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You’ll ‘Dig’ This…

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Do you remember where you were 15 years ago? Were you one of the many who made the trek to Disneyland park to be among the first to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction? If your answer to the second question was “yes,” then you probably remember some of the great merchandise surrounding the opening of the attraction, including our Indiana Jones-themed hats, apparel, action figure toys and other novelty attraction souvenirs, like the Indy whip.

Fifteen years later, our product development team began a quest to develop new anniversary-themed product that Disney and Indiana Jones enthusiasts alike would enjoy, and here’s what they were able to unearth.

Indiana Jones unisex tees include popular sayings, icons and characters from the film, including “I Hate Snakes,” Archaeology Geek, Fortune & Glory, the rolling ball and the much anticipated Indiana Jones Adventure Fifteenth Anniversary commemorative tee with the tagline, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” Young archaeologists can join the excavation in a denim youth tee that reads, “A one way ticket to adventure!”

Indiana Jones Adventure Fifteenth Anniversary Commemorative Tee
Indiana Jones Adventure Fifteenth Anniversary Commemorative Tee

Some other fun “artifacts” you will dig up include a souvenir mug, a water bottle, a magnet and other items with the 15th Anniversary nod to the beloved attraction.

Tip: West Coast Indiana Jones fans won’t be the only ones who are able to scavenge for this merchandise. Similar merchandise is being created for our Walt Disney World theme parks in celebration of this historical milestone.

This spring, treasure awaits you, so set your course for the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction and be sure to stop by the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost in Adventureland to see the latest archaeological finds.


  • Will these shirts be well stocked or will I have to get them ASAP?

  • Just wondering if there is a way to purchase these t-shirts without going to the park? They are so cool and I know someone who would love one as a birthday gift! Thanks!

  • Wow.. 15 Years goes SO fast. There was a passholder “preview” day where we all waited patiently just to be able to walk through that magnificent queue. Sure we wanted to ride it, but just being able to see the detail and all the hidden treasures was incredible! Then, my wife and I went on Cast preview day and we were just standing there outside the gate. We wanted to feel the excitement of the day and all the media there. So, just standing there a guy comes up to us and says, “hey, we have two extra tickets, wanna go?” HA! Are you KIDDING ME!!? That was SO fun. Between Indy and the 40 Years of Adventure Celebration, that year was definately one of the most memorable I’ve ever experienced at Disneyland. I still feel Indy is the best themed attraction Disneyland has. It never grows old for me. In fact, we’ve been on this so many times that my wife and I can actually read the “Mara” language on the walls TOO well. Ha! We love it!!

  • Love the new shirts! My 6 year old son is a huge fan and he gave them a super thumbs up! I was lucky enough to have a friend who won tickets to be there 15 years ago when Mark and Brian (95.5 KLOS radio) had their big event for the opening of the ride. We were high school seniors and huge fans. The ride was a hit and my next favorite part of that night was that they played Classic Rock during the event. It was fabulous being in the Magic Kingdom while Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, and many others played in the air!

  • I happened to have been there in late february when they were previewing the ride for some lucky guests and I was one of them it was great fun and also one of the last times I have been to disneyland. I moved from so cal a few years later. It is a great ride and love the shirts.

  • Love the tees! I was one of the lucky ones who got to experience a soft opening of the ride. I was a senior in high school and we had a random Wednesday off from school so a friend and I headed to the park from San Diego. We heard a rumor that the ride might be opening even though its official opening hadn’t occurred yet so we made a mad dash there at rope drop. Sure enough we were one of the first on that day – it was so fun to ride with a whole group who had never been on it before. So much excitement and clapping at the end. We rode multiple times in a row.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Looks great! Please, Please, I hope they are NOT only in children sizes? I am finding more and more cool tee’s only available in kids sizes. Take for example, there are some new tees over at California Adventure showing “Mickey cartoons” from the 30/40’s, “Lonesome Ghosts”, “Hawaiian Holiday” etc, only available in kids size. Michelle, PLEASE make these available in adults sizes!!!!!

  • The merchandise looks great! I cannot argue with that. The designs are each wonderful, the colors are great, and the styles of each of the shirts match the feel of the ride perfectly.

    However, the disappointing news is that this merchandise is going to Walt Disney World. This merchandise does not relate to Walt Disney World so I do not understand why it is going there. Walt Disney World and Disneyland are not the same, so the two resorts should get separate, unique merchandise. The goal should not be to make the parks the same, but to make each resort unique and make each guests want to go to them both.

  • We drove up from San Diego, our daughter was 5 years old and we bought her a Disneyland 40th anniversary sweatshirt with Indiana Jones on it. The next year her sister was born, and I remember many visits of “baby trading” so she could ride twice. She didn’t like it much when her sister was older and she could no longer do that. If we did not live in Seattle now, I would be there for the anniversary.

  • For those of us Guests who may not be able to make it out to Anaheim this year, might we be able to get these shirts via Disneyland DelivEARs?

  • will it be available online?

  • Very cool!

    This is one of the best rides at Disneyland.

  • I so remember waiting in line! It was so long the line came out of Adventureland and onto Main Street! I was in 3rd Grade and a tomboy so of course I needed the hat before I went on the ride! Then arriving at the front we got these fun decoder cards so we could figure out what was written on the walls! Oh it took forever to get on that ride, but I still remember how exciting everything was!

  • I was there about a month after it opened, had to wait a long while, not sure how long. Remember trying to solve the AT&T puzzles with the cards we got when we entered (I kept mine in my wallet until about two years ago when my wife threw it away). The ride actually stopped running while we were waiting at the bend behind the video screen, and it was announced it would be about 45 minutes to get it going again. Sat there playing crazy 8s with friends from school the entire time. great day. Now I wanna get one of those Indiana Jones hats.

  • pray and wish we can see and try this ride. also we want those shirts. love the colors and designs on it.

  • I was there! That very weekend. Of course, “regular” people couldn’t ride, it was a celebrity event. Still, we went the following week, and since it was raining hard, there weren’t many people. We only waited one hour instead of three!

  • So when will this line be released? After all, the actual 15th Anniversary was last month, March 3rd. So…..

    • I’m so glad you like it! It looks like the merchandise will hit shelves towards the end of the month, so keep an eye out for it.

      – Michelle

  • Aw, I totally want one. =] Tis’ one of my favorite rides at Disney.

  • My son will flip for one of these! Actually we have not been there to take a ride on this yet. When he does will be be beside himself with joy!

  • Very cute. I may just have to get one!!

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