Mickey Moves His Halloween Party Across the Esplanade

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Mickey's Halloween Party
It’s no trick! We’ve got a treat for you today.

Mickey’s Halloween Party moves to Disneyland park this Halloween season. The private, costumed trick-or-treat party that guests enjoyed at Disney’s California Adventure park and was formerly known as Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party has moved to Disneyland park. The new event has some new, really cool benefits:

  • Access to Disneyland park – With a ticket to Mickey’s Halloween Party, you’ll get access to nearly all the attractions Disneyland park has to offer—from the classic attractions in Fantasyland to the Halloween-themed attractions like Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  • Earlier access – You can start the party early at Disneyland park at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and 4:00 p.m. on Fridays. The official event starts at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and 7:00 p.m. on Fridays, and Halloween.
  • Tons of treats – We’re adding even more trick-or-treat locations – more treats!
  • Exclusive access to Halloween Screams – Mickey’s Halloween Party guests will have exclusive access to one of the most popular fireworks spectaculars ever – Halloween Screams!

Mickey’s Halloween Party will be offered on Halloween night and every Tuesday and Friday in October. Annual Passholders can purchase tickets starting June 4 – for more information, click here. General sales will begin July 16 – for more information, click here.


  • Heather, do we know if tickets go on sale at Midnight on June 4th, or later in the morning??

  • I am THRILLED that the Halloween party will be at Disneyland this year and very happy that Halloween Screams will be a part of the party. As as an premium pass holder who is not local it will be so nice to be able to enjoy the fireworks without crowds of those that live close desending into Disneyland just to see the fireworks every night.

    Keep these types of events coming to entice us vacationers to come back to Disneyland. I was there last year for Halloween time and have now booked my stay at the Disneyland Hotel for a week in Oct. to come to this event! Can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale. We’re going to buy tickets for all the nights we are there that the event will be held!!

    Thank you Disneyland for doing events like this for those of us that vacation at the Disneyland Resort!!!!!!

  • I took my nephew last year and plan on taking him this year.

    I hope it moves back to DCA after all the construction is done and that the Halloween fireworks will be offered again every night during the season. At least show them on the weekends for regular guests.

    I’m wondering what rides/attraction will NOT be accessible during the party… It says “nearly all’…what does that mean?

  • This is very dissapointing news, one of the main reasons I enjoyed the Halloween party was because it wsa at California Adventure. I don’t like that Disneyland is heading down the Magic Kingdom route and charging extra for holiday festivities. I really hope they don’t try to do this at Christmas too. One of the reasons Disneyland Resort is so great is because all of the offerings are available to everyone, sad they are changing that. I am seriously thinking about not attending the event this year.

  • Is this kind of event going to happen only for Halloween? Or for other holidays?

  • Do you think Disney Visa card holders will be able to purchase early with annual passholders?

  • The party sounds fun but i am also dissapointed that the firework that all guests enjoyed last year with paid admission will only be an exlusive show during the paid ticket events.

    I think that the show should play everyday including the day of the parties. The benefit for the ticket holders of the special party will be the minimal crowds which would allow them for better viewing.

    I’m also hoping this is a temporary move, its sad that as the years go by Disney CAlifornia adventure has slowly missed out on celebrating any of the major holidays. There are hardly any Christmas decor and minimal halloween decor while Disneyland is overwhelm with them.

    Maybe eventually WOC will have a halloween and Christmas show as well

  • I love Disneyland and the Halloween season. I also enjoyed the Halloween fireworks last year. I agree we already pay over $400 per person in the family for Annual Passes and already spend a great deal of money on pins. I don’t think it’s fair to block out a whole group of people from the show because we weren’t able to shell out more money. I am very disappointed.

  • I have never been to DisneyLand during trick or treat but i will be going this year for sure it looks so cool, i cant be anywhere else. You are never to old for this park.

  • We are going to be there for our annual vacation Sept 19-22. How are they going to regulate the theme park guests leaving at 6 pm and the party guests. I would hate to have spent all of that money on park hopper passes for those days and not be able to stay in Disneyland after 6 pm on Tuesday!! Plus after spending all of that money on our park hopper passes I really wouldn’t want to add an extra expense of getting a ticket for the party just so I can enjoy my full day at Disneyland.

  • We’ve been to every Halloween Time since they started and the first few years were awesome because it wasn’t very busy. Now that it’s getting popular it’s much more crowded, but still a blast. I actually kind of liked having it in California Adventure (CA) because we spend more time in the Magic Kingdom than in CA and it gave us more incentive to be over there. Although, I am excited about all the upcoming changes to CA. My favorite thing about it, regardless of where it will be held, is the opportunity to the meet the characters you rarely, if ever, get to see (i.e. Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters, Pocahontas, etc.) and the Halloween music and atmosphere.


