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Vinylmation Visuals

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Vinylmation Visuals

One thing I quickly learned in the world of Vinylmation is that Vinylmation isn’t just about the fun Mickey Mouse shaped figures. Granted, our Disney Artists (and some of you) may use that blank Mickey Mouse shaped canvas to create some truly memorable masterpieces. Yet, Vinylmation is more about bringing the art of story telling to life in three dimensions.

With the opening of D-Street at Downtown Disney West Side fast approaching, I thought I’d share some concepts of three-dimensional visual displays. They are however presented in 2-D format as we haven’t perfected that 3-D interface yet (uh, calling Muppet Labs!). You may begin to see these displays and others around Disney Parks soon.

For example, the image at the top of the screen featuring numerous Vinylmation 3” figures will be used in a sign at the new Vinylmation mothership location coming to Florida in April. That sign will feature 81 rods with fifteen and half figures per rod. That’s a total of 1,255 Vinylmation figures used! I can’t wait to see the finished version.

Vinylmation Mystery Chaser

When this giant, five-foot figure pictured above arrived at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, Donald Ferro, developer for Vinylmation, sent the team a message with the subject line, “Big Surprise in Showroom.” I thought cake might be waiting (why I’m not sure). After a brisk walk down the hall, I was greeted by a massive “mystery chaser” (I think we call him “Which One Did You Get?”). In the picture, he is wearing “gloves” to ensure he arrives safely at his final destination such as the Art of Disney at Epcot as pictured below. Okay, seeing him was slightly better than food (but cake would have rocked my world! Next time Donald, please).

Vinylmation Mystery Chaser

At The Star Trader in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park, another giant “mystery chaser” will be featured in a window with additional Vinylmation cut-out figures surrounding him (see below). The cut-outs will showcase Vinylmation designs inspired by Disneyland Resort attractions.

Vinylmation at The Star Trader

Finally, if you are staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, look for an eye-catching display near the Disney Resort Bus loop. This display will feature a variety of actual Vinylmation figures.

Vinylmation at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

By the way, Joe Higham from Global Retail Store Development at Disney Theme Park Merchandise drew and colored these concept sketches by hand! Some of you who have attended the Disney Pin Celebration event at Epcot in previous years may recall seeing some of Joe’s handiwork.

Look for these visual displays and many others coming to a Vinylmation location near you. I personally invite you to stop by D-Street to see some amazing graphics in the windows or on the banners. There are even some hidden treasures pictured on them. But that is a different story you won’t want to miss “seeing” on the Disney Parks Blog in the future.


  • Steve, thank you for the quick response to my question (9)
    above. I am certainly glad that you guided me and was able to purchase the vinyls on line at
    Im sure out of state collectors can really appreciate that they can continue to collect their favorite vinyls while getting the product directly from Disney and not have to deal with the secondary market.

  • Steven,
    I had a great idea for Vinylmation today…Power Rangers! The 5 currently meeting guests at Hollywood Studios could be a part of the Parks series, or you could make an entire set of 12, like the Muppets. I think there are collectors who would LOVE these.

  • I think the sketches from Joe are awesome. I’m amazed he can draw those by hand! It was my first visit to Disney in 9 years and I was intrigued by the displays. I bought 2 and opening the box to discover the one I got was like Christmas morning. Looking forward to adding more to my collection.

  • Hello Steven,

    I live in Belgium and I love the vinylmations since the start.
    Can you let me know if there are exclusive vinylmations for Disneyland Paris in the future ?? And maybe in Tokyo and Hong Kong ?
    I know it’s a “secret”…..
    Thank you for your answer


    • Aurelio,
      I’m so glad you are enjoying Vinylmation. Disneyland Resort Paris does carry Vinylmation figures. I also know that Hong Kong Disneyland recently introduced the Oh Mickey! Series. See:

      The Park Series will continue to draw inspiration from attractions, shows, characters and experiences from Disney Parks around the world. There are no “exclusive” Disneyland Resort Paris figures planned at this time.

