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UPDATED: Disney Vacation Connection Desktop Widget

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE – June 2: The Disney Vacation Connection desktop widget is now available. You can try it by visiting DisneyVacationConnection.com and clicking the “Download Now” button. Check it out and let us know what you think.

UPDATE – 9:09 p.m. May 7: We’re aware of some downloading issues with the desktop widget. Our vendor is working on the issue right now and we hope to have this resolved as soon as we can.

UPDATE – May 7: It’s here. We’ve launched the new Disney Vacation Connection desktop widget and it’s ready for you to explore. Just visit DisneyVacationConnection.com and click the “Download Now” button. Also, if you’d like a quick tour to see what it’s all about, check out the video from our earlier “sneak peek” post below.

Disney Vacation Connection Desktop Widget

Today, we’re sharing a sneak peek at the new Disney Vacation Connection desktop widget –- that’s it…right there with Pluto. When you open the red suitcase on your computer screen you’ll find valuable news, calendars and information about Disney theme parks, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club. It’ll be easy to try. Just download the widget to your desktop (free of charge) and you can customize planning for your next vacation, find special events and ticket prices and create a personalized Disney vacation countdown. Here’s a quick walk through showing how it’ll work.

Disney Vacation Connection is not quite ready yet but you can sign up to receive notice when it officially launches. Also, please let us know what you think in comments.


  • I have tried to download a few times now in a couple of different ways: from my email, from this blog, and by typing in the web address. Each time I either get an error message or I’m taken to the site that says it’s being fixed. I was hoping to use it for my trip but i’m now 7 days away. Hoping it will be fixed for my trip in June…

  • Nicholas, I get the same message, it says the download button will “be back soon.” Has been the same for a few days now!

  • Umm im not sure about this but ever since the desktop widets been “out” i go to the site and it says download button is under construction its been like as long as the link has been availible and i dont know if its just my computer or it is under construction could anyone help?

  • This looks awsome, my children and I really enjoy the countdown till Disney feature, do you offer that for the cell phone as well?

  • IT IS AMAZING!!!! I had the 15% problem and it must have been fixed because this widget is amazing!!! It has everything I need!!! WELL DONE!!

  • I’ve tried to download it 3 times now, and I’m giving up. I really want this, and I really want it to work for me. I have Vista and IE 7, so I’m waiting.

  • I am excited that Disney is always moving forward; trying new things. And quickly reacting to rough spots and smoothing them over. Bravo! I am eager for the “download” button to come back, so I can download the revision and try it out. Disney folks, don’t EVER stop being brave enough to innovate!

  • Got this installed on a Mac today, running OS X 10.6. When I tried to shut down my Mac later on, Disney Vacation Connection prevented shut down because it was still running. I could not get the widget to quit using the menu command or by pressing command+Q. I needed to use Force Quit to get it to quit.

  • Okay, I got it to work! in the lower righthadn corner of my computer (by the clock) is the icon–click on that and it will pop right up and let you input your information and use it. The desktop shortcut, conversely, does nothing (I tried and tried to open it)—but click by the clock and you guys should be golden!

    I’ve played with mine several times today! 🙂

  • Got mine working today, but sorry, I really didn’t like it. Worked incredibly slow and bogged down my computer really bad. Tried to click on a visit site link about First Visits and got nothing. I really like the original vacation planning tools. Please tell me that it is still a tech problem and gets better. Once I deleted it, my computer started working great again. Love everything Disney, arriving in 13 days and can’t wait!!!!! Let me know if I was experiencing tech problems (I hope so)and I’ll try it again.

  • I am having the same problem. I am on Windows 7. I can down load the widget fine, but It won’t start. I did get Pluto once, but when I clicked that we already had reservations it disappeared.

  • Thomas- Thanks so much for all you and the team are doing to fix this problem. We all really appreciate it and can’t wait to be able to live more of the magic from home. I tried downloadling last night before the 9:09pm blackout and had the same issue as others: 15% freeze, getting all the way to the app and when I click on “already booked” the app disappears (although Avast! keeps chugging along like when apps are opening). Using IE8 and Vista platform. Tried the uninstall and reboot, without success. Went through each of these phases 2-3 times. Not sure if any of this info helps, but we are all excited to get to play on this new app.

  • I was able to download and use the widget. But when I tried to open it later to use again it would not open. The icon is in my start menu but it doesn’t do anything. Also it would be nice if the countdown was smaller or could be resized so that it could stay on my desktop when I’m performing other tasks.

  • OK finally got it downloaded, BUT after I picked already booked can’t wait to go it just disappeared, it went back to my desktop and I cannot get it to open up??? Help please.

  • I was able to down load it, but it won’t open???? HELP!!! I am on Windows 7

  • it works now. thank you so much for looking into it and it is quite amazing. thanks again 🙂

  • I have the same problem as Jose and Cheryl. The widget requires a US zip code but I am from Mexico, I need to put my mom zip code from California 🙁

  • Same here as Jose, after Pluto (which was VERY cute BTW)”asked” me, I clicked and nothing–in fact my computer froze and I had to reboot. Once I was up again, I clicked to open 3 times on the desktop shortcut and nothing!

