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Local Artists Bring Downtown Disney to Life After Dark: Drew Tretick

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Drew Tretick

This is the second in a series of five posts highlighting some of the performers at the Downtown Disney District.

An internationally recognized artist, classical violinist Drew Tretick has performed by invitation with the London Symphony Orchestra and Andrea Bocelli, to name a few. Drew’s expressive performances and warm stage presence have won him a worldwide fan base and he’s an audience favorite at Downtown Disney and around the globe.

Drew is currently slated to perform May 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 and 31 at the Naples Restaurant Stage in Downtown Disney District.

Do we have any Drew Tretick fans out there?


  • Drew is one of the most talented musicians around. I could just pull up a chair and spent the entire evening listening to his beautiful music.. definately one of the best parts about coming to Downtown Disney!!!

  • I thank Drew and God for one of the most magical moments I ever had at Disneyland (and it wasn’t even inside the park!)… The whole day I was worried, because a storm was coming and I again was probably not going to watch Believe… In holiday magic (again)… thankfully… it never rained… And I enjoyed the show, and the snow that day so much… but the perfect ending came afterwards. Just after we came out of the park, we met my parents in Downtown Disney. Then we ran up to this talented artist. And just then he starts playing one of my favorite songs… “The Prayer”. And then this wonderful senior couple started to dance (as in like a coreographed dance… I think they were at a contest or something)… and then, just then…. a beautiful drizzle started to fall. It was truly quite magical.

  • I love Drew’s Music! Especially when I hear his rendition of “Time to Say Goodbye”….sigh…so heartfelt and brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes…I had one of his CDs but I think my daughters may have “borrowed without permission”! I will have to replace it soon!
    Thank you, Drew, for helping to bring musical magic to our lives!

  • I am very pleased to hear Drew is continuing to play in Downtown Disney. I’ve purchased all his CD’s and he signed them for me. Thank you Drew for enhancing my Disneyland getaway’s. I’ve greatly enjoyed watching and listening to you play under the light trees in the evening.

  • I enjoy listening to your CD, Drew.
    Enjoy your stay at Disney.

  • As I have said before Drew is an amazing artists who plays from his inner soul! An amazing Artist, which I have been listening to for 4 yrs now, with hot cup of coffee. The evenings dont get better than that.


  • nice

  • Our family has loved him for years, we played two of his CDs over and over again.

  • I love these performers. Being in a room at Grand Californian made it really nice to just chill on the balcony and listen to these great performers.

  • I see him almost every time I am in Downtown Disney. His music is beautiful. I should head down there to see him again!

  • Drew is amazing, i have all his CD’s. I heard him once play a Disney tune and just made me wish he could record it. Sadly he never has due supposedly because deals with Disney have never been able to come into agreement for him to record any of those songs.

    Can’t wait to hear him when i go back this month

  • He is amazing……I love his CD’s too !

  • Drew is the utmost professional performer, and he is such a sensitive and prolific musician, I can’t wait to see him again. He is by far my favorite attraction at Downtown Disney…next in line is the churros!


  • My wife and I have enjoyed listening to him since 2001, when my daughter worked at the park. We have some of his CDs, and really enjoy them.

  • He still performs there? That’s awesome! I bought his CD years ago after watching him perform just one song there in Downtown Disney. So glad to see he’s still there doing his thing.

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