The Monkey God

The Monkey God
While peeking through the thick Jungle Cruise foliage along the riverbank, I discovered the Monkey God, who is sometimes affectionately called “Bob” by the Jungle Cruise skippers. I’d never seen him before and shooting this photo made me feel like I had discovered a long-lost civilization all by myself.


  • Good photo…I’m now on the lookout for “Bob”.

  • This is a GREAT shot.
    What I would give to be a Disneyland Photographer…. I visit every year from Vancouver, Canada, and it feels like I find new subtleties to shoot, each and every time I am there.
    Thanks so much for sharing this photograph with us.

  • Monkey with a popsicle! Sweet!

  • Bob, the God of Churros. How I miss you.

  • I love Bob…he is my idol!

  • Brass Monkey… that funky monkey!

  • “You go Bob”!

  • Great shot! I wish I had a job where I could wander the WDW parks and take pictures all day 🙂

  • Very nice!

  • Maybe its me, but “Bob” looks more like a “Barbara” in this picture. Earrings, long alluring facial features, needs a female undergarment…great pic no matter what he/she resembles!

  • A lost civilization right in my own back yard! Amazing — didn’t know it was so close! I like how you used natural light reflexting off the plants to add alure to the photo. Two thumbs up!

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