  • Also been trying for about 2 hrs. Got it to download. Took at least 30 minutes to move off 15%. At one point, I saw Pluto and thought it was going to work, but when I clicked “already booked” it went to never-never land. Keeping my fingers crossed… Really excited for it.

  • Same problem as everyone else. It gets stuck at 15%.

  • The app downloads, Pluto appears, nudges the suitcase and then asks me if I alread have a reservation and then POOF!! Nothing

  • mine is also stuck at 15%. glad i’m not the only one! i can’t wait to check it out!

  • Thanks and I look forward to getting to play with it and count down (and further plan!) our October Trip – another one getting stuck at 15% unfortunately (good luck with the bugs)

  • I hate to keep posting the same thing, but I’m having difficulty as well. Adobe Air installs fine and the shortcut for the widget shows up on my desktop, but nothing appears to happen when I click on it. However, when I go to uninstall a message indicates that the program is currently running and I’m prompted to close it (which uninstall does automatically). I’m not sure if the issue is with AIR or the widget itself. I’m running Windows 7 if that has anything to do with it. Thoughts or suggestions?

  • I have successfully added the Adobe Air add on (and even updated it), but I also get stopped at the 15% loading indicator. I am using Safari on a 64-bit Mac.
    Looking forward to counting down to a post-graduation celebration trip.

    • I’ve passed the “15 percent” issue to the team. Will post an update as soon as possible.

  • Echoing the 15% issue here, though I haven’t let it run very log (3-4 minutes before ending task).

    I did notice (and it drove me nuts) that the Disney Vacation Connection website automatically expands my browser window and centers it. Considering I’m a dual monitor setup, with 2 sizable monitors, this is considerably annoying. (Window goes to the break between the two monitors, and it matches the resolution on my 22″ (my smaller one). Would be nicer if it didn’t auto-size and place the window. (Win 7 64-bit, Firefox 3.6.3)

  • That is so awesome! I can’t wait to use this!

  • It worked!!! It took a LONG time but it worked! Time to play.

  • I’m another disappointed customer. Only loading to 15%. I tried downloading the Air program through Disney, and again through Adobe… it seems like the program is installed, but it won’t actually open. 🙁

  • Download appeared to work. Start the app – get the 15% message. Using Windows Vista Home – SP2.

  • Can’t get mine to lunch.
    i’ve unstalled and reinstalled 3 times and nothing!
    I hope they getting it working soon.

  • We finished downloading it and the icon is on our desktop, but when we try to open it nothing happens 🙁 We downloaded Adobe AIR and uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and it still doesn’t work.

  • Why is it getting stuck at 15%?? HELP

  • Mine is also getting stuck at 15%.

  • I hate to just be repeating what others say, but mine is also stuck at 15%. I hope you can possibly fix this.

  • Mine keeps getting stuck at 15% too. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling it and restarting my computer. It finally made it all the way through to the first page at one point, asked me to indicate whether or not I had booked a trip, and when I indicated that I had it shut down. And now I’m currently stuck at 15% again. I’m on a Mac using Safari if that makes a difference. Can someone please help? I have really been looking forward to using this app!

  • I downloaded the Adobe AIR, but I can’t get the download to go through. It stops a little less than halfway

  • I also cannot get the widget to load past 15%. Any suggestions?

  • The widget looks great although on the bottom of the screen it says “It requires a U.S. Zip Code and I from Canada. Will I be able to download the widget?

  • Thanks for letting everyone know on Facebook that its on now because I would have forgotten to check back here! However it keeps getting stuck at 15%. Has anyone had that problem?

  • I was just able to download… i can’t wait to play around with it…

  • Stuck at 15%. read through comments tried everything suggested and nuthing 🙁 i was really excited about using this too.

  • We use Firefox & I’ve tried & tried & tried to get it to download & keep getting the same error message (#2032). The Adobe AIR is running & when I hit the download button…..all I get is the black box with the error message that it didn’t download & to try again. If it doesn’t work, contact the application author. HELP!!

    I tried turning off the firewall as well to see if it was being stopped…but same end result.

  • I can’t even get it to download either… I have been trying since yesterday and on two different laptops… all I get is an error message at the bottom of the page… I really wanted to play with this since I have a trip coming up in Dec..

    PLEASE fix the problem so I can play with it

  • It downloaded fine for me but I can’t lauch it. All I can get is the percent loading circle thing to come up. It’s stuck at 15%.

  • Ha! Looks like they fixed the Adobe AIR problem. Wonder if it was something I said? 😛 Love the widget, though!

  • Just downloading now… thank you sooo much Disney – this looks fantastic!!
    Only 218 days until 6 nights at the Boardwalk Villas 🙂

    • Great to hear…thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you, David. That worked. I installed Abode Air and then was able to download the widget. Now I need to start playing with it.
    Thanks again!

  • I should add that you just have to go to the Adobe website and click on the Install Air tile of the right. Posted the link before and they removed it.

    • Thanks, David. The team has fixed it so that if you don’t have Adobe Air installed, you now get an automatic prompt.

  • I figured it out! It is an Adobe AIR app and your computer needs to have the AIR plugin installed to run it.

    I am sure they will fix this soon. The page should’ve prompted you if you needed to install it.

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