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Mickey Mouse: ‘Testing … One, Two, Three … Testing.’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Some lucky Disneyland park guests experienced a very special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse this week.

Mickey, who usually saves his voice for shows and parades, talked with guests and interacted with them in never-before-seen ways! This was part of a process we call “playtesting” as it gives us a chance to develop new concepts with our guests long before they end up in the Parks. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to let guests interact with our beloved characters,” says Disney Imagineer and head of Advanced Development Scott Trowbridge. “And we have many more surprises up our sleeves.”

Since many guests did not have an opportunity to experience this, here’s a short video that shows some of the fun.


  • This is Disney Magic at its best. I would SOOOO love to meet talking Mickey!!

  • I think the adults love it even more than the kids as adults are floored by it and kids just take it for granted

  • This is just amazing. I teared up when he was asking them questions, it is like I was a kid again. I think if anything the ability to talk may make the kids warm up to them more. I would love to see this in parks, it would make my year to have Mickey talk to me in such an intimate way.

  • I saw this on Youtube yesterday and thought it was awesome! I really hope that this is somehow added in on a full time basis. Will there be more testing to come at Disneyland? My son (3 y.o.) would absolutely love this experience!

  • That is SO freaking COOL! 😀

  • My eyes are watering just watching this! I love this feature!!! I can’t wait until it’s in the parks on a regular basis…we’ll be there for sure!!! I wonder how my daughter will feel about Mommy being just as or more excited to see Mickey than her! LOL! 🙂

  • I absolutely love this! I have always wished there was a way that the “costumed” characters could interact! Them being able to speak to the kids is amazing! Can you tell us when/if this will happen at the park? Thanks!

  • Very, very cool!

  • Most of us have grown accustomed to the non-face characters’ gesture-based communication, and it would be VERY awkward adjusting to a new, verbal-type thing. I think a special quality arises from the ‘mute’ attribute, and it would be disappointing to see it taken away.

  • This is honestly one of the best things to be playtested in a while! I really hope this is integrated into the parks soon. The reactions from the kids and the parents (especially the first mom in the video) is exactly why I love Disney.

  • I love this and hope that it will become a permanent part of the parks soon. I hope that it is expanded to all of the costumed characters. I can’t wait until this becomes a permanent! It will be so amazing to see in person! Nothing has gotten me this excited to go back to Disneyland in a long time!

  • It’s about time! What a great idea! Kids love interaction. This is really going to be fun for them!

  • OMG!!!! This is AWESOME!!!

  • Absolutely AWESOME! I think the adults were more excited than the kids! This could really change the park experience for young and old, in my opinion. Fantastic job Disney!!

  • Every time I watch this I can’t help but cry tears of joy. Thank you Disney 🙂

  • I love it..!!! I wanna go there and I want that mickey gives me a big hug I LOVE WDW

  • This is the absolute coolest thing I have seen! Disney has definitely out done themselves with this! I’m just amazed! Bravo Disney on this one!

  • Truly Awesome! Every character in the park should be able to talk like that. It makes the characters more real. Disney innovations like this are why we keep getting annual passports.

  • Disney imagineers ha ha do they ever sleep????

  • Wow, that was really cool! This opens the door to all kinds of new ways guests can interact with heretofore “silent” characters like Mickey and, dare I say it, Donald Duck. I took my kids to a character breakfast a few years ago and they had a blast chatting up Aladdin & Jasmine, Mary Poppins (who scolded them on their table manners… it was awesome!) and Cinderella. But with those characters, their costumes and attitude are more important than their voices. To be able to interact with a character that whose vocal traits are as critical as their appearance will amaze and delight guests!

  • this is the most amazing thing ever to see mickey talk to the guests, I hope this is going to be what the future of the characters will be, since my older son is starting to ask why the chipmunks and mickey don’t talk, and I have to explain that the characters are too shy to talk!

  • That is absolutely amazing!!! WOW!!!!

  • Disney Parks are truly where dreams come true and Mickey speaking will only add to the Magic. AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait for the day my grandaughter can speak with her guy!

