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It’s All About the Medals

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Marathon Medal
One of the cool things about running marathons and half marathons at Disney are the unique medals that you get. They all have a style all their own and are like badges of honor for those courageous enough to run all those miles.
Walt Disney World Marathon Medal
Check out this medal from the very first Walt Disney World Marathon, as well as several from past endurance events at Disney. Which one is your favorite?
Walt Disney World Marathon Medal
Everest Challenge Medal
We know how special medals are to the many runners who’ve competed in Disney events and that’s why we’re cooking up something new this year as a special treat to runners. Oh, I can’t give away it now, but stay tuned to this blog and we’ll have a special announcement about it sooner than you think.


  • I am running the Disneyland Half this September. This will be my first race and I can’t wait to get the Castle Medal.

  • Actually I think the % of finishers for the Disney races is pretty high. They have generous pacing requirements, I know I take advantage of them 🙂

  • @Susan from AB – you have to finish to get a medal. Many start, not so many finish.

  • My special medal is the Disneyland half from 2007 as that was my first Disney race and half marathon ever. But more special was my 2009 Coast to Coast challenge with Walt and Mickey on it. I am off to Disneyland for the 5th Anniversary and the Goofy challenge for 2011

  • @Susan from AB: All finishers receive a medal. Its a magical feeling when you are exhausted and they put that medal around your neck.

  • Are you trying to tell me that there is a new medal? Because now I may have to do Goofy Challenge again this year. Time to re-budget…

  • I like the 2009 medal in the first picture. Do all participants receive a medal?

  • The Everest Challenge medal is VERY cool!

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