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Disney Vacation Club: Grocery Delivery

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

Disney Vacation Club: Grocery Delivery

Hi everyone, there’s a cool service for Disney Vacation Club members that saves time and money. Did you know that you can go to a special web site and preorder groceries? Dairy, fruit, cereal, laundry detergent, frozen items and more, are all available at reasonable prices. The items are magically delivered to the DVC villa for a small delivery fee, plus the price of the items selected. This is a great way for guests to cut costs and utilize the DVC kitchen facilities at mealtimes.


  • It sounds like a great idea. The $ 5.00 charge seems very reasonable, however, the prices are inflated on the groceries. This is disappointing.

    A box of Frosted Flakes that are normally $ 3.99 are $ 7.75 with the DVC. Almost Double the cost at a normal grocery store such as Publix. Garden Grocer is at $ 5.25 per box. 2 liter bottles of Coke and Diet Coke at DVC grocery is $ 3.50, Garden Grocer is $ 1.89 and Publix is $ 1.79. I forgot to mention Garden Grocer charges a $ 12 fee but if the bill is over $ 200 then the service is free.

    It appears that DVC is very limited to the items you can purchase. Garden Grocer has a better selection. Of course, Publix has the best. If you have a car then Publix is probably the best from a cost basis. Convenience factor-Garden Grocer and when all else fails or money is not an object then DVC. It is my understanding the items you can buy from the DVC list is the same as is stock in the gift/grocery stores.

    We drive to WDW from Atlanta so it is a no brainer for us. In fact, we make a meal or two and freeze it here. Also, the grills at DVC are great and you can grill out near the pools.

  • @Jeni Lynn: The groceries come from the grocery items found at each DVC resort. You can download a grocery order form from the Member website and send it to the resort.

    @John: Yes, the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa has a grocery service. Again, you can find the form by signing in. Look on the right side of the main page for the words “grocery order forms”.

  • HI Jeni Lynn, If you look on the DVC homepage, on the Right side, there is a box called “Plan my vacation”, click on the link Grocery list/request forms. Each resort has it’s own list (I guess according to stock). You can fax the form before you arrive, request a delivery date and time and even pay for it. No need to stop at the shop at all! The one thing about this service as opposed to the outside vendors is that you do not need to be in your room for delivery. The resort staff will deliver your items and put them in the fridge or freezer. I believe with the outside service you have a delivery window and need to be in the room for delivery. We don’t like to have anything slow us down! LOL. Have a great day!

  • Does price for delivery also hold true for the Grand California at Disneyland resort? Hope so…

  • I don’t quite understand. Is this a Disney operation, or is this an outside delivery service? If this is a Disney operation, how did I miss this as a DVC member until now?!

    One of the main reasons we bought into DVC was so we could have and use those kitchens. 🙂

  • That right! DVC owners know this secret!! It is so great to come back from the parks and there it is… a snack and a cold drink waiting for you in your suite. We always order breakfast foods to have on hand. Just one more reason to be a DVC owner!! I plan out our list and send it before we arrive. Helps to start your vacation even sooner!
    DVC memeber-SSR since 2005

  • we used Garden Grocier last time we went to Disney World. It is very nice to have groceries delivered to your villa when you arive! We are going back in January and can’t wait to do it again!!!!!!

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