  • Is this really true…now Halloween Screams will be an exclusive event that we have to pay extra to see? This was given to us for an entire month last year. I went to DLR 7 times during the ’09 run just so I could enjoy this amazing show – even going on weekdays after work. It’s such a great blend of fireworks, lighting, and music and it always brought a roaring round of applause from park guests who often waited up to three hours to see it. C’mon Disney, don’t take this away from us.

  • Wait so the Halloween Screams Fireworks is only going to show during the Halloween Parties and not for the regular park days during Halloween time?

  • Will the prices be going up since it’s at Disneyland instead of DCA?

  • As an out of state AP holder, I can say that I’m not too happy with this either. I like to visit DLR on my birthday in October and truly enjoyed the Halloween Screams fireworks show and the extended nighttime hours on Friday. The park has an extra spooky atmosphere at night (especially the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain). But now there are two nights of my planned visit which I will be blocked.

    This is really disappointing news.

  • YAY!!! I’m so happy the Halloween party has decided to move over to Disneyland Park. I try to go to Disney Worlds Halloween party whenever I can because I loooove their firework show and parade, and now that Disneyland’s is in the Disneyland Park they get to have their exclusive firework show too!! I’m so happy!!! I hope they eventually get a halloween parade too, but for now YAY!!!!
    Bravo Disneyland!!!

  • This is good news, but it also seems very confusing. So the party guests can enter in their full costumes a few hours early, but the party doesn’t start until 6 or 7PM? And it’s okay to be in costume in the park like that? But most importanly, the only way to see Halloween Screams fireworks this year is to buy a ticket to the party? Halloween Screams won’t be performed on any other nights but party nights, and only after the non-ticketed guests have left the park?

  • I can’t wait…I love Hallowe’en….just have to wait till July to buy the tickets….do you know how much they will be? I heard that you can use a park hopper ticket to get in for that night…is that true? Thanks Heather….

  • i’m confused; so when i’m in the park it closes early? on those days? how much extra does it cost if we want to stay for the special fireworks?…on a tuesday?

  • I followed the link but there’s no info on this- I think Disney needs to make this more clear – Costumes are allowed yes.. can you enter at 3pm in a costume? or not until 6 pm. If you enter at 3 pm and the park closes at 5.. do you leave the park with the regular guests then re-enter at 6?? This seems really confusing.

    Also I’m afraid with the bigger park and fewer days offered + fireworks it will be impossible to get around the park in the time alotted. In Cal Adv. you could walk the whole thing and do all the character photos and still have time to sit and watch the parade and relax. I think this is going to be really pretty with the Disney decorations but a really hectic night for parents. I wish the fireworks were Not exclusive to party guests.. it’s going to make it very crowded and not a good draw for us anual passholders that would go to the party one night and have another to be able to see the fireworks.

  • If we go into the early access for example on tuesday at 3 p.m will we have to go back out when they close the park at 6 p.m and re-enter with our Halloween party tickets. Im just curious if people whom purchase the halloween party tickets will be given something to show that they purchased the ticket while going in to the early access or if they will have to go out and re-enter at the event time?

  • I’m happy. I went to my first one last year and had a blast, and I always wondered how different, and more fun, it would be at the main park since it’s got more theme element environment to it. I can’t wait!

    Only downside is that Halloween Screams will only be for the event guests. Even though I’ll get to see it again, the non-event guests should be able to see it too. I absolutely loved it last year, and I know I would be disappointed if I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t go to the event.

  • even though you said exclusive to party guests, will halloween screams go off on nights the trick or treat party are not going on??

  • You are going to have a lot of unhappy passholders me included.
    The Halloween fireworks were one of the main reasons I shell out almost 400 a year. This single mom can’t afford to pay for extra tickets!!!

  • I am REALLY disappointed that the Halloween Screams Fireworks Show won’t be every night (and only for Halloween Party guests)! =( That is by far the best fireworks display I have seen anywhere (including Disney).

    Please tell me that next year the fireworks will also happen on regular days. I am an annual passholder and I came 3 times last Halloween Time just to see the fireworks.

  • You think they’ll ever add a Halloween parade too??

  • You said the park closes at 6 on tuesday and 7 on friday. But on the blog it says they allow you to go in early at 3 on tuesdays and 4 on fridays. How can they tell that you bought the halloween ticket if the park doesn’t really close till 6 or 7 when its time for everyone to leave. What is the early access really for?

    • The early access (3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and 4:00 p.m. on Fridays and Halloween) allows Mickey’s Halloween Party guests to join regular Park guests for a few hours before the Park closes and before the official event begins.

  • Hi we are planning our trip for October – can’t wait! This will be our first time to visit at Halloween-time! Just want to confirm the special fireworks will NOT be shown on non-party nights correct? So if want to see them, we will definitely have to attend the party?

  • I went to Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. But having the party move to Disneyland has me even more excited to attend!

    Will the costume guidelines be the same as previous years? I would LOVE to dress as a Disney character this year, so if it’s allowed