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Have You Tasted Famed Copper River Salmon?

Artist Point
We’re celebrating the annual arrival at Artist Point of Copper River salmon from Alaska, one of the few restaurants in Florida where you can taste the highly prized fish.

It goes on the menu at the restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge starting next week. The salmon is only harvested once a year in mid-May for three to four weeks from the cold, pristine waters of the Copper River, known for its prolific runs of wild salmon. If you’re used to eating farm-raised salmon, get ready for a new experience. Copper River salmon stands alone – for quality, oil content and rich flavor, with a deep orange color lets you know you’re tasting the real deal. And it’s good for you, loaded with Omega-3 oils, just what the doctor ordered.

Pair it with a glass of one of Artist Point’s boutique wines from the Pacific Northwest and get ready for a treat that’s reserved for those in the know. (End with the divine berry cobbler for a sublime dining experience.) To make a reservation, call 407-WDW-DINE.


  • My wife and I had our honeymoon at wilderness lodge and we’ve been back every single year for our anniversary dinner at artist point; next week is our 11th anniversary and I am starting to really CRAVE that salmon….our six-year-old son loves it (he still calls it “pirate fish” on occasion but is growing out of that) every bit as much as I do. The salmon is always good at artist point, but the copper river king salmon the first week in June is just wonderful.

  • Do you know when the Copper River salmon will come off the menu? We will be there in late June, and having lived in Alaska for several years (but sadly, not now), we miss the salmon. I would quickly switch one of my ADRs to Artist Point to have some Copper River again!

  • We went to Artist Point Friday night for an anniversary dinner. Wife and I shared the Copper River King Salmon and got the recipe (and some planks) to take home. Great meal, wines, service, and view. Topped off the night by watching the fireworks from the resort ferry.
    Thanks for telling us about the EXCELLENT salmon.

  • Artist Point is where I fell in love with Ceder Plank cooking and Copper River Salmon in particular. The texture and the flavor of the fish is not to be missed. The preparation is unlike anything I’ve been able to replicate at home. Try the fish with a cold draft Red Hook Ale and finish dinner off with the cobbler. Artist Point is a highlight of some of my families’ trips over the last few years.

  • I have loved Artist Point from the first meal I ate there years ago. The Copper River Salmon is not to be missed, especially paired with a nice Pinot Noir.

  • Love Copper River Salmon. Had it when we lived in Seattle but would love to try it at Disney.

  • Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge is a beautiful place, and has great food. A little pricy….but worth it!

  • We love Artist Point! I had to comment because of the mention of Izzi. We had him as our waiter on our anniversary and he went above and beyond more than any cast member I have ever experienced. He told us to not deny anything that came out to our table. About ten minutes later someone brought out a huge scallop, one for each of us! It was so amazing that someone would go out of their way to make our day even more special.

  • The first time I ever had salmon was 10 years ago at Artist Point on our honeymoon. The only way to order filet was to get it in combination with salmon so I splurged and was very pleased.

  • Pam, I think you mean Wilderness Lodge. 🙂 Thanks for the post . My husband will probably try this when we go next week!

    • So many restaurants, so little time! Apologies, I did mean Disney’s Wilderness Lodge — THANK YOU for catching!

  • Where is the Artist Point restaurant? In one of the hotels? I would love to try but will not be in WDW til early October!

    • Artist Point is at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. They always have cedar plank salmon on the menu, so it may not be Copper River, but it still will be delicious!

  • I am also a chef and Love the Copper River Salmon that Artist Point serves , but even better the staff are all wonderful especially a gentleman named Michael Izzi , everyone just calls him Izzi , he is just the most friendly and knowlegdeable cast member at Disney that we ever encountered !

  • Artist Point has always been one of our favorite restaurants on WDW property for the menu, wine list and especially the personnel. This treat will just add to the experience. We hope the new Head Chef at Artist Point will enjoy preparing the Copper River Salmon as much as we hope to enjoy our dining experience. I’m curious to see if it will be served on the cedar plank or in some new delectable dish.

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