First Look: New ‘World of Color’ Images

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

For the first time, we can show you what one of the world’s largest projected water screens looks like when, together with other incredible effects, they create a larger-than-life Disney spectacle.

WALL-E at World of Color

These memorable moments from “WALL-E” and “The Lion King” seem even cooler when they’re recreated in “World of Color,” don’t they? Keep in mind…what you’re seeing is a wall of water 380 feet wide by 50 feet high for a projection surface of 19,000 square feet.

Lion King at World of Color


  • I just had an epiphany! Everybody is wondering why they do not open the show Memorial Day Weekend. The big light bulb over my head says it is due to the almost full moon. June 11 is an evening which will have little or no moonlight at all, which will allow for the park to be at its darkest.

    Am I correct?

  • World of Color looks amazing! I am so glad that Disney’s California Adventure is finally growing into a great park. If only Disney World offered such amazing entertainment as this!

  • Glad to see that California Adventure is getting its own nighttime show that is unique to it. I’ve been watching the youtube videos and reading all of the updates posted here. Even though we visit WDW more this is great. And I can’t wait for Carsland to open up there as well. Keep great things for DCA coming. It keeps getting more and more magical.

  • I was staying at Grand Californian the past 3 days & on Tuesday I saw the top of the water screens & heard the soundtrack. I wish I wasn’t staying on the first floor so I could see, but I can’t wait until I go back and it is running nightly.

  • I cannot wait until this comes out. Coming to DCA soon!

  • I cannot wait! This looks so amazing and that’s just the pictures! I will be there, June 11! T minus 22 days!


  • OMG! Its BEAUTIFUL! But I expect nothing less from Disney. I just got my Disney Insider Mag the other day and its cover story was on Disney’s “World of Color”. I can’t wait to see this live!

  • WOW!!!! That is so super awesome looking! I can not wait for June 11th, I will be there! Thank you Disney Parks Anaheim for giving us the gift of this amazing new show!!!

  • Looks incredible. My mom and I are pumped for our visit in August because of this show.

  • My kids and I are looking forward to this show!!! At four years old and two years old, they were frightened of Fantasmic, but they are very excited at the prospect of this show, especially because it will include WALL-E and Nemo. I, personally, hope that it will include Professor Von Drake’s “The Spectrum Song.”

  • One day….One day. It looks so stunning. Disney never stops topping itself, and THANK YOU. THANK YOU for doing that for us, keep bringing the magic.

  • Hi! That is very exciting and beautiful. I just wonder, is Disney doing this World of Color in an environmentally friendly way? That is a LOT of water and Southern California is notorious for our droughts and low water reserves (I mean you even get ticketed if you wash your car in your drive way).

    Just wondering…, thanks for sharing!

  • I’d love to be there for opening night but may have to wait a bit. It looks fantastic though!

  • That Wall-E scene gave me goosebumps just looking at the picture!This is going to be one heckuva show!!! Plus it’s premiering on my birthday! Unfortunately I won’t be there to witness it.

  • I’ll wait for a utube post

  • It Looks Amazing 😀

  • This is amazing! I can’t wait to see this next month for my birthday.

  • I’ll be in LA on Sunday and could head to DLR, not much chance of any kind of preview/soft opening then is there? lol Otherwise I’ll be in LA again 18th June so DLR on 19th for World of Color! Very Very Exciting! Disappointed I can’t be there opening day 🙁

  • I can’t wait!!! It looks so beautiful!!! :o)

  • Looks awesome! 🙂

  • Tim from the WDW Fan Boys Podcast here. I’m heading out to California on Monday, and I’m hoping to see some soft openings. This looks absolutely amazing, is there any chances of seeing soft openings next week?

  • These images are absolutely amazing. The Fantasmic water screens are awesome, but World of Color is even more amazing. I am very excited about seeing this show! It’s just gorgeous!

  • I cannot wait! I will be there on June 11 to see its debut and I can tell you I feel excited like an 8 year old!

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