New Retro Inspired Tees Featuring the Matterhorn and the Flying Saucers, Have Landed!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Matterhorn Bobsleds Retro Inspired Tee
If you’ve been to the park lately then you’ve probably seen some of the attraction t-shirts currently available in our stores, including the Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. As we gear up for our 55th anniversary, our Product Development team headed to the vault to pay tribute to some of the attractions seen throughout the years. Just this week we added the Matterhorn Bobsleds and Flying Saucers to the list of available attraction tees.
Flying Saucers Retro Inspired Tee
Associate Product Developer Summer Bloomfield is the driving force behind these retro-inspired attraction tees. She let me know that Disney enthusiasts can plan on seeing many more in the future, at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. When asked about her inspiration to create the tees, Summer said: “Everyone has their favorite attraction, that one thing they have to do when they’re here. For years, a lot of this artwork has been seen in a 2D or flat art format, and now we can bring it to you on a whole different level. It’s a great opportunity to pay tribute to some of our most popular attractions and fan favorites.” Summer assures us that we’ll most likely see new retro-inspired attraction shirts next year, representing Disneyland and Magic Kingdom park, respectively, which means you may find a t-shirt on one coast that you may not find on the other.

Wondering where you can snag a tee for yourself? These attraction tees can be found at D Street at the Downtown Disney District as well as inside Disneyland park.

I tried to get a little sneak peek at the Fall line, but, of course, it’s all top secret right now. What she could tell us is that “I’ve got a lot of great plans for both men’s and ladies’ tees. You’ll find tees that will make you whistle a happy tune, and others that will dazzle you.”

Then she whispers: “Our Disney fans will really love the ones we have coming up featuring some of our ever-popular, rockets, trains and automobiles…”

So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Do you like the new retro inspired tees?


  • Michelle, my husband and I were there celebrating our anniversary yesterday and all we found were the saucer shirts & the tracks shirt over by the jungle cruise. We checked every Disneyland store with no luck in seeing the Bobsleds. Did we miss out on the other shirts or have they just not been released yet? We’re AP holders so we can go back and check again if necessary if you can just confirm that we havent missed out.

    Also FYI – SO loving the Capt. EO merch. Keep it coming! We got our rainbow shirts yesterday!


  • These are SOOOOOO cool! I just hope they make a wide range of sizes- the cuts are usually huge on me.

  • Hi Michelle,
    I didn’t see the Haunted Mansion retro shirt in the Downtown Disney store yesterday, and the only one Merchandise Guest Services knew about was a 40th anniversary one with three hitchhiking ghosts. Please help!

  • I was at Disneyland yesterday and couldnt wait to see and purchase these tees. I went to several stores on Main Street. Sadly none of the employees knew what I was describing or had even heard or these. Looked at me like I had made them up. I figured the shirts would be well known and hot items, wish I would have printed this page or remembered the specific store at Downtown. 🙁

  • Hey, you forgot to mention that Rolly Crump designed the Flying Saucers Attraction Poster! And I think it’s wonderful that DL and FL will be getting DIFFERENT shirts! Matterhorn is a DL only attraction, so it makes sense you can only find the shirt here!

  • Very cool. It’s always fun to pick up “treasures” from our trips.

    Michelle – what ever happened to the flying saucer ride?

  • I guess I am confused… these are only available in Disneyland, Downtown Disney in California, and the California resorts? I went to D street here in Orlando and they had no idea what we were asking for. I showed them the pics and they said only in California.

    Any plans to sell them here in Orlando? If not, I will call the Merch line… sad panda…

  • Hi Michelle, Just an observation. Lots of the Disney t shirts that are regular T shirts are brown, navy, black and gray. The really cute shirts that are “Ladies Cut” and often have more color, don’t always fit everyone. Could there be regular t shirts with some more color choices in backgrounds? I think the new shirts are cute, and might buy some, but again the background colors are black and dark blue.


  • We’ll be in WDW in late August – will they be available yet?

  • Great shirts! Hoping for a retro COP shirt soon!

  • I didn’t see these shirts when I was there a month ago! I would have bought one!

  • I love ’em!!