  • Any chance the Park #4 Series 9″/3″ Sulley and Boo set will be sold online at

    • Lauren,

      Sorry. The Vinylmation 9″ + 3″ set featuring Sulley and Boo will not be offered on the

  • Hi Steven,

    I’m an avid vinylmation collector from the UK and I’m really struggling to keep up with new releases as the shipping costs on are really expensive! For example when I bought a case it cost me $240 for the case, $100 for shipping and then $50 in customs charges.

    So do you know if there is any way I would be able to get vinylmations shipped at a more reasonable rate?

    Secondly I LOVE the big chaser! I’m currently planning a holiday to WDW and can’t wait to see D-Street etc 🙂


    p.s If you could plan a release for when I’m there I’ll bring you a cake!

  • Hi Steven!
    Was nice meeting you at the passholder event last Saturday. It looks like such fun designing vinyls and pins, how could I get a job doing this? Thanks and have a great day!

  • I have always found these figurines to be interesting and quite beautiful in their own way. The display looks great and will bring plenty of attention.

    One question though! I am a huge Donald Duck fan. Is there any word of them perhaps releasing a different shape figure? Not that there’s anything wrong with Mickey Mouse! ( I love him too 🙂 ) I think it would be really neat to see different shaped characters.

    Thank you!

    • April,
      Me too! I’ve always loved Donald. Right now, we are currently focused on the Mickey Mouse shaped canvas. But as I’ve learned, the possibilities with Vinylmation are endless. 🙂

  • Hey steve i was wondering if you could share any info on when the sci fi diner park 4 9″ vinyl was going to be coming out? Would love some info on that one :). By the way LOVE the WDW d-street, why isnt ours on the west coast as vinylriffic lol?

    • I checked with the Vinylmation team. It looks like the earliest we will see the Vinylmation 9″ Figure inspired by the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater is May. As soon as I know more, I’ll post on

  • Hi Steven just wondering is DLR ever gonna get an equal or near equal share of the hot LE vinyl as with Sulley and boo we only received a little under 150 thats all im wondering right now =) thxs for your time

    • Jose,
      I can say that we have reviewed many of the edition sizes of things going forward. We know there is excitement for the limited edition figures. Trust me, we aren’t going crazy with edition sizes, but we want to ensure that Guests have an opportunity to collect the figures they want. That is one reason why we introduced the purchase policy for “Limited Edition” figures of two figures per Guest, per style, per day. And why we continue to offer select 9″ figures on the (for those Guests who aren’t near a Disney Park).

  • Steven you do a great job running the vinylmation product line. Is there ever a chance non-disney artists will ever have a chance displaying their work @ D-Street? There are many awesome creations made by others.

    • Christopher,
      Thanks for the kind words. It’s not just me … we have a whole team working on the Vinylmation, so I’ll pass along your note. We currently have no plans at this time for a showcase of Guest created figures at D-Street. We do, however, encourage Guests to express their creativity using the blank figures. At D-Street in Florida, there is a new Vinylmation Creation Station. You can create a unique figure right in the store. Look for a Disney Parks Blog article about it soon.

  • Okay Steve, I need your help. I am bringing my grandchildren to WDW in October. They are already talking about Vinylmation. Where do I start????
    Home of the Superbowl Champs!

    • Henry,
      Glad to hear you will be visiting in October. It is one of my favorite times of the year (Food and Wine Festival at Epcot!!). When you get to Florida, stop by D-Street at Downtown Disney WestSide. It is the new Vinylmation mothership, and the Cast in there will be excited to meet your grandchildren and you.

      You can also check out to see what will be released during the time you are visiting. I don’t have any details for October yet but keep watching. Have a safe trip.

  • Wow!I really liked the Vinylmation window pictures. Its neat to see the Idea go from a drawing to a real window.

  • Hi Steven,

    Since D-Street will not be handling phone orders, what do you recommend for out of town guests that would like to purchase
    9″ LE vinyls like the new Space Mountain?

