• Hey Walt, Can you hold my hand too?

  • When I look at the statue and Donald’s friendly hand gesture, I see it as a salute to Walt. I think he’s saying, “Hey Uncle Walt, thanks for creating such a magical place for everyone to enjoy! I’d like to be up there next to you but my best friend, Mickey, deserves the place of honor.”

  • Wasn’t one of Donald’s usual lines, “Hey, what’s the big idea??” That’s what I hear.

    And yeah, Maayan’s right…from this perspective, it’s like he’s holding them up on a platter. = )

    Alex, I dug your story. What an awesome way to start the day!

  • so cute!!!

  • As a former DPI Photography CM, when I see this photo I hear the echoes of my orientation and our Lead saying,”As you walk up Main Street, you see Walt and Mickey hand in hand. As they stand there, Walt says to Mickey,’Look at all those people, look at how happy they are. We did this. The magic that touches them in this happy place. It will stay with them.” It made me tingle from head to toe. As I see Donald depicted behind them in this photo, something rings in my head that says,”The magic will always stay, Donald will always make sure there is a child or visitor with a smile.”

  • Great picture, Paul!

  • Hey Walt, don’t forget about me!

  • I think he’s saying what he always says! “DONALD DUCK!” 🙂

  • by far one of the cutest things ever 🙂

  • I can hear him saying something, but like usual I can not understand a single word of it….

  • Donald is always wierd

  • “I’ve got the whole world in my hand”! Well at least one of the greatest pieces of it…

  • “Hey! Wait for me!”

  • I believe it looks like Donald is honoring his friends, Mickey and Walt. I think Donald is saying, “Here are two of the greats of the world, I couldn’t love them more.”

  • Imitating Walt! that’s just sooo Donald! do you think they did that on purpose or just a funny coincidence?

  • I can be just as BIG as mickey just give me a chance, I’ll show everyone lol

  • “See, I can do it too ! He’s not better than me” … as always ! “I can ben the leader, I can help Noa, I can wear this hat…” We say what happened 😛 Mickey, stay where you are !!!

  • I look at it this way: Donald is behind them, wishing he was holding Walt’s hand, instead of Mickey. What a wonderful photo!

  • Personally, I’ve always favored Donald over Mickey. Mickey has acted more as a straight man in his cartoons, but Donald always had something hilarious happen to him.

  • Donald is holding up Mickey and Walt! He is everyone’s support system 😀

  • Donald — Well, ain’t this just typical.
    Walt — Shhh, Donald,you’re disturbing the guests.
    Donald — *&#@$*!!!!

  • Donald, “Walt, I’m next. Here is my hand so we can take a picture just like you and Micky! I’m a partner too!”

  • Mickey Mouse…DONALD DUCK!!!!! Mickey Mouse…DONALD DUCK!!!!

    He’s saying, “Wait a minute… I’M Walt’s favorite. Oh no you di-int!” (with his hand on his hip and everything.)

    When I used to be an attractions CM, walking across Main Street in the early morning to get to Jungle or Thunder (or my favorite, Tiki Room!!), I would always stop and take a moment in front of this statue to enjoy being one of the only people on Main Street. With the early morning fog hanging over the castle, the lights from main street twinkling with the dew… it was always a magical moment to help me start my day.

  • This is great! You definitely see the park with a different perspective, I’m always excited to see you new photos! Next time I go I want to try this 🙂

  • That poor Donald doesn’t get the respect he deserves. LOL

  • He’s imitating Mickey like always. “M-I-C. See you real soon. K-E-Y. Why? Because we like you. M-O-U-S-E. Mickey Mouse – Donald Duck!”

  • Great picture.
    I love Donald!

  • How funny! I never thought of that! My nieces, now 24 and 13, have always used Donald by putting their chins on his extended hand and taking a picture. It’s the cutest picture! As if Donald is holding their face! =)

  • Oh my word! Its like hes saying “Walt You never are giving the treatment as you did Mickey! its like im child #2! Do you have favorites?” very cute i laughed out loud.

  • Donald Duck, “And over here is where we will put Donald’s Duck Pond Palace. It’ll be the most visited attraction yet.”

  • love it! hes saying “get outta the way, the guests cant see me!” Lol.

  • hahah, never noticed that.. he’s imitating his own kinda silly way.. I think.

  • Hey I took that same picture.

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