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Dooney & Bourke Co-Branded Product Sets Sail on Disney Cruise Line

Dooney & Bourke - Disney Cruise Line

Ahoy Disney Cruise Line fans, we have something new just for you!

Launching on Disney Wonder and Disney Magic is the new Dooney & Bourke collection created especially for Disney Cruise Line. This colorful collection features a few of your favorite Disney Cruise Line inspired characters on some of Dooney & Bourkeโ€™s most popular silhouettes.

This new collection can only be found on the Disney Cruise Line, so keep an eye out for them on your next Disney Cruise.


  • Please, please, please………. I have got to have one of these purses. I can’t afford to go to the park and them buy one too.. SO PLEASE make the availbale ONLINE! It’s not fair. I have been on the DCL and I have been multiple times to the parks. There has got to be a way to buy them without breaking the bank with the visit and purchase.

  • I love D&B and WDW, haven’t been on the WD cruise yet, but would love to see a hands free cross body bag in this style and also at WDW in their styles, PLEASE ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guess this will be an Anniversiary Present when we cruise on the DVC Members Cruise in Sept. Just bought the Wondering Mickey from Customer Service.

  • I love Dooney & Burke and I love these bags. Are the bags going to be sold in any of the Disney Theme Park stores or in any of your Disney Stores? Will Dooney & Burke carry these bags as part of their normal hand bag line? I would love to have one if not all of these bags.

  • I WANT one,but not cruising this year. Need to make them available to all.PLEASE!!!

  • OMG, I want these bags, too. I am very sad that we will not on a Disney cruise ๐Ÿ™

  • I’m hoping these will be available on our May cruise in the Med. Now I need to re-evaluate my budget to score a DCL Dooney.

  • These are a match to the first edition Dooney & Bourke purses sold @ Disney Parks this past year. I bought a wristlet for $45 and if I’m not mistaken the smaller of the handbags was $150 possibly $160.

  • Is there anyway that we can buy these without going on the cruise? We are annual passholders at Disney World but my husband gets seasick so the cruise is out of the question.

  • These are wonderful. Can’t wait to get one on our cruise in December.


  • These Dooney & Bourke’s can be purchased off E-Bay ! They are really cute and fun.

  • Cool! I’ll be going on the 4-day Bahamas in 2 weeks. Hope they’ll have it!

  • Oh. My. Dog. I have to have this! My husband talked me out of the parks version on our last cruise in February… no way is he going to talk me out of this one. Hoping they’re still available in Jan 2011!

  • Too bad they didn’t have them last October when we cruised. I discovered I get very seasick, so I doubt we’ll be cruising again. ๐Ÿ™

  • I love it!!! I hope I can go on the cruise before fall so I can get one ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the one for the parks and I love it <3

  • Can’t wait to board the Mickey ship this weekend to see if they’re available yet. Must.Purchase.For.My.Girls.

    Yea! Too cute! Thanks Disney and Dooney & Burke!

  • Can we only buy these on the cruise??

  • Love it … Were going next week !!! YIPEE !

  • My cruise is planned for December 2011…. will they still have these then…. Huge D&B fan, Huge Disney fan… must have these bags!

  • Anybody know about how much they will cost???

  • I was on the Magic in March!!! UGH!!! I bought the original style! Now I want this one too!!!!


  • Oh wow! These are REALLY cute! I love them! I think we better start planning for a cruise now because I MUST have one of these! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • are they available on the cruise yet?

  • Too cute!!! They should be available online too!!

  • FABULOUS! Love it!

  • I won’t be cruising DCL until next year, is there any way to order this?

  • are these bags available without going on the disney cruise line to get them?

  • LOVE the cruise designs! Anyone I know going on a cruise soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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