George Lopez Makes a Splash at Disneyland Park!

Heather Hust Rivera

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George Lopez Makes a Splash at Disneyland Park
Last week, comedian George Lopez and his family celebrated daughter Mayan’s 15th birthday at Disneyland park. Paul Hiffmeyer captured this photo of the family riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds. The Lopez family sure knows how to make a splash!


  • This was taken on April 2nd. I was there, and heard that George Lopez had just finished eating lunch at the Blue Bayou restarant, but I didn’t get to see him…

  • Why is it that celebrities are always directed to go on the Tomorrowland side of Matterhorn? I ALWAYS see that in public shots on television or the internet! Are the tour guides only allowed to take them to certain places, or do they have to conform to the wishes of the guests?

  • Shauuuuuu!!! Reminds me of one of the Disneyland segment in Team Leader. He’s come a long way from eating ketchup packets.

    Amy is absolutely right, the plaid ambassadors are definitely the give away. Saw Ray Romano once at Star Tours with his twince.

  • Great shot,Eat your heart out poparaztzie.

  • That’s a great shot!

  • Happy Birthday Mayan.

  • That looks sweet I can wait 2 go!

  • Does anyone know the day he was there? We were there on March 31st and I was just curious how many days we missed him by.

  • How cool! We were there last week did not see him, but we did see Chris Rock with his kids.

  • We saw him that night at the Napa Rose restaurant, we was there celebrating my daughters birthday for dinner. Awesome, celebrities always look better in person.

  • we met him that day, he is awesome and was very little sister got all star was cute

  • Awesome.
    Its always cool to see celebrities enjoying the park. 🙂

  • It looks like they are really enjoying themselves!

  • Here’s a hint on “star hunting” at Disneyland. Look for the cast members in the plaid outfits. They guide tours, but also will escort celebrities who are visiting the park. Just don’t bug the celebrities if you spot them. Snap a pic on the sly, but they’re wanting to enjoy Disneyland just like you are. The folks in the plaid are there to keep them from getting mobbed!

  • That’s great wish we would have seen him we were there too!!!

  • That’s awesome.

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