A Moment With Art

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

We have many photos of our friend, the late Art Linkletter at Disneyland Park throughout the years, but I wanted to share my personal favorite, and one of the very first images we released from our 50th anniversary celebration in 2005.

We had somehow located one of the television cameras used in the opening day telecast of Disneyland Park on July 17, 1955 and we arranged for Art to be interviewed live on television, in black and white, using the very same (now antique) camera we had used 50 years earlier.

During a break, I asked him if he’d like to try on one of our gold Mickey ear hats, and without hesitating he put it on.
Art Linkletter at Disneyland Park in 2005
As I think you can see from this photo, Art was a big kid at heart and I love the spark of playful mischief in his eyes. Maybe it was because July 17 was also Art’s birthday.

I’ll always remember something he said during our 50th when he shared a story about a man at Disneyland Park who asked him, “Isn’t it a shame that Walt Disney couldn’t be here to see this?” and Art said, “He did see this, that’s why it’s here.”

We’ll miss you, Art.


  • I want to add my vote for the window! It’s a terrific idea and a fitting tribute to a wonderful man who has always brought such joy to so many people. not unlike his good friend Walt Disney. I think they would both be very happy to see his window added to The Happiest Place ON Earth!

  • What a fantastic pic

  • He was a dear sweet man!! and will be remembered always!!! I loved to watch his interviews..

  • I grew up watching Mr. Linkletter in the 60’s and loved that sparkle in his eyes then. He always seemed so happy. My son and I were very lucky to be able to speak with him at Disneyland’s 50th and the sparkle was still there and I was amazed at his energy level! He was an extra special man-generous-caring and loving. I too hope that he will get a “window” on Main Street. Thank you for the memories!

  • Oh, I loved Art Linkletter. When I was little, I used to be happy if I was home sick from school, because I could watch his show. I have been collecting his books for many years, and I only wish I had been able to meet him somehow. I will miss him.

  • Art Linkletter was a man who lived life to it’s fullest and he certainly didn’t mind being a kid once again. Hey, everyone’s a kid at heart and there’s nothing unnatural about it. I think Art was a smash ’cause he was the kind of guy who wasn’t afraid to be who he was. I sometimes used to hear him on the radio and he was a very happy-go-lucky guy. He’ll be missed very much and his memory will live on forever.

  • Art Linkletter was actually from Saskatchewan like me. A great person indeed. We will miss you Art!

  • Art Linkletter was a true American icon. I remember coming home from elementary school in the late 60’s and watching “Kids Say The Darndest Things”. A pioneer in the early development of television and a great visionary just like Walt Disney, he truly will be missed. I got to meet him on this day that the photo above was taken and sadly I never got to take a photo with him, only of him. Great memories, Thank You Mr. Linkletter

  • Please post some more pictures of Art!

  • A great man. I loved his celebration of Disneyland when it was in its’ infancy – he saw what Walt saw. Like they say, only the good ‘die young’.

  • Bernadette and Fred,
    I’m sure Disneyland will do something very special to commemorate the memory of Mr. Linkletter. He was an integral part of opening day in the park. Art was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2005.

  • …Sorry for the misspelling, I meant “Bernadette”.

  • Earlier today, I was watching the opening of Disneyland on DVD. He was a wonderful guy.

    I agree with Bernadatte, it would be great if he received a Main Street window at Disneyland. I certainly hope that he will be mentioned during Disneyland’s 55th anniversary.

  • Gosh, what a great man. Where do we order more of him for this world?

  • even later in life, he would “light up” when he spoke of his dear friend Walt Disney!!! and I didn’t know his birthday was 7-17!! What a way to celebrate!!! Do you think the park will do something special to mark this occasion besides the 55th anniversary??? That would be nice… Do you think he’ll get his own window??

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