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Jewels Beneath Our Feet

Jewels Beneath Our Feet by Gene Duncan
This is the first of a three part series that reveals some often overlooked Florida plants and wildlife. Each of them is very tiny, and would most likely go unnoticed unless one seeks them out. To my limited knowledge, none of these plants are planted commercially — in fact, I think they would all more than likely be categorized as weeds. But weeds can be beautiful, too.

The first picture was made in thick grass near a drainage canal that meanders by the western perimeter of the Disney Horticulture “tree farm.” The exquisite pink flowers are growing from a stem that is no more than a couple of inches long. My first reaction was “wow”…
Jewels Beneath Our Feet by Gene Duncan
Jewels Beneath Our Feet by Gene Duncan
The next two photos were made within ten feet of one another in a vacant field approximately ½ mile south of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each of the delicate flowers is less than the diameter of a pencil eraser. What gems!


  • I love all the little wildflowers that grow in the area and am always curious about them. Any chance of getting names to go with these? I’m local and I’d love to be able to identify our roadside flowers better. 🙂

  • Barbara from New Jersey:

    One more thing to love about Disney.

    Thank you!!

  • Is there a place to send photos like this? When we were there in 2008 we had brought a new camera! We took a ton of this kind of photo for me to print as 12×12 sheets for my scrapbooking all over the Disney parks but specially at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge! I would love to share a couple of the really good ones!

  • I love the fact that others can find the beauty in the smallest gifts of nature that so many others overlook. The fact that something so tiny was designed with so much beauty and detail … breathtaking. This past weekend my husband was mowing for the first time this season and I spotted a patch of tiny pink and purple flowers. They were beautiful! I stood in that spot and would not allow him to mow there. He rolled his eyes at me and moved on. I was on my hands and knees, nose to the ground, just enjoying the beauty of those delicate little “weeds”.

  • I am a plant lover (nut as my hubby explains it). A plant is only a weed when it is growing in the wrong place (in my opinion).

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