First Meet-Up at Disneyland Resort

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

UPDATE: We’re thrilled with the great response to the Toy Story Mania! meet-up! We have now reached capacity. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for additional meet-ups in the future.

Toy Story Mania
Calling all Toy Story Mania! and Walt Disney Imagineering fans….Just after Disney’s California Adventure park closes to the public on May 27, parts of the Park will re-open for a meet-up of 150 fans.

Kevin Rafferty, Walt Disney Imagineer, Senior Concept Writer, will meet with the group to give an insider’s look at the new changes in Toy Story Mania! Kevin will even share original concept sketches and sketches of the ideas that didn’t make it into the attraction. Fans will have a chance to ask Kevin questions about the making-of the attraction and what it’s like to work on this project.

There will also be a few surprises you might not want to miss. The event will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, and check-in will close at 5:45 p.m.

To attend, please RSVP to This event is subject to capacity of 150 people, so we recommend that you RSVP quickly.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Valid RSVPs must include your name and the name of your guest if you are bringing one. RSVPs that include the names of more than two people or are missing information (e.g. incomplete names) will not be accepted.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.
  • All guests must be 18 years or older.
  • The event is subject to change or cancellation.

Are you hoping to attend?


  • i emailed in at 10:30 pacific time.. thats what time my email was delivered. but im guessing it wasnt received until later? 🙁 im very sad.

    • There will be more events in the future. Check the Disney Parks Blog for updates.

  • I rsvp’d about 45 minutes after the post and I just got my confirmation e-mail that capacity was reached. BooHoo!
    I was really hoping that I made it in time because I’ve been missing Disneyland : ( my AP expired in Feb. I guess I will be waiting for the next meet-up : )

  • It looks like it was posted right at 10AM Pacific Time — what time did you email in?

  • what time was this blog posted? it didnt seem like it was that long after it was posted that i emailed in… and i didnt get in.. 🙁

  • I still haven’t heard anything either way. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. I emailed within twenty minutes of the blog posting this morning. Can anyone tell if responses are still going out?

  • I REALLY hope that there will be more meet-up opportunity at the DLR in the future.

  • Unfortunately I got an e-mail saying that capacity was reached. 🙁

    I really hope that the Disney Parks blog has coverage of this event.

    • We will 🙂

  • Ditto to what Scott said!

  • Still haven’t heard one way or another on my email… I hope they’re still sending responses!

  • I got in! Heather, maybe you can answer a quick question for me. What are the rules on photography for this event?

    • Cameras are allowed.

  • Way to go Heather! This event filled up in just a few hours, so obviously having it at the same time as the D23 Event wasn’t a problem. There’s plenty of Disney Fans to go around, so thank you to Disney Parks Anaheim for taking such good care of us!!!

  • I got accepted! But I need to change my guest that i had listed. Is there a number i can call to change my guest I listed. I tried and email back to ask them if I can my guest? BUt want to know if theres a number I can call????

  • I haven’t gotten an email yet! I’m dying 🙂

  • I just got my email!!! WHOOO HOOO! I’m so excited!

  • Got mine too…See everyone there. With only 150 people going (if everyone shows up), this should be an awesome event!

  • Got mine – get to go to there!

  • #32 – HOORAY!! My hubby just called to tell me we got the GOOD email and not the bad email!! We’re going to the Meet-Up!!

  • Confirmations are going out. I just received mine.

  • Just got the e-mail!!!! I will be there!!!!

  • This sounds really cool. I was wondering if there will be similar “meet-up” events like this one at WDW in the future? That would be awesome.

  • I think i sent it in the wrong email i really want to go 🙁

  • #29 – Maybe one of the “few surprises” (that means more than one, right??) will be that after the talk, they’ll let us ride TSMM as much as we want!!

    Or how about this? One of the “few surprises” is, they let us meet the VOICES of TSMM in person (Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack and friends)!!

    Since she said we’ll get an email either way, I hope it comes SOON and I hope we get the HAPPY email and not the SAD email!!

  • “does this: “There will also be a few surprises you might not want to miss” mean world of color???”

    If she told us that then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

  • I don’t think they will tell us if it is WoC, but I would guess we might be among the first to ride the swings as they are not open yet!!!

  • #23 – My hubby called to let me know he already RSVP’d before they closed off the list, so we’re hoping we get the GOOD email and not the BAD email!! I also hope it comes soon, so we don’t have to wonder all day.

    I hope the interest will encourage them to do more activities like this in the future!

    I also noticed the conflict between this and the D23 thing, but since we weren’t planning on going to the D23 thing, I’m really hoping we get to do the DCA thing!

  • Heather, does this: “There will also be a few surprises you might not want to miss” mean world of color???

  • The suspense is killing me i hope they send out the emails soon. And i hope if i do get accepted they let me change my guest name cause my orginal guest can’t make it!!

  • Heather, thank you for all your hard work you put into keeping this blog as up to date as it can be! You and everyone else on here does a great job! Keep up the hard work and keep on doing fun things like this!!!!

  • well i sent my RSVp a little while ago. how fast is the turn around on the email you will send us? cant wait to see if my wife and i can go!!!

  • Well it’s a shame that I won’t be in California on that day. I wish the best for presenters and those who attend.

  • Thanks Heather but what i was trying to ask is that u could put a guess name along with ur RSVP i put a guest who is no longer able to attend. If i get accepted would I be able to email back and change the guest name i rsvp with?

  • So I’m guessing we can’t RSVP a family of four? Because If I RSVP for me and 1 family member, and My mom RSVPs for her and another member, what if one of us got the email back and the other didn’t?

    • You can always try, right?

  • I put down a guest name but i guess my guest can no longer go? if I get accepted with the 150 could i change my guest name?

  • How will you choose the 150? Do you just pick the first 150 to RSVP?

  • Will an annual pass get you in?

    • Park admission is not required, but your name must be on the list to attend.

  • Sounds awesome! 🙂

    I just sent my RSVP. I really hope that I am one of the chosen ones!

  • How do you know if you are chosen to attend this event?

  • Ok I am D23 member also, but really a mixer where you can buy drinks and hang out or a chance to play inside DCA after it closes and hang out with Kevin from WDI?????

    I think the answer is pretty simple!!!

  • I sent my RSVP. Keeping my fingers crossed. Sounds like a blast.

  • How will u know if u are one of the 100

    • We will send you an email.

  • Same here John, I can’t decide which to go now… two Disney events at the same time, both at the DLR… I wish I could attend both! is there any way they could fix this?

  • Yes, I also noticed it conflicts with the D23 event at ESPN Zone. This looks a lot more fun though.

  • I sent an e-mail and hope like crazy that I can go. How will we know if we made the 150?

    • The 150 will receive an email today. Those who do not respond in time will also receive an email letting them know that we reached capacity by the time we received their email.

  • Heather when will we find out if we are part of the chosen few?

    • You’ll receive an email today.

  • i sent a rsvp email with my full name was that all i needed?

  • I would LOVE to attend as would my teen and pre-teen but the age requirement prevents us from doing so 🙁 Please consider future meet ups that include some of the younger crowd. My teen dreams of being an animator or concept artist and would love the opportunity to meet with an imagineer.

  • Never mind the last comment, I figured it out! Thx!

  • I hope that water has something to do with it!!!!

  • Wow! Same time as a D23 event in Downtown Disney. What great planning!!!

  • I would like to attend but the link will not work. Is it full already?

    • Kelly – to RSVP, please email with the information requested above.

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