    You know.. when designing “retro” T’s, I’d like to see some that utilize the old attraction poster art, fonts, and design, but not be just a copy of the poster itself. THAT would make for a great series of retro T’s. Just slapping the poster on a T has been done exhaustively by Disney, in my opinion. I absolutely LOVE the Flying Saucers T here, it’s exactly what I’m talking about. It looks and feels like the old attraction poster, but with the saucers flying up the shoulder, the art expands past the frame of the poster and uses the entire T-Shirt… it looks great!!

  • I love the retro tees! I’ve never been to DL so neither of these tees excite me, but I look forward to great ones for attractions in Florida! I think they should even make retro tees for new attractions like Everest, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Toy Story Mania and the Little Mermaid ride coming. I think many people just like the look of the retro tees, but the rides don’t have to all be retro rides. 🙂

    Oh and if your anywhere near an Imagineer, tell them to FIX THAT YETI on Expedition Everest!

  • Visiting WDW from the UK in December 2010, any chance of being able to pick up any retro tees at the World during my visit???

  • Wow I love these shirts!! Can’t wait for the sneak Peek on As a side note I would love to see some more of the merchandise for the 15th anniversary of the Indiana Jones ride on there as well.

  • Saw this in the park and at D St last month and got so excited. Can’t wait to see what retro rides they will do next. Adventure Thru Innerspace possibly?

  • I love these, and I’d REALLY like to get the Flying Saucers tee (I very very vaguely remember the attraction!), but I hope they make them in WOMEN’S cut sizes, I can’t wear men’s.

  • Ack! We were just there this weekend and didn’t see them, but would have purchased all 5. Perhaps they will be made available through the Parks tab of the store?

  • Very cool! It’s not really retro I was there! Am I retro? lol.. I want the bobsled one. I missed seeing it while we were in the park yesterday 😉

  • As if I needed another reason to try to come out to Disneyland this summer….the Matterhorn shirt!

  • I want a Peoplemover Tee!

  • please tell me these will be available online somewhere!!!!!! Answer? someone? ANYONE?!?!?!?!

  • I would love to see these t-shirts sold online at the Disney Store too.


  • These look like the posters our family has been sort of collecting, which used to be sold in the store above Pirates of the Caribbean. Awesome! Hope to get down there soon. Or are they available online?

  • I love the retro tees…what upsets me is that often they will only come in men’s sizes! I need the ladies cut to get some sort of figure, or else I’ll just look like a blob…

    Anyhow, can’t wait to see more!

  • I love these! Josh, there’s already been a retro Monorail shirt. I got it a couple of years ago.

  • One of the only photos I have of my father and I together is on the Flying Saucer Ride at Disneyland in 1963. Excited to see the retro artwork and hope to see more in the future!!

  • Wow, great idea!! I’d love to see one with Sleeping Beauty, as I loved the style of animation used! It’ll be fun to keep tabs on them as they are released.

  • Are they going to be doing other things for the 55th aniversary aside from cool merchandise?

  • Those are both a definite must have!

  • I’d love to see one with the Monorail on it!!!

  • I love these! I bought the retro Small World tee at WDW a few trips back and it’s still one of my favorites! I hope these will be made in women’s fits as well. I’m so looking forward to seeing them at Disneyland soon!

  • I have loved a lot of Disney shirts over the years, but have been unable to purchase them as there is no realistic size for me. I hate having to purchase a shirt from the men’s department and the women’s still doesn’t have a big enough size. When will Disney put realistic sizes for us plus size guests? They are missing out on a huge revenue stream.

  • Love ’em. But I agree with Rachel. If there’s a new Haunted Mansion shirt, I must own it!

  • We *need* to see the tees for Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion. How about a link or two? Also, will there be any way to buy these without going to the park? We’ve already been this year and I missed them. 🙁

    • Thanks for your great responses. I’ll try to get some of the other tees posted on soon so you can see what they look like. The tees aren’t available online, but if you want to pick up either of these shirts and can’t make it to D Street, you can always call Merchandise Guest Services at 800.362.4533.

  • Really neat product launch. Michelle, I am in Retail Marketing as well and a huge Disney fan… I would love to be able to pick your brain sometime!

    Have a great day!

  • I hope they make more for other attractions for Disney World too! I would buy one…or all of them!

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