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Mickey Mouse: ‘Testing … One, Two, Three … Testing.’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Some lucky Disneyland park guests experienced a very special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse this week.

Mickey, who usually saves his voice for shows and parades, talked with guests and interacted with them in never-before-seen ways! This was part of a process we call “playtesting” as it gives us a chance to develop new concepts with our guests long before they end up in the Parks. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to let guests interact with our beloved characters,” says Disney Imagineer and head of Advanced Development Scott Trowbridge. “And we have many more surprises up our sleeves.”

Since many guests did not have an opportunity to experience this, here’s a short video that shows some of the fun.


  • I love the magic. It’s like Ross in Monsters Inc. ride and Turtle Talk with Crush in California Adventure. They can talk to you as well. I love that mickey’s not silent anymore. As a photographer there, it was kinda quiet all the time in between groups.

  • Wow. Just wow. Amazing.

  • That is, quite possibly, the coolest thing that I have seen in a VERY long time to bring the Disney Characters to “Life”.

    I remember when I first saw the “show characters” blink at Walt Disney World, and how I had to ask others in my party if they saw the same thing…this makes that experience look like a “child’s toy”…

    Can’t wait to have a REAL conversation with Mickey (& Others)!!!


  • That’s kind of amazing. I love talking Mickey!

  • I think the advance in technology is fantastic! However, it did take me a while to recover from the shock of a speaking fur character – it freaked me out quite a bit, and i must say, i think it will put me off meeting the characters…
    I also know a few deaf people or people who are hard of hearing loved meeting the fur characters because they could understand the gestures, but now they wont be able to interact with them either – lip syncing is impossible. Will there be anything that will help the hearing impaired interact with the fur characters?
    But i do think its really cool for the most part! How does it work?

  • I LOVE this! How magical is it that Mickey can now talk? Great! 🙂

  • This is wonderful!! The kids look so amazed by this…This will add to the magic we all experience when we first meet Mickey! Can’t wait to see Mickey in Action!!

  • That is great! Another step forward for Disney. Making characters talk will bring a whole new dynamic to interacting with them!

  • Absolutely spectacular!! We are going on Monday and Tuesday for our Anniversary and taking my 8 year old son. He would love this!!! Who am I kidding I LOVE THIS!!!!

    • I’m glad you’re as excited as we are. This was a really fun test, but you should probably know, this will not be available next week.

  • Wow…
    Absolutely amazing! I am floored…

    Now, if little kids were scared of Mickey before, just imagine now. Ha! Hopefully it’ll warm them up to him now 🙂

  • BRAVO!!!! I saw someone elses clip from their visit on a different website yesterday and it gave me goosebumps!!! My kids who are 13&10 were so excited and hope that Mickey will be talking in October when we go to WDW!! Can’t wait for the other surprises!! Keep bringing that Magic to life!!

  • I want to see him! I hope we get to talk to Minnie too in the future!

  • What a fantastic idea.. Now all the kids who watch things like Mickey’s Playhouse can actually talk and interact with Mickey himself! Great Job Imagineers.

  • Wow…just wow. I’m suddenly 5 years old again

  • OMG! This is amazing. I never thouught I’d see the day when Mickey Mouse would actually talk. I wonder if they are going to do this for other characters. I think it would be hillarious to talk with Goofy.

  • I Love It.

  • I can’t wait to experience this! Bringing the characters to life will really make the the experience a lot more fun and exciting. Things like this is why Disney is simply amazing.

  • That is priceless! Even as an adult, I would love to meet Mickey and have him talk to me. Hope it is something that you can do from here on out.

  • BEST. THING. EVER!!!!!!

  • This is so awesome! 🙂

  • Brilliant… granted it doesnt take much to bring me to tears…especially where Disney is concerned, but being able to walk into Mickey’s house and have a conversation with him would probably wipe me out for the day.

  • That is so cool.

  • Since this is a test, will this be going live anytime soon? Because this is simply amazing.

    • I’m told we are a ways off from adding this to the Park on a regular basis.

  • Absolutely awesome – Walt would really be proud of it. I hope, that one day, I can sing “The Bare Necessities” along with my very favorite, Baloo. Congratulations guys!