    • Ruth,

      I invite you to check out the Disney Parks On-Line Store. Select Vinylmation Figures and accessories will be released there (including 9″ Limited Edition at times). For example we have the Vinylmation 3″ figure on line for the International Flower and Garden Festival 2010 at Epcot.


      Look for “Vinylmation” on the left side navigation bar.

    • Barbara … oops … I meant my response for you. Sorry 🙂

      Ruth – Vinylmation is our newest collectible figure that is all about creative expression and the thrill of the chase. We offer a variety of figures to collect … and now trade.

      Check out a previous Disney Parks Blog articles about Vinylmation such as:

  • Steven, it was so great to meet you at the preview on April 3. I can’t wait to get back there for another visit. Love the insight into the designs behind the store.

    (btw, I feel like a goof for not recognizing you as THIS Steven Miller-I didn’t recognize your official photo here-I would’ve talked more about steampunk if I’d realized it at the time!)

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts and photos!

    • No worries. I’m glad you had a great time at the Passholder Preivew. It was a blast. I put the Passholder Preview “I Was There” Vinylmation (and a few others) in the orange display case at D-Street today.

      Mark your calendar – April 16, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. I hope to see you there and please say “Aloha!”

  • I’m looking forward to getting Park #4 set. I’ve decided I’m buying the entire tray because there isn’t a single one I don’t want. Usually I like one or two from a set, but Park #4 is literally my perfect Vinylmation theme all in one swoop! I just keep making the joke that I’m not going to like the chaser! Also looking forward to the Tiki Room set which I think is just gorgeous! I love Vinylmation!!

    • Kungaloosh! Glad you like Park #4 as we love it too. And yes, can’t wait ( for the Enchanted Tiki Room 9″ Figure because who doesn’t love the Bird-mobile? How I wish I had a Dole Whip right now!

  • HI Steve,
    I’ve been a Disney fan for many years and have visited the park about 7 times. When we were there the last time, I saw a little display for Vinylmantion but I was told that they were going to be rolled out the week after we left. Can you please tell me a bit about what they are? Are they action figures for my children? Are they collectables? Are they “one of a kind’ collectables? Are they tiny for trading like pins? They look so cute, we will be back again this fall and I’m excited to check out D-Street.
    Thanks, Ruth

  • Steven, thanks for answering my question. One more thing…Is there a phone number for D Street in WDW that I can call? Thanks again.

    • Lauren,
      You’re welcome. Unfortunately, the D-Street in Florida location does not have an telephone number that Guests can call.

  • When will the Space Mountain and Mr. Toad Vinyls be released and where?

    • George –
      The much anticipated Space Mountain 35th Anniversary Vinylmation 9″ figure will be released on Friday, April 9 at D-Street in California and D-Street in Florida. There will be a purchase limit of two figures per Guest, per style, per day.

      The first Passholder Exclusive figure featuring Mr. Toad will be coming later this summer. We will debut the figure at the D-Street locations once released. Stay tuned to

      Speaking of the website … look for a newer version of to launch within the next two days. It looks great!

  • Great looking concepts. I will be on the look out for the Tomorrowland window & up-coming releases! Keep up the good work!

  • Lauren – Thanks for the kind words. The Global Retail Store Development team does some amazing work. The bus window at Disney’s Pop Century was just installed this week.

    I just returned from D-Street around 1:30 on April 7 (seems like I should have a cot there – ha!). There were still several Sulley & Boo sets remaining. Right now, D-Street appears to be the only location that will carry this item in Florida. I also saw several Adventurers Thru Inner Space figures. Finally, there was a new Vinylmation shirt available (the white and black one that features a “spray painted” Vinylmation logo).

    Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot to wake up the glee club … 04/08 …

  • Thanks Steven for the cool images. I can’t wait to see these displays in person. I do have one vinylmation-related question. I heard that at the passholder preview even at D Street in WDW this past Saturday, the Park #4 Series 9″/3″ Sulley and Boo vinylmation set was released. Will this set be sold at other locations throughout WDW anytime soon, and if yes, when? Or is it just going to be sold at D Street?

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