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Harmony Barber Shop at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

I remember chewing the fat between snips at my favorite Miami barber shop – it was an early introduction to the art of great conversation and storytelling. That same chair-to-chair banter happens daily at the Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom Park. And today, one of the barbers has a few stories to share, including how Walt Disney’s fondness of a Missouri barbershop led to the creation of the building. Rediscover the barber shop in this video created especially for The Disney Parks Blog.

The Harmony Barber shop welcomes about 400 Walt Disney World Resort guests a week and is located just past City Hall on the corner of Main Street, U.S.A. It is open to walk-ins daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Prices range from $15-19.

Oh, and “First Haircuts” is the establishment’s specialty. Children who receive their first haircut are treated to surprises, including bubbles, Mickey Mouse stickers, an extra-special “My 1st Haircut” set of Mouse Ears, special “pixie dust” and a certificate. Haircuts for children age 12 and under are priced at just $14.

Do you have a haircut experience to share? Please let us know about it in the comments.


  • we just went in march and had our son’s first haircut he was not in the mood at all but they worked with us and it was the best memory and a great kick off to our week there!!

  • When I worked at Disney World for a year on the international program, I got all of my haircuts done at the Harmony Barber Shop. It’s such a nice little out-of-the-way place, and I’d have to say my favourite part was watching the magic happen as all the other kids (both big and small!) got the full treatment while I waited my turn. 🙂

  • Our son had his first haircut there back in November with Rex. It was a truly unique moment. He was only 4 and 1/2 months old at the time and was very much in need of a trim. Since then he has had two more haircuts. The moment was magical as the barber shop was empty except for his mom, me and the two barbers. We have decided to make it a part of our trip for years to come! Thanks as always Disney and cast members for the magic that you bring to our lives.

  • Yeah, Michael! My son first went to Michael when he was 9 years old. Michael has given him haircuts a couple times a year (each visit to WDW). My son, now 18, still likes Michael’s haircuts (and humor). Even my senior citizen mother has gotten into the haircut act at the ol’time barbershop. I can’t wait to take my grandkids there for their 1st haircut. IF I EVER HAVE GRANDKIDS! See you in July, Michael. We’ll be down celebrating Beau’s high school graduation… Oh, Beau’s girlfriend will be with us, I just know she’ll want some pixie dust! 8o)

  • Its funny i live down in Miammi and Ive grown up on Disney and going to the parks several times a year. Growing up as a kid i always saw the barber shop, but i thought it was just a facade. I did not come to realize it was an actual barber shop until about two months ago when it came up in conversation with some friends who live in Orlando, and that same day I had to go to magic kingdom to peek in there and I was amazed that there was an actual barber shop in the park. So since i go up to Disney on a monthly basis, ill have to get a haircut there one of these days.

  • In honor of my anniversary, my wife and I had our hair cut. Thing was, we were leaving that day. I traveled back to Hyde Park, NY with Mickey-fetti, fairy dust and a large painted mickey silhouette on the back. When I stopped at the diner, 1200 miles from the Magic Kingdom, I got more than a few stares!

  • Aww that is so cute! And it looks like fun too. I wish they did that out here.

  • My daughter got her first haircut at Harmony last year. It was a great experience. She was very nervous, and the woman that cut her hair distracted her well. She was also very quick with the cutting. It went so well, we’re actually going to go back when have our vacation next week, to get her hair cut again.

  • I have always wanted to get my haircut at Harmony and this visit (5/30/10) I will.

  • We went for Easter 2007, we had our 6 month old son with us (he was born with a full head of hair) and after a short discussion we decided to get his first cut at Disney, he really needed a cut to make sure his hair would grow in nicely. When I put him in the chair the woman that was going to cut his hair listened to me when I said he was only 6 months and wanted to make sure he still looked like a baby and not a toddler when done (his next haircut at a barber shop near my home didn’t listen and I was in tears within just mins of putting him in the chair) She did exactly as I asked and he looked adorable. He got his certificate, curly hair locks wrapped in tissue paper with a good sprinkling of pixie dust inside. He received a bunch of stickers and of course his 1st haircut Mickey ears. My husband took pictures and videos of him and put the pictures to music once we got home, so love that video. Today he is a happy 3 1/2 yr old, that once we return to Disney again, I will get his hair cut at the Barber Shop (I trim it now after his 2nd ever haircut experience)

  • We hadn’t known about the barbershop before our last trip to WDW. When discussing the trip arrangements with the Disney Travel Service person I mentioned that it was my son’s first trip at 18m old. She asked if he had gotten his hair cut yet, which we hadn’t.

    She told me all about the 1st haircut features (special treatment, saving of hair with Disney dust, certificate and 1st set of Mickey ears). Our son had a good time (wasn’t jazzed about the haircut, but didn’t scream – so it was a success in my books) and my 4yo daughter was so impressed she begged for a haircut too.

    That was a perfect example of learning about special things that guests experience before setting foot on WDW property!

  • About two weeks ago my 9 year old son got his hair painted there. He just got the color (no confetti or anything else). He loved it and his friends back here all liked it too. I know that next time we back to Disney (probably next year) he’ll want to do it again. The barbers are nice and The Dapper Dans were singing. It was great.

  • My son looks forward each year to getting his WDW haircut complete with “pixie dust”! They truly make it a magical experience. We Love It!

  • I hope they are sending all of their hair trimmings to help battle the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico!

