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Local Artists Bring Downtown Disney to Life After Dark: Alturas

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products


One of my favorite things to do at the Downtown Disney District here at the Disneyland Resort is just walk around and listen to the talented artists and music groups performing at night. I love taking a stroll before or after dinner, looking at the lights in the trees and listening to different types of music.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s a very eclectic group of musicians who perform there. I was curious to know a little more about the various artists, and I thought you might be, too. This is the first of a series of five posts highlighting some of the performers.


Pictured above is award winning Alturas. The group originally formed in Bolivia and has enchanted audiences throughout the world bringing the sounds of South America to life. With a unique repertoire of international sounds, Alturas creates a fusion inspired by the rich heritage of the Inca and Aymara cultures, mixed with Latin and European rhythms.

Alturas is currently slated to perform on May 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29 and 31 at the ESPN Zone Stage in Downtown Disney.

Do you have a favorite performer at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim or Orlando?


  • My favorite performer at Downtown Disney in Anaheim is Drew Tretick. He is an incredible musician and offers wonderful and soothing end of the day entertainment!

  • Drew Tretick is just amazing on Violin, I am so blessed when I hear him play in Anaheim.

  • I love the Mariachi Divas! I went to Downtown Disney on Cino de Mayo! I bought their CD and got a poster! They autographed my CD, my poster, and I took pictures with them! They are so nice and totally made my night!!

  • Brother Yusef in downtown Disneyland is hands down the best performer. We and our daughters (4 and 2) love him. His music moves you. Have most of his CD’s because of it. Freindly too. Keep it up Brother Yusef.

  • My favorite band that I have seen at DTD was Surban Legends! I know its been a long while since they have played at DTD but that is one of the most memorable bands that I have seen there. They also got to play in 2005 for the X-Games at DCA and played many shows at the Tomorrowland Stage. Good days!

  • David Wayne! Awesome guitarist. 🙂

  • Ah! Finally a blog about DT Talent! True Masters of their craft and among them I count Drew Tetrick, Javid & Naoko, Robert Simon, Scott Williams,and yes…Altura, just to name a few.
    I find myself photographing all of them too when I can.
    With out a doubt there is a wide diversity of talented artists here in DT Disney. Please take some time to listen to them for a little while and support them if you can. They are such an asset to DT Disney and deserve a listen.

  • We bought an Alturas CD from them when we saw them in DD many years ago. They’ve been there a LONG time. But I was especially surprised as I walked through California Adventure the last Saturday to hear an Alturas song playing as background music through the PA system. Seems they have some serious fans at Disney!

  • I was surprised and very pleased to see others who enjoy Drew Tretick. I first heard him on December 25, 2001 and was simply drawn in to his music. Wonderful talent and I’m always thrilled when I see him perform. His CD’s are delightful.

  • Even though they haven’t performed at DtD in years (they do still occasionally play Tomorrowland Terrace when not touring), but Suburban Legends are my favorite DtD musicians!

  • I find most of them loud and incredibly annoying when I am trying to walk along Downtown Disney. In fact, I often find myself asking who let some of them in!

    That being said, I absolutely LOVE Drew Tretick. Wow!! Fabulous violinist and such a pleasure to listen to him that I actually stop each time we’re there just to hear him play. Now THAT is some musical talent!

  • I like all the performers at Downtown Disney. Being from the other side of the country, I’ve only been to Disneyland a small handful of times. I was completely shocked during my first visit to see local musicians playing throughout Downtown Disney – I never would have expected that! I like the dulcimer player because I’ve never seen one before. I was there last year and still find myself humming one of Alturas’ chords. I’m looking forward to the rest of the stories in this series.

  • I love Alturas! I have several of thier CDs and the music is always lively-making you want to dance for sure!
    Another Fave I agree is Drew…I love the violin, especially when he does “Time to say goodbye”…That one always brings tears to my eyes!
    One to keep also is Scott Williams and his dulcimer. He has been a regular at several renaissance faires I attend and I am glad to see him play at Down Town Disney….please always keep these artists on your “Invite List”! The musical magic you bring to our lives is amazing, and I am honored to be a Cast Member and a frequent guest of the Down Town Disney area….

  • i would like to see a kids group i saw a few years ago called heebie and jeebie and would like to see the wicked tinkers and surban legeands

  • Scott Williams — by far — the greatest dulcimer…
    A treat to listen, to watch… an experience not many would consider until they hear his music.
    His take on covers is second to only his consistency of the origin of this music.
    My brother and new sister danced to his music on their wedding day… thank you, Scott. For everything you have created moving forward!
    Can’t wait to see him again this weekend!

  • Since our family reunion that was held at Disneyland a few years ago, I have been an avid fan of Scott Williams who plays the Dulcimer with metal hammers. His music is a favorite of our family, and brings to mind the wonderful times we have had a Disneyland over the years. We have been visiting Disneyland for over forty years, and since hearing Scott Williams music we feel he is the empitamy of the professional musicians we have come to expect from our visit. You will agree once you’ve heard him. “It’s a Small World” rings with pure clarity when he plays it.

  • Brother Yusef!!! My husband and I were awed by his talent. We are looking forward to retrurning to Downtown Disney (from Canada) just to hear him live again!!!

