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Guest Artisans Help Celebrate Earth Day with Disney!

At Disney Theme Park Merchandise we love Earth Day! We love it not only because it’s the birthday of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but we love it for all that it stands for! Earth Day inspires us all to be more aware of Mother Earth and teaches us to show appreciation for wild places and wild life.

Since we never miss a chance to celebrate, we’re excited to tell you about the special guest artisans that are helping us celebrate Earth Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In the days leading up to the Earth Day Celebration, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is excited to host three visiting artisans whose product is not only beautiful, but promotes being green and loving our Earth. The three artisans we are hosting, The Global Gecko, Just Plumerias, and Elemental Nursery will be appearing in the Park April 20 – 22, 2010.

The Global Gecko offers unique one-of-a-kind tree branch woodcarvings

The first of the three talented artisans we are featuring is The Global Gecko. The Global Gecko offers unique one-of-a-kind tree branch woodcarvings. It is The Global Gecko’s continuing effort to be ecologically friendly and responsible. Their imaginative works of art are made from driftwood, fallen tree branches and burls. Each piece is hand-crafted individually so no two carvings are alike. With the help of Mother Nature, this wood is given new life through the gifted hands of our artisans for all to enjoy and appreciate. The Global Gecko can be found at Disney Outfitters on Discovery Island.

Just Plumerias blooms on display at Beastly Bazaar on Discovery Island

Looking for colorful blooms to ‘pop’ in your garden? Then look no further than Just Plumerias.

Just Plumerias considers the plumeria to be the most perfect plant in the world because of its unique characteristics. Did you know that plumerias bloom from April through November? The flower doesn’t last that long, but the bloom pod continuously keeps blooming most of the year. The plumeria can be grown anywhere in the world since it can either be a 20 foot tree if you live in the warmer climates, or it makes a fantastic potted plant for your patio deck, screen pool, balcony or driveway. The plumeria is one of the most no maintenance plants in the world – it’s drought tolerant and can be grown in full sun or partial sun – so any green thumb (or lack there of) can take care of it! Be sure to stop by Beastly Bazaar on Discovery Island to discover Just Plumerias and their beautiful blooms!

Elemental Nursery has created a line of contemporary bonsai

Last, but certainly not least is Elemental Nursery. Along with their line of traditional bonsai, Elemental Nursery has created for your enjoyment a line of contemporary bonsai. With pottery imported from our artisans in Taiwan and the Orient we bring you artistry to enjoy in your office or at home in the middle of your living room. Easy care instructions, and watering when dry, allow you to enjoy the plants year round with very little effort. You can admire the lush bonsai’s from Elemental Nursery at Island Mercantile on Discovery Island.

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day with us at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or at home, we wish you a Happy Earth Day!