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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hosting Special ‘Last Tour To Endor’ Party

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Star Wars fans – today, we’ve announced that Star Wars Celebration V — the official Lucasfilm fan convention and the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy taking place in Orlando, Fla., from August 12-15, 2010 — will feature a first-of-its-kind special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

You can “be the first to be among the last” passengers aboard Star Tours before the famed attraction “powers down” to make way for its new “reimagining” in 2011.
Last Tour to Endor Special Event Announcement
Scheduled for August 14 from 8:00 p.m.– 1:00 a.m., the “Last Tour to Endor” party will feature intergalactic party zones, Star Wars shows, a “Death Star Disco” and a Star Wars-themed fireworks spectacular. Star Wars fans of all ages will have the chance to experience the power of the Force and the magic of Disney combining for one special night. And it’s all designed for guests attending Star Wars Celebration V.

It’ll be the place to be for all of the Sith, Bith, Twi’leks, Rodians and their best friends to celebrate the Star Wars saga in one of the most magical places on earth. For more information about Star Wars Celebration V and to purchase tickets, check out So, who is coming?


  • Hey guys!
    A regular park ticket will NOT get you into this special party!
    A ticket to Star Wars Celebration V will NOT get you into this special party.
    You do NOT need to attend Star Wars Celebration V to attend “The Last Tour to Endor” Event.

    It is a hard ticket event, meaning you need to order a ticket from the website in advance to receive admission to the party.
    Tickets are $75 per person and are not discounted for anyone.
    Have a magical day!

  • do we need to buy a regular park ticket as well as the special event ticket to gain entrance to the park?

  • We are coming to Florida for our honeymoon and have bought tickets today and booked a room for a night in Port Orleans. We are very excited!

  • It cant be closing

  • Just wanted to let everyone know, I was comment 32 above. I received my own tickets today and they say absolutely nothing about needing Celebration V credentials. They look like completely independent tickets for Disney.

    Thanks all,

  • Is there a schedule of events anywhere? I can’t find what’s going to be open from 4 – 8PM and what the special events schedule is from 8 – 1AM. It would be handy to know when the fireworks are scheduled. Had hoped a schedule would have been included with the tickets, but no. Thanks!

  • Will bus transportation to the resorts be available after the event? I am staying at Port Orleans French Quarter and my friend that is going with us is staying at Port Orleans Riverside and is using an ECV/scooter. I am hoping that we can all count on a ride back to our resort after the party ends. Can you tell me if we will need to drive or will there be busses?

  • I just rode it before leaving Disney World this past December..I’m going to have to try and save up for it!!

  • Hi, like Tracy I think a lot of us are confused ad worried now.

    I’m in the UK and have bought tickets for my whole family on the basis of Thomas’s first comment and that at the point of sale there were no conditions relating to having a Celebration V pass.

    Can someone please clarify what the situation is for us all, as I know it would be much appreciated.

  • Just got my tickets in the mail yesterday. They do look like regular Disney tickets; but when you turn them over the ticket state “Valid only for Last Tour To Endor August 14 8:00pm-1:00am” Like all other special events at Disney you should be able to get in starting at 4:00pm. You will get a bracelet that you wear so staff will know you have the ticket and all other will have to leave the park by 8. No, you do not have to show any kind of proof that you are attending the convention. All you need is the Disney ticket to get in Hollywood Studios for the special event. It is being sponsored by Orange County Covention; that’s probaly why not many staff members know of it. To speak with someone about the event you have to call Disney World and press the ticket sales option and ask that person to transfer you to someone in special events. The event is being put together for Celebration V attendees; which means the event is being held because of the celebration; but attending the Celebration V is not required to purchase the tickets or attend the event at Hollywood Studios. You use your Last Tour Disney ticket and just go to the entrance at Hollywood Studios. Hope to help.

  • I am hearing a lot of discussion board chatter that people are being told by CM’s over the phone that credentials are required. I am hoping that this is not true. If it is untrue, someone needs to let those CM’s know that we all can attend with the purchase of the hard ticket for the event.

    I purchased my ticket online after reading Mr. Smith’s blog comment that said that we would be able to attend without convention credentials. I also would like to point out that no place on the Disney ticket sales website did it prompt me for proof of attendance nor did it warn me that convention attendance was necessary. I have received the tickets and there was nothing on that paperwork that indicated that convention attendance was necessary.

    Can you please clear this up?

  • Hi,

    I bought tickets the other day based in part on this blog stating that you do not need to attend Celebration V to attend the disney event. I am now a little concerned b/c people on various discussion boards have posted things like “We just got our tickets in the mail and it very clearly states that you must show credentials that you are attending Celebration V to attend this party… ” Anyway to confirm this w/ Disney? I’ve tried calling but the representatives I’ve spoken with seem very confused about the difference between the two events and what would actually be required. I looked back through the terms and conditions from when I bought the tickets and I can’t find anything that states that you MUST attend Celebration V, but it does say on the website that it is a “special event for Celebration V attendees”.

    Confused & worried now…

  • I received my tickets in the mail the yesterday with no additional info. I thought they might have added some event details with times or something, but it is just a disney ticket that looks just like the ones you use to get into the park. So how do we prove we are there for the event? Is there a check-in place like they do for other events (such as the D23 event)to sign in and get a wrist band or something?

  • Ok, I’m at a complete loss. Apparently no one at Disney ticketing knows anything about this event (which is very, very odd!), so I can’t get my two main questions answered.

