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Celebrity Sighting: Monica at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Grammy Award-winning singer Monica visits Magic Kingdom with her sons

Today, Grammy Award-winning singer Monica visited Magic Kingdom Park with her sons Romelo, age 2, and Rocko, age 5. We caught up with them as they tried to pull the sword from the stone in Fantasyland. Monica is vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort this week.


  • The song they did together was just performed on “GLEE”. She was very talented and I feel kind of bad that we don’t remember her, but wait she’s in The Magic Kingdom … can’t feel that bad for her!

  • Tom, what a great picture! What camera do you use?

  • she was popular singer in the 90’s she n Brandy had a duet then too!

  • Thor,
    She is probably best known for her duet with Brandy in the 90’s
    “The Boy is Mine.”

  • If you don’t know who Monica is by her name or her face, then you’re not going to recognize her. Giving her last name, that she doesn’t even use, would not help. I hope I come across her in the parks!!!

  • I’ve never heard of this lady and she doesn’t look familiar. Can you tell us what she sings? It might help jog the memory if you also included her last name for us. Thanks!

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