  • I think that has to be one of the most magical things I have ever seen. I have been taking a vacation to Disneyland every year since I was born, and sometimes more than once in a year. I now take my children, and to think that maybe one day when we go, Mickey might speak to them…it gives me such a warm feeling inside.
    I have so many good memories of going to Disneyland with my parents. Seeing the Matterhorn from I-5 and knowing I was about to enter the most happy and magical place…I want that for my children. And Mickey speaking will only add to the magic. Thank you to who ever came up with this AWESOME idea!

  • This is truly amazing. I just hope the characters don’t stop with their gestures as they could always “say” so much without talking.
    Also if not all the “Mickey’s” will be talking, that could be confusing for the kids.
    But I love it. I”ve watched these clips so many times in the past 2 days!

  • oh my gosh that is so cool

  • When is he coming to Disney World

  • I hate to say it, but I don’t like it. It freaks me out!


  • This brought tears to my eyes, I guess I just love Mickey so much. My kids would get a kick out of this. WE hope to get there some how some day…..

  • That is beyond awesome, its Be-awesome!

  • I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!i hope it’s ready soon!!!! this is the best thing to come to disneyland in years!!! people are going to loose their minds over this!!! amazing!!!!! walt would be sooo proud of this!!!!!!

  • Fantastic!!! What a way to use technology to really enhance the experience for the kids. I’d love to hear how its done, maybe in a future blog.

  • My daughter has watched this video about 30 times already!!! This way better than Turtle Talk or anything like that. So great!!!

  • hmmm….don’t you fear that letting the characters speak takes away the very special images and memories children have about the voice of their favorite character?
    It for sure works within US, but overseas with so many different languages spoken by guests (especially Paris) and therefore different voices connected to the characters (depending on the language)?
    For me, as a grown-up, I love the idea of being able to speak with a character but I’m not sure about kids…

  • WOW!!! This DID bring tears to my eyes; Disney magic has that impact on me! (Fireworks, the dragon in Fastasmic, etc). Please keep us posted as to when Mickey will talk in his DLR house!

  • That is beyond awesome. Turtle Talk, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Living Auto-Animatronics are one thing, but to actually have a real character meet and greet with Mickey Mouse would make anyone instantly a 4yr old again. I hope to see him when I go to Disneyland in 2 weeks, but even if I don’t, this just wets my appetite for the future when I can actually have a conversation with Goofy, Mickey & Donald.

  • Thats the coolest thing ever I hope they continue to that all the time. What an experience.

  • Wow thats absolutely amazing!!

  • Wow… That is so awesome… I miss working in the park and seeing all the kids faces light up when they saw their favorite characters. Now that those characters will be able to talk and interact back with them even more is going to be absolutly amazing. Congratulations guys you out did yourselves again.

  • WOW!!! That really suspends your disbelief in a huge way. I got teary, that was so cool!! Walt would be stoked!!
    When will this be implemented full time?

  • AWESOME! how amazing its that!???! PLEASE bring this to Disney World,we are going next feb! 🙂

  • How does this work? Is there someone in like a different room operating the voice, or is it pre recorded or something, or is the cast-member in the costume speaking like normal and it changes his or her voice into mickey’s? This is truly amazing. Walt Disney himself would be very proud of the innovation and technology that it took to do this.

  • That is fantastic!! I love this idea and would love to hear updates about it!

  • That is simply one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen…can’t wait for it to hit the World as I know my kids will freak…me included! Great work Disney!

  • I hope he be out when I go back to the park on May 28TH. I would love to see this happen to Goofy,Chip,Tigger,White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts as well. Even Capt. Hook.

  • That is so cool that the characters can now interact with you. Disney is truly a place filled with magic. Keep the AWESOME coming.

  • Even though i haven’t been to Disney world I like to watch Dream along with Mickey, I’m sure this is the same technology for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, but with the advanced technology from Turtle Talk and Roz (someone mentioned this in another comment)

  • This is a really neat piece of technology. And a fun side diversion or novelty. But I just don’t see this in all the characters. It’s taking something out of the charm of the classic characters we all have known and met. I don’t know how to put my finger on it. It just isn’t quite right. To me, not everything has to be changed just because we have the ability to do so. There is a great charm in keeping things the way they are, or once were. Anyway, neat, but not for me.

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