    I was wondering if there would be or was any passholder discount for the DHS Event?
    And if the $75 was the same, even for children, or if there was a way to get a child’s ticket to the event?

    • Hi Jordana, there is no Passholder discount on “Last Tour to Endor” tickets — and no child’s ticket. All tickets are the same price.

  • is there going to be a event for the close of the one at disneyland?

  • ok i am sorry, i found where the convention is and answered alot of my questions. but do you get access to the last flight to endor party with the convention ticlet or do i purchase seperate?

  • I am a little confused… I understand the tickets to Last Flight to Endor are seperate, but is the actual convention being held here by disney? or just this event? if not does anyone know where the convention is being held?

  • The update will be great, but I too would like to request that at least one simulator be the “legacy” ride. I’ve often wondered why the attraction only had one experience when you could have multiple destination choices. (Thanks Horizons!) The misguided trip to Endor can be appreciated by many for years to come. After all… it may be their first flight and they’ll still be getting used to their programming.

  • I purchased tickets the first night they were available. the next morning I called Disney World for more information about the event. The first guy I spoke with had no knowledge of the event so he gave me Disney’s special event number. Finally got someone who had knowledge of the event. Was told that the event is being held at Hollywood Studios park by Orange County Convention which explains why you can’t purchase them directly from the Disney World website. You do not need to attend the convention to use these passes. If like other special events at Disney you will get a bracelet to wear in the park and everyone who does not have the bracelets will have to leave at 8pm when the park closes that day. Was told that the Star Wars characters from Star Wars Weekends will be there. To Judy: You will have to have the special ticket for $75 each to attend this event. To Alison: I was told they would be there for the event.

  • Thomas – thanks for the feedback for what sounds like an exciting event. But there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out on various sites. I know you mentioned this earlier, but can you clarify that to attend Last Tour To Endor you only need a ticket to the event and not a Celebration V pass. I’m just worried having spent $350 dollars on tickets for the family that there seems to be doubt about this – and I get the impression there’s a fair few other people in this situation. Thanks for all the updates!

  • Will this attraction be reopened by end of February 2011 when I bring my boys? They would love it!!!

  • Will a special ticket be required for this event? My family will be at Walt Disney World with Park Hopper Tickets that week.

  • The closed from what date to what date ?
    We’re going there in december ’10, will it be open or not ?

  • Glad to hear that it’s finally getting refurbished – While it’s a great attraction, it’s long overdue.

  • Sounds like fun! Will they be bringing back some of the character entertainment from Star Wars Weekends, like Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Jedi Mickey, and Leia Minnie?

  • I would love to know more details about this event. Is the whole park going to be open or is it just Star Tours? How big of a fireworks display are we talking about? Will there be Disney characters in the park that night? Are the stores going to be open? Please I need more details! With the right answers, you are probably going to see me book an extra night that we had not planned on. 😉

  • Nooooooooo!!!!! We’ve been waiting 2 years to make it down to Epcot. my son is just old enough and brave enough to ride – and he’s really really excited about it!!!! When is it closing? We won’t be there until Halloween. 🙁

  • I hope we get this at Disneyland. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t!! I mean Disneyland’s is the original attraction! Show some love for it, PLEASE!!!

  • Thank you Thomas Smith -the original poster here- for the update near comment one ! That clarifies things!
    I also was looking for the clarification on whether or not you had to be a Celebration V ticket holder in order to buy tickets and attend the Last Tour to Endor.! We won’t be at Celebration V but we will be at Last Tour to Endor party . (although an announcement as to when the “actual ” last day for Star Tours at WDW is (- before it closes for the updating and refurbishment ) — would be great also !) .

  • When are they shutting it down for relocation we will be there September 24th and hoping to ride that!!!

  • I would also like to know if a ticket to Star Wars Celebration V is required in order to purchase a ticket to Last Tour to Endor.

  • So someone please tell us where we can buy tickets to this event!!!!!!

  • thank you for the info. Richard! Now my tears can end! LOL!!

  • Sounds like fun! Also can’t wait for the updated attraction. Still, after all these years it’s hard to fathom the fact that it’s Rex’s first flight (and he’s still getting used to his programming). 😉

  • It is sad to see the Endor Express go, but I am guessing they will still have flights to Endor when it reopens in 2011!!! But I bet I still wont be able to party with the Ewoks:-(

  • Kris…They are not getting rid of Star Tours. They are redoing the attraction to bring it up to more modern standards.

  • I’d love to know when they’re closing it down permanently too. We’ll be in HS on September 26th and I wanted to ride it one last time before it changes.

  • Why is WDW getting rid of the STAR TOURS attraction??? If that is what I am assuming from this event? Please tell me! that is one of my favorite rides in Hollywood Studios…and I go WAY back to the beginning when it was Disney?MGM Studios….I have fond memories of my boys on that ride!

  • When will Star Tours actually be closing for the refurb?

  • Will they be having a similar party in Disneyland for the close of Star Tours here?

  • Already bought my tickets!!

    • Great to hear, Christopher. I’ll be there too.

  • I could just cry!!!!!! I hate to see the end of the Endor Express.

    Why couldn’t they just leave one or two simulators with this ride, and give the guests a choice?

  • Do you have to be attending Celebration V in order to purchase tickets to the Disney Hollywood Studios event?

    • Hi Cheryl…A Star Wars Celebration V pass alone will not grant admission to this event nor will be required in order to attend this event.

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