  • I once asked Crush, “Is it true that turtle tastes just like chicken?”
    He called for the Security Guard.

  • OMG!!! This is too amazing for words! I can’t wait to get back to the park and see this for myself!! I have so many things to ask Mickey about! BRAVO!!!

  • The voice sounds great. I was at another theme park where a talking donkey speaks to guests (I won’t say the character’s real name) and he sounds nothing like the animated film that he’s from.

  • No wonder they’re called Imagineers!! Walt is looking down and smiling on this new development. I can’t wait to see it someday!!! I learn so much from the daily blog, it is awesome to get some behind the scenes looks at items. Thank you!

  • As someone else said, as a technophile I think this is something Walt would have absolutely loved to see! Truly amazing. I look forward to when it’s ready to be seen on a daily basis and enjoyed by all.

  • This is the most phenomenally awesome thing to come to a Disney Park that I can recall. Thank you so much for sharing the Playtest with us. I cannot wait for the technology and experience to go live full time!

  • love, love, love this.
    I didn’t think that I would but this is spectacular.
    How about a behind the scenes look at how this is done

  • This is amazing. I’m in awe of Mickey. That would be a dream come true for me for sure!

  • I’m speechless, this is incredible

  • Way to bring magic and innovation back after a very dull period! I almost feel like Walt is running things again. The Disney team is doing an amazing job across the entire resort!

  • Again, I think that this is awesome!

    Also, I agree with what others have said about how Walt would have loved this. 🙂

  • Is there a timeframe for this? Also will the be testing @ WDW? And when if so? I would love my son and wife 2 c this. It’s awesome!

  • This is Great!!! Mickey is the Mouse!!! I can’t wait!!! Another Awesome Disney Moment!!! Brought a tear to watch the video!!! and I agree Walt would’ve loved this!!! EVERYTHING About it!!!

  • My 2 year would love to meet Mickey like this.

  • This is just so awesome! I have an annual pass and can’t wait to check this out on my next visit. I look forward to other characters talking as well. Oooh…it will be so cool to see this with the villains as well like Judge Frollo, Jafar and Captain Hook! *squees* XD

  • AMAZING!!!!….Hopefully we can see this sooner than later

  • Little kids who have grown up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will probably love it, but I have to say I agree with poster 29 – I find it a little creepy- I have never really liked Mickey’s high squeaky voice, and the silence of the fur characters is part of their charm – you can use your imagination in your interactions with them.
    But I guess it’s progress and the technology is amazing….

  • I, too, choked up. This is just awesome. Don’t ever stop with the magic, Disney. I love you!

  • hello friend’s
    the idea of having mickey actually talk is awesome.:)
    i hope someday things do work out and something like this comes into fruition.

  • Two word’s – Disney Magic!

  • I’ve always had respect for Mickey and others of his kind, and this vid gives me further admiration for him. How much would you want to bet that this will be brought over to Walt Disney World in time for the New Fantasyland opening?

  • Did anyone notice that Mickey is blinking? I didn’t notice until the third time I watched this because I was so focused on watching his mouth. Nice touch. Just think … someday I’ll be able to get my photo with Mickey and we will BOTH have our eyes closed.

  • simply amazing. i can’t wait to have a conversation with my favorite mouse. Walt would have loved this.

  • I hope they have this at WDW when we go next March. I hope I hope I hope.

  • This is just awesome! My 17 month old little girl goes insane when she sees the Mickey on the Toontown Fair sign (yes, I know it’s coming down), and really goes nuts when she sees the big cheese in person, but to have him interact with her… Oh, priceless… or $450 for my AP!

  • I hope this technology can be used on other suit characters in the future like Minnie and Captain Hook and the like! May the magic never end. 🙂

  • Ever since I saw Dream Along With Mickey at WDW, I have hoped that someday Mickey would get to talk to the children one on one. Now it looks like that’s close to being a reality. I can’t help but hope that this experience will come to WDW before our next visit (August), but I will try to be patient. To all the hardworking Imagineers and Castmembers – thank you, thank you. Just seeing this video brought a tear to my eye. Best, April

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