  • This was the best money I spent in Disney World during our week long vacation!

    My four year old visited the Barbershop on the first day of our trip and received a “Magical Mickey Mohawk” complete with “Magical Disney Dust”. For the next few days he walked around waving his hands like Sorcerer Mickey! We even went back on the last day of our trip for more magic to bring home with us! My sons classmates and teachers loved his bright green mohawk complete with confetti (and a few hidden Mickeys)!

    The Barbershop is one of our greatest and most treasured memories and we will be back!!

  • My daughter was not quite one and didn’t quite have enough hair to cut in 3/2010. Even if it’s shaggy, I am waiting until we come back in 2011 to get her first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop!!!

  • I love the Harmony barbershop! The past two times I’ve gone I’ve had to get my haircut there. Our next trip, next February, will be our first with our two kids… I’m hoping my son, who will be 18 months, will still be able to get his first haircut then… it may result in some really awkward home trims, but I’m determined! 🙂

  • My son had his first haircut there. It was a wonderful experience and I’ll cherish those memories and pictures. And, yes, I cried.

  • My son got his first haircut there. An awesome girl from Brooklyn cut his hair. He was given a special certificate and “first haircut” Mickey ears. While I was in there the was a college aged boy next to me who told me that he got his first haircut there and comes back everytime he’s in Disney World. I pictured that being my baby someday and got teary. I love Disney magic!

  • My son had his first hair cut at Harmony Barber Shop in 2006. We, of course, let it grow, so he looked like a sheep dog by the time we got there. He was so mesmerized by the entire experience. Only problem was that he has cried at every haircut since then. I guess they couldn’t measure up to Harmony. Now, almost 4 years later, he is finally adjusting to a normal haircut without tears and looking forward to our next WDW trip and a colorful hair gel Mickey.

  • I want to get my sons first haircut there, but he will only be 6months old so not sure he’ll have enough hair to cut.

  • Michal – you represented your fellow Harmony Cast Members very well. I always look forward to getting a haircut by you whenever I come down from New Hampshire – once or twice a year. You always have the best stories to tell and I love it that you still get excited when talking about your craft or about things going on in the Magic Kingdom. See you in October!!!

  • This past October we were at WDW for our annual fall break Disney trip. My little boy, Noah, turned one year in September, so we had decided to get his first haircut at Harmony. My husband had information from a Dapper Dan that the Dans would be at the shop on Tuesday, so we set out Tuesday morning to get our little one’s haircut. We got there close to lunchtime. The wait wasn’t too bad. The shop was certainly busy, and many first haircuts were the specialty that morning. While we waited we caught the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party as they left the car barn near the Barber Shop. Once we got inside and our little one was seated in the chair the fun began. Penny, the cast member cutting Noah’s hair, began her skilled magic. She distracted him with dozens of Mickey Mouse stickers, wet his hair, and got to cutting. She was quick and swift; keeping up with Noah turning his head. You could tell she had a lot of practice. While we were in there the Dapper Dans came in and begin singing. My husband had been in touch with Myron, one of the Dapper Dans, and Myron knew Noah’s name and mentioned him before one of the songs. The Dans kept Noah very distracted from the haircut. He really enjoyed their singing. The Dans sang a birthday song to those celebrating birthdays, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a great rendition of Grim Grinning Ghosts, and other fun songs. All the time Penny kept working her magic cutting Noah’s hair. She had other little toys, such as a spinning Sorceror Mickey toy, and a toy phone that kept Noah quite entertained. He didn’t cry once during his first haircut. Penny made sure she took the locks of hair being cut and wrapped them with a tissue, and secured the tissue with a Mickey sticker. Once the haircut was done, Penny presented Noah with his “First Haircut” mouse ears. She put them on his head, and let him look in the mirror. He clapped and smiled big. We were also presented with a certificate to commemorate Noah’s first haircut. It was a wonderful experience, and certainly recommended.

  • I’m 33 and I love getting my haircut at Harmony. Michal is awesome.

    • Great…and yes, hearing “Michal is awesome” quite a bit since launching this post.

  • Both my daughter and son had their first haircuts on Main Street. They wore their special “First Haircut” mickey hats all day and many castmambers and guests made a big deal about it. Most guests didn’t know the barber shop was there, it’s kinda tucked out of the way. If you happen to be in Disney and your child needs their first cut, please don’t miss this chance. BTW, there were many adults getting their harcuts, they take children of all ages.

  • Those first haircuts are so adorable!

  • Our son Braelon’s very first haircut was at the Harmony barber shop. The barber was VERY accommodating and made Braelon feel very comfortable. All the toys helped too! We have the ‘First Haircut’ certificate framed in his room. HIGHLY recommended for a first or any haircut!

  • My 5 year old son, and I visited the Harmony Barber Shop last summer to get hair cuts. The shop is exactly the way that I remember the barber shop we used to have on Main Street in my home town when I was growing up. It was fantastic sharing that experience with my son, and we got great hair cuts.

  • This was a great video. I’ve known about the barber shop for some time but have never used it (as a bald man, I save a lot on hair care 🙂 ). It always seemed odd to have a barber shop at WDW BUT Disney thinks of everything! To know that they have 400 a week shows there is a demand. And to have a first hair cut there, would be a great memory for anyone!!! Thanks for the insight on such a unique Disney experience!

    • Thanks, Charlie. Michal did an awesome job explaining the experience – there’s more to it than just a haircut.

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