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Light on Your Feet

Garth Vaughan

by , Walt Disney World

Light on Your Feet by Garth Vaughan
Light on Your Feet by Garth Vaughan
Our stage shows are really quite impressive. The mixture of choreography, set design, and lighting is second to none. The dancing is the perfect combination of grace, beauty and athleticism.

As these images of Beauty And The Beast demonstrate. The show is quite fluid. Not to mention iconic.


  • Nice photography! I love the overhead vantage that captures their spinning.

  • Love the show…and the hidden Mickey!

  • They should bring this back to Disneyland!

  • This show is one of my family’s favorite things at Disney. We see it at least twice each visit, and never get tired of it.

  • I LOVE this show! But it’s just not the same without Four for a Dollar opening 🙁

  • Awesome pictures! I saw that show four times when I went. Its so wonderful!

  • Cool pictures. Is there a way I can post a couple of mine?

  • We just saw this show when we were in Disney World for Spring Break a couple weeks ago!! My 3 year old daughter loved it!! Even my 6 year old son liked it!! It was wonderful!!

  • I see a “hidden” Mickey!

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