Mickey Mouse: ‘Testing … One, Two, Three … Testing.’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Some lucky Disneyland park guests experienced a very special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse this week.

Mickey, who usually saves his voice for shows and parades, talked with guests and interacted with them in never-before-seen ways! This was part of a process we call “playtesting” as it gives us a chance to develop new concepts with our guests long before they end up in the Parks. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to let guests interact with our beloved characters,” says Disney Imagineer and head of Advanced Development Scott Trowbridge. “And we have many more surprises up our sleeves.”

Since many guests did not have an opportunity to experience this, here’s a short video that shows some of the fun.


  • This made me shed a little tear of happiness.

    I’ve been going to see Mickey literally all my life and it would be extremely special to talk to him(as maybe silly as that sounds?).

    I hope some day this will be in the park on a regular basis. c:

    I’m a big kid, by the way. 17 years old and I want to talk to Mickey. Haha.

  • Our family (Me, my husband, and my 4 year old daughter) happened to be among the guests that were lucky enough to share this. We signed the waiver prior to and answered questions afterwards. This Mickey was by far the absolute best character experience we had over the entire 4 day trip. We were there for our daughter’s 4th birthday and I have to say that a talking Mickey made the day extra special for her and us alike. My husband is pretty technicaly savvy and has relayed the story of the “talking Mickey” to most of his friends and co-workers. He grew up in Orlando and spent his youth visiting Disneyworld, while I spent mine visiting Disneyland. With this being his first trip to Disneyland, he was shocked see a talking Mickey at Disneyland. I assured him that I had never seen the talking Mickey either and that it had to be something new. Either way, it is definitely a magical addition to the park that, again, made the experience extra special. I only hope that they will extend this amazing technology to the rest of the characters. It was a truly amazing experience to see Mickey come to life in a whole new and “complete” way. Jim, Maria, and Cheyenne.

  • This is amazing! Will this be available to Disneyland AND Disney World if the test goes well, and will all characters (Minnie, Stitch, Pooh etc.) talk if this becomes available? My cousins have small kids, and having them (as well as my future kids) interact characters this way will mean the world to me!

  • OMG! my sister loved meeting rhe fairies because the talked to her, an now our pal Mickey can talk? Too cool! Bring this to Disney World!

  • Can’t wait to take our first granddaughter to see Mickey and Goofy with this technology!!!

  • I have been to WDW 3 times and have been blown away by the magical time we have. I have always wondered how the Imagineers will top it…. You have outdone yourselves this time and when I visit next (hopefully 2011-12) I had better bring a case full of Kleenex because it will be a MAJOR mop up operation when I see my darling children (All 5 of them from 14 down to 8 months) actually talking WITH Mickey!!! Disney, you ROCK!!!

  • I just love it. I’m going to Disneyland on June 23rd. Is there a chance I can experience that? Hope it’s not too long

  • This is so cool! I love it!!!

  • I’m split! Part of me loves it. The advance in technology is amazing… and you’ll actually get to talk to Mickey!! How cool is that?! On the other hand, there was something extra magical about the connection that the characters have with guests when they don’t talk. When they have to move around, be excited, be enthusiastic! I just think it’ll take some getting used to. I guess i’m excited about it, as long as the characters still move around, and aren’t afraid to give hugs, and as long as encounters with teenagers and adults run just as smoothly and completely non-awkward as they do when the characters don’t talk! 🙂

  • This is awesome!!! truly fantastic!!!!

  • This is truely AMAZING! Younger I was afraid of the characters that didnt speak and that kinda freaked me out. LOVE to hear Mickey Mouse speak… 🙂

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