captain EO. I haven’t seen EO since I was 10 years old so I am excited to see it again…but with all of the incredible 3D movies coming out now I REALLY hope Disney will create something that will blow us all away.

  • We were wondering what NEW thing we could do on this trip. I found it. We did not start our yearly trips until after 1994 so this is completely new to us. Thank you for always comming up with something we have not done or seen before.

    • Great…glad to hear you’ll be able to enjoy it.

  • Woohoo! 🙂
    One question though: Does this mean it’s only there for this summer only or do you mean it opens this summer and will be open past summer too? Love ya, Michael! 🙂

  • Will this be taking the place of Honey I Shrunk the Audience?

    • Yes, “Honey, I Shrunk The Audience” will close to make way for the Captain’s return.

  • Where will it be showing in Epcot and for how long? I hope it will be there in August for our next trip!

  • AWESOME!! I really missed it after it left…SO glad it’s coming back! I’ll be there in October…REALLY hope it’s still there!

  • I sooo want my kids to see this. I hope we can get to the park while it is there.

  • Will EO still be playing in December? We are heading down the day after Christmas and I’m hoping to catch it then.

    • Yes, you’ll be able to see it in December. First time?

  • Guess I’m in the minority here – yuck…

  • Woo hoo! How exciting! I hope it lasts until October!

  • YES!! Cannot wait to see this again!! Saw it when I was younger and always hoped to see it again!! Will be there on July 4th and will get a number of views in during our two weeks down there!! Great News!!!

  • How long will it be there? We wont be back until the winter. I remember seeing this as a kid and look forward to seeing it again

    • It’ll run until at least the end of this year – the final closing date is TBD.

  • Also…think it’ll last until December? I might be back in WDW by then.

  • Thrilled that it’s back…

    …but not that I’ll be missing it by just a few days! Why didn’t it open when the Disneyland version opened?


  • GREAT NEWS!!!! Cannot wait….. Thank You!!!

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