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Making Minnie Mouse Candy Apples at Marceline’s Confectionary

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Have you ever thought about making a Minnie Mouse Candy Apple? Candy maker Margie Bursiaga at Marceline’s Confectionary in the Downtown Disney District sure makes it seem simple in the video below.

What do you need to get started? An apple on a stick, caramel, marshmallows, melted milk chocolate, melted white chocolate, an edible red bow, red sugar and white chocolate dots.

Got that? Now watch the video:

The apple designs at Marceline’s Confectionary in the Downtown Disney District represent a collaboration between candy makers, store management and the product development team. The designs can take more than a month, as candymakers go from developing the concept to producing and selling it in the candy store.

There are more than a dozen different apple selections that change throughout the seasons. Do you have a favorite?


  • Whooo hooo!! I was hoping they’d have these at WDW. I lubs you, Disney!

  • I’ve been to Candy Cauldron and I like the apples better from Marceline’s…Margie has been there since the store opened and really cares about the presentation of the product. Margie’s the best!!

  • I can’t wait to try one this summer when my family heads to Disney World.

  • WOW! How did she manage to avoid covering the white spots with pink suger?!

  • How cute is that! I want one.

  • The Candy Cauldron in Downtown Disney has even MORE impressive apples…I remember just being mesmerized staring through the window like a little kid!

  • Yum!

  • Just showed this to my wife. Now she has to have one 🙂

  • So cute! And too pretty to eat!

  • How about a blog on their gingerbread men including receipe. Those are the best!!!

  • i just found the hidden Mickey too!
    so creative!

  • So cute! I actually just discovered these my last visit to the park. They are so cute and they look delicious! I think I need to get one next time.

    Beautiful job!

  • “btw, can anyone find the Hidden Mickey on Marceline’s sign?”

    I just found it, but I would not have known it was there!

  • Ha! Just adorable! I love those little ‘touches’ they give to classic treats!

    Heather, is there any chance that you folks over there could create a Foodies Adventure through Disney? My wife, some friends, and I all went to the park recently and did our own little Foodies Disney Day but would love to know all the little hidden gems throughout Disney’s food. Is anything like that in the works?

  • Candy Cauldron in Downtown Disney (WDW) has the Minnie apples and others. They’re very clever!

  • My wife fell in love with these… we gave one to our Niece on her b-day… btw, can anyone find the Hidden Mickey on Marceline’s sign?

  • I’m definitely making some for my next party! I love the way they make the skirt red, so simple and yet really pretty! Thanks for this!

  • Awesome!

  • absolutely adorable! I love going to the park just to pick one of the Minnie apples up. Oh and the caramel too 🙂

  • I want a vegan Minnie! Come on Disney, you make dreams come true, and I’m sure there are plenty of vegans at the parks, I bet vegan Disney themed confections would sell so well!

  • Are there any places at Walt Disney World that make minnie apples or anything like this?

  • These look absolutely lovely. It’s really lovely to see how much work gets put into each and every individual apple! Yum!

  • I love the snowman apples

  • Looks delicious! 😀

  • pumkin apple

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