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First Look: Cars Land Welcomes the First Test Vehicle for Radiator Springs Racers

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Vroom, Vroom…Vroooooom! If you’re in Disney’s California Adventure park this week, you just may hear the sound of engines revving. It’s very exciting because you’re actually hearing the first early ride system tests for Radiator Springs Racers, the new E-ticket attraction coming to the all-new Cars Land, which opens in 2012.

Cars Land Welcomes First Test Vehicle

This Radiator Springs Racers test vehicle arrived this morning, and while you’re not likely to get a good view of the car on a visit to the Park, we’re sharing some fun behind-the-scenes photos we took earlier today.

Cars Land Welcomes First Test Vehicle


  • This is very cool! I can’t wait to be able to ride it someday!

  • wow, it looks fantastic.

  • They look incredible!!!… I can´t wait to see CarsLand finished… 🙂

  • I guess our next cross-country trip will have to be in 2012. My son will NEED to ride in this!

  • My son just about jumped out of his shoes! He is sooo excited!

  • Red my favorite color! Any other colors? Must have just missed it, was there last week. Glad Rivers of America is open again.

  • I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I am a huge fan of the Cars.

  • It’s going to be such a LONG wait until Racers is open – but it will be well worth it!

  • That looks amazing!!!! My son is a “Cars” fanatic. We were at the resort last May and it is goal to come back when carsland is finished. He will go nuts!!!!

  • AWESOME…. Can Not Wait… till I get into that car and have a great time !!! I’ll be like OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN !!!!

  • Oh boy can’t wait. McQueen looks good.

  • Cool!
    This is very exciting.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to Cars Land! 🙂

  • What Autotopia is for the kids, this is for the adults. Can hardly wait for the race to begin!

  • That glossy paint brings all new meaning to the phrase “Please do not bump the car in front of you”!

  • How exciting! We can’t wait to ride this in 2 years! We’ll be at the Resort next month so hopefully we can catch a glimpse of the construction. We’re looking forward to the Little Mermaid ride, too!

  • “Life is a Highway, I wanna ride it all night long” Can’t wait for Cars Land. I think I may be more excited then my 7 year old son.

  • I can’t wait!!! We will definitely be coming in 2012 to ride this! We enjoyed looking at the construction from the top of the Fun Wheel last month!

  • We were planning on going to Disneyland again in 2011, hmmm, now to see if the kids want to wait til 2012. I bet they will want to go both years, lol.

  • Love the car. Can’t wait for this Land to open! But can someone tell me what is an E-Ticket Attraction?

  • Never mind just found out what an E-Ticket Attraction is. I was truly excited about this Cars Land but now that Disney is going to nickel and dime everyone it looks like it’ll be a one time experience for me and my family rather then renewing our passports. I appreciate paying for an amusement park then having to pay for the attractions like what other amusement parks do. Doesn’t this trouble anyone else?

  • truly amazing! imagine these zooming past Willy’s Butte, this will truly be an amazing attraction. One question, is this the only model car that we will be seeing or will there be different models/personalities/colors?

  • WOW! we can hardly wait till we can enjoy the ride

  • Going in 2011 for my sons graduation…I guess we will have to go again in 2012!!!!

  • Omg!! It looks like Lightning McQueen!!!!!! So cute!!!!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    The Car looks amazing!!!! I can’t wait for Carland to open!!!

  • Is this going to be like Test Track in WDW?

  • I can’t wait! Lovein it!

  • What a tease. 🙂

    Looks very nice, and somewhat resembles a Ferrari. Classy!

  • Come to MAMA!

  • cant wait i dont have a pass this year yer so i havent see the progrees of cars land and whehn i was working in the area in october cars land wasnt much to look at but it must be close to dune if there already testing

  • Race Fans! Search Youtube for Radiator Springs Racers, and also Test Track for an idea of what this new attraction will resemble! Belissimo!

  • My husband and I were in DL/DCA last August and got a glimpse of the plans for DCA in the Blue Sky Cellar- we said then that we’d be making a return trip in 2012 so our two sons can experience Cars Land. This just confirms that! “Wightming WaQueen” (as he’s called in our house) looks AMAZING!!!

  • Kinda looks like the front end of a 2009 Mazda MX5 (Miata)

  • Jessica, for your information “E-Ticket Attraction” refers to the biggest and best thrill rides Disney has to offer. The E-Tickets first appeared in 1959 with the opening of the Matterhorn, Submarines, and the Monorail. Basically it was the ticket in the ticket book for all the best rides. These tickets books were used from opening day in 1955 until the early 80s. This meant that your paid a price at the gate and your bought ticket books for the rides. The ticket books were done away with in the 80s with the pay at the gate ride as many times as you want price at the gate. Now the E-Ticket is just a reference use all over the world to describe a thrilling ride, or the next biggest thing. It does not mean that in order to enjoy this attraction that you will have pay each time. Your park admission or pass will allow to ride this ride.

    By the way this ride looks so awsome. I can only hope that is better than Test Track at Epcot. I do believe that it will because it will have a better story and because it will be themes to an excellent movie.

  • Ka Chow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Jessica who posted on May 10th, 2010 at 11:23 pm E ticket now just means a thrilling, exciting, or popular ride they don’t cost anything. when the park 1st opened u paid for individual rides based on a letter ticket for the attraction starting with A and eventually got all the way to E (which was the most expensive) now E ticket is just a name no price u pay at the gate and can ride everything as much as u want. (i know so much because during the 50th anniversary my mom bought me a book on disney history and that was in there)

  • so will all the cars from the movie be in the ride or just Lightning?

  • Looks like I’ll be scheduling many vacation days throughout 2012. 🙂

  • Shawna– From what I understand from hearing about this ride at the D23 Expo, riders will have encounters with many of the cars characters during the ride.

    As I understand it, guests will be riding in cars with personality, but not in any specific character from the movie.

    There is a lot of great concept art on the Internet for Radiator Springs Racers.

  • Impressive!

  • I want to race with Mater!!!

  • Are the cars modeled off the racing cars from WDW?

  • More reason to fly over from Australia for visit number 5!

  • Great photos and a nice update of what’s happening. Thanks!


    I adore Cars! This looks so cool! Please keep the pics coming.

  • Why aren’t more rides wheelchair accessible? The kiddie rides should be all wheelchair accessible especially in Fantasyland, Toontown, the Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, Pirates of the Carribean, Tomorrowland, Autopia, Soaring Over California, and in Bugs Land. Are the new rides in California Adventures’ Cars Land or Little Mermaids Under The Sea or the new cable car ride going to be wheelchair accessible for those people who need to stay in their wheelchairs? I hope so!

  • I know that I’ve commented here already, but I just have to say that I am VERY excited about Cars Land.

    Its been a long time since the Imagineers have taken on a project of this size and scope. I mean, they are actually going to re-create the town of Radiator Springs as it appeared in the film! Complete with the beautiful desert landscape.

    The Radiator Springs Racers ride is going to be awesome, and the two family rides will be really cool as well!

    I sure hope that there will be more updates about Cars Land from the Disney Parks blog in the future! 🙂

  • DCA has needed something spectacular like Car’s Land for a while now! I’m so excited for this! I mean this when I say this Disney…..”What a tease!” Now I’m going to go crazy until this thing opens!!!

    Thanks for creating new smiles for all of us!


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