  • Suburban Legends are by far my most favorite act that has ever performed at DTD! Even though they now perform mostly at the Tomorrowland Terrace or the House of Blues, they gained quite a following after all those performances (like a thousand!) and those shows were the reason a lot of people have became lifelong friends with other fans. I can honestly say those DTD shows changed a lot of lives because it opened the door for them in the music scene!

    I also love Kids Imagine Nation. I can’t wait for their return!

  • I love Kids Imagine Nation. They always rock the place and get a great crowd going. We make an effort to see them where ever they play but esp. when they play at Downtown Disney.
    Suburban Legends is also a great party band. They have some awesome and dedicated fans and they always get people dancing when they are playing. They are a party in themselves!

  • Kids Imagine Nation! Love them and the kids love them!

  • Brother Yusef is my fav. He’s blues guitar is amazing. Such a beautiful sound. My little boy loves stopping and listening to him everytime when go to Disneyland. Thank you Disney for bringing attention to such awesome musicians.

  • You seriously need to bring back Kid’s Imagine Nation. My son was very upset when he saw that they weren’t there anymore. Them being there really made our weekends. I know many families would love it if they were back at DTD.

  • All the artists that perform Downtown are entertaining and talented. And I love the diversity that Disney gives us when we visit. Personally my favorites hands down are Brother Yusef and Alturas. My husband and I love to cook to our Alturas CD. But I have to say Brother Yusef is not only talented and my kids really get into his music, ages 3, 7, and 8, but he’s such a kind person. Very approachable. We own two of his CD’s, one is his children’s CD. Thank you Disney for giving us such wonderfully talented artists to listen and enjoy! We can’t wait to come back again.

  • Kids Imagine Nation is my favorite! They are so much fun!

  • My favorite performer at Downtown Disney in Anaheim is Kids Imagine Nation. They’re so entertaining and fun for the whole family! It would be great to see more of them at Downtown Disney. 🙂

  • I love love love Kids Imagine Nation!!! They are the greatest kids group I’ve ever heard!! Aaron, Beatz, and Rachel make an awesome trio! I seriously think they should have their own show on the Disney Channel or at least we should be hearing them on Radio Disney. Take your kids down there to see them!! It’s a must!!!

  • Kids Imagination Nation is great fun for the whole family! Please feature them as much as possible!

  • My favorite performer is Scott (hammerhands)Williams-he’s a very
    good musician, I enjoy listening to his music.

  • The hammered dulcimer guy is awesome. Every time I’m there, I have to stop and listen to him play.

  • Drew Tretick plays the violin straight from his soul. I have been coming back for the last four years just to hear him. Its amazing to watch him bring the crowd to tears and children sit in awe at the fountain watching every movement of the bow. A lot of people play the violin, but none have I seen play with such feeling and heart that it reaches your soul everytime.

  • Our favorite performer is Scott Williams. He is so talented and he also is very accommodating to his fans. We visit Disneyland every year and we make it a point to stop and watch him play. We look forward to watching him play. Sometimes we are lucky enough to see him twice in a visit! We own every one of his CD’s and also can’t wait to get his newest Hammer Rock CD. We want to purchase it at Downtown Disney directly from him so that we can get it autographed….Rock on Scott! Keep the smiles coming!!!!!!!!

  • My favorite entertainer and performer at Downtown Disney in Anaheim is CG Ryche. He is a very talented percussionist, he writes and produces all his own music, we have all his cd’s and dvd. Can’t wait to see him again, that’s what brings us down to Disney summer nights
    Keep up the great music CG!!

  • My wife and I always look forward and hope that C.G.RYCHE will be playing downtown Disneyland! His music is amazing and his drum playing almost hypnotizing. We have all his cd`s and looking forward for his new release.Our two year old loves him and his music as she always dances to his tunes! He even remembers her when we have a chance to say hello and has dedicated songs to her when he is playing! Awesome addition to the happiest place on earth! Keep playing…

  • My family and I enjoy CG Ryche, too. VERY talented drummer, and a great showman, too. Fun to watch, and definitely enjoyable to listen to. Love to see him out there more!

  • C.G. Ryche ALWAYS puts on an outstanding display of drum talent.

  • I use to go to Downtown Disney because I just loved Sebastian Sidi and his smok’n piano. All my grand kids have all his CDs and autographed photos on their wall. I still go to DTD, but just not as often, because my grand kids make me take them to see Sebastian perform at other places. Hope to see Sebastian back at DTD soon!!!

  • In my opinion, the most talented musician to ever play at Downtown Disney is Sebastian Sidi. His unique “Rock” arrangements of some of the worlds most beautiful classical pieces and many of today’s most popular songs, keep me coming back to hear him again and again. Each time I return, I feel the same excitement as I did the very first time I came across him playing his famous smokin’ piano. I never tire of listening to him play and I plan all my visits to Disney around his schedule. Not only is he a phenominal, self taught musician, he is a prolific composer as well. His signature blend of Classical, Jazz, Rock and Latin music, never fails to touch my heart and stir every emotion. One doesn’t just listen to Sebastian’s music, you experience it!

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