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Behind The Scenes: Main Street Electrical Parade Returns To Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

It’s almost parade time. Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade officially begins its limited engagement for Summer Nightastic! at Walt Disney World in less than two weeks – on June 6. But first things first … before the floats can roll through Magic Kingdom Park, we needed to move them from California to Florida. How do you move a parade? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of the work.

Parade floats like the “Honor America” finale display – featuring the American flag and giant American eagle – will be returning, along with costumed characters like Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to seeing.

Also, if you missed our first video from 1999 showing Main Street Electrical Parade vehicles on their way to the park, it’s worth checking out.


  • I remember going to Disney many, many years ago and seeing the Electric Parade. I look forward to taking my daughter and goddaughter to Disney to see the same. I can only hope they enjoy it half as much as I did. August can’t come soon enough!

  • Our family will be there on August 18th. Please keep it until 8/25 at least or after labor day when the kids go back to school.

  • Although it will be nice to see the Electrical Parade, I’m 22 years old and have been to Disney World a few times a year since I was born, and I’m not overly excited about the Electrical Parade returning. My generation grew up with Spectro Magic, and it holds such a dear place in my heart – Spectro Magic to me is Disney World from when I was a kid. Spectro Magic should come back to the Magic Kingdom after the run of the Electrical Parade is over.

  • Another vote/request for a few extra weeks of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Just think about us northerners, not getting out of school until June 25th, and not ending summer vacation until Sept 8th!

    (We arrive Aug. 18th, missing Last Tour to Endor, SummerNightastic and this, by just a few days! 🙁

    Thanks for considering!

  • Sorry my mistake, after doing research , it is Disneylands original parade . And I agree with the ppl In Cali, when taken back , it should be put back on Main Street . It is after all The Main Street Electrical Parade . I Love Spectromagic but after seeing it over & over again, it has got, uh, well, boring .
    Please keep the MSELP at WDW longer than the two month stint so others can enjoy it as well . My 1st trip to WDW was in 1999 and it was the very first electrical parade I viewed . It’s Adorable, much better than Spectro IMHO, and I’m so looking fwd to seeing it when I arrive . Pleassssssssse !!!

  • Why in the name of God would Disney spend all this money in todays economy , when profits are down , to bring us back the greatest parade of all times, which was originally Floridas parade anyway, to run it 2 months for this Summer Funtastic ?
    Please , whomever is in charge of this , I’m begging you continue to run it . For those of us that loved it and are not arriving till after the fact . I am an AP Holder from NJ, I attend the pin event in August every year . Last year it was in June . I arrive August 26th and will be there till September 8th . I will be gutted , if I don’t get to see it . News of this parade is what made me extend my stay another week . So, Please keep ELP right where it belongs , home at WDW . Thank You

  • Will be at Disney in July and can’t wait for my son to see the parade! It has to be my all time favorite!!!!!

  • Will be there June 6th…Looking forward to seeing the MSEP after all these years…..grew up with this at the MK

  • Mike, (from IL) the Main Street Electrical Parade runs for Summer Nighttastic. (June 4- August 14, 2010) Although Disney has not said anything, it may stay for your visit in October. Hope this helps!!! 🙂

  • Oh and Douglas, this parade was WDW parade, NOT Cali parade. So you’re right, stop picking WDW apart and taking all of Florida’s best things, lol.

  • Pete and his dragon by far my fave. Although the BEST part of the parade is the music!!!! I get chills everytime I hear it. Actually wasn’t even planning on going this year, but when I heard the parade was back, I changed my mind quick. I can’t wait til the end of July to see it!!!!

  • I so wish my wife and kid could see this… I remember seeing it many times when I went to WDW… Maybe some day they will see it…

  • i cant wait to bring my kids to see the electrical parade. the last time i saw it was in 1988. the kids and i are excited.

  • The “Main Street” Electrical Parade needs to go back to Main Street Disneyland after its run in WDW. Disneyland is still the flagship IMO so please stop picking its bones. BTW, People Mover or Tron as it were needs to be put into operation at D-Land ASAP.

  • It just goes to show you that you never know what are in those containers toodling down the interstate! 🙂

  • Cute. I love the Electrical Parade. It’s always been my favorite. The music is my favorite Disney music. It’s so happy! I remember as a little girl, I was terrified of the bugs, but now that memory makes me laugh. My husband laughs, too. Now that we live in GA, I always miss when the parade is in FL. I miss it.

  • We have planned our trip for just the right time! Will be there on the 15th of June! Plenty of time to see it! Although since we only go about once a year we will probably miss SpectroMagic. Especially since our last trip was to Disneyland. We just saw this one. Ha Ha! Oh well. It will still be fun!

  • I’m so sad you have once again taken ELP from Disneyland. It needs to go back to Disneylands Main street when its done in WDW. It didnt belong in California Adventure. Happy to share but make sure it comes back. Just my opinon

  • I was very excited when I heard that the Main Street Electrical Parade was coming back to Disney World. Then I found out that it is only going to be there for a limited time and will be gone by the time we go 🙁 That is very disappointing because I was looking forward to my two year old seeing it for the first time. I hope that the powers that be at Disney World hear our pleas and keep it there at least until the end of the year, think of the cost involved in sending it back so soon! LOL

  • #12 – Jason. You nailed it with, “what your looking forward to HEARING”. (1 and uh 2 and 3 and 4 e and uh).

    Mr. T. Smith: Will that be the music to it, or the newer version I’ve also heard?

  • I am so excited and happy. I’ve missed this parade and am looking forward to sharing it with my kids this summer!!!

  • What I’m looking forward to seeing? How about what I’m looking forward to HEARING! I can’t wait to hear that catchy “Baroque Hoedown” played over and over throughout the parade!

  • Just an FYI,,, this is supposed to run until Aug 14th……for those asking how long it will be here….

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE extend the electrical parade!!! Im going to Disney on August 15th…ONE day after it leaves…This will be my 8th trip to Disney World and I still have never seen this parade. Only the spectromagic has been there during my visits. I would LOVE to see this parade being that I am a die heart disney fanatic!!!! PLEASE DISNEY!! Make my dreams come true!!!!

  • Can’t wait to see it!!!! Do not remember it from when I was down as a child….now my kids will see it!!!!!

  • I just read in my Imagineering Book (the first one by the Imagineers) about all the wierd sights you may see around Anaheim with stuff leaving and heading to the Disney parks. I guess this is just what it was talking about. I just ordered the 2nd book last night!

  • Thomas,

    When will the parade run too?

    We will be there 9th aud to 23rd aug will we see it???

  • I too am going in October. this is my favorite parade. I wish it would stay longer!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this going through the end of the year!!! Or at least through the first 2 weeks in november. My sister passed away last october, two days before halloween and this is her favorite parade. This year i’m getting married on halloween and we’re heading down to disney for our honeymoon right after. It would mean so much to see this parade one last time! I would feel like she were with me and able to see it one last time!

  • Can I ask, Why don’t you drive this across the country?
    Even if you didn’t run the “parade” you could just light up the floats on the trailers?

  • I would absolutely cry if I were able to see it! I will be down for Halloween and would love it if you could keep it there long enough for me to see!

  • How long will the Electrical Parade be at WDW this time? I will be down for the Wine and Dine half marathon in October and hope to see it then.

  • I can’t wait I will be there Sunday June 6,2010 with my grandson to see the parade on it’s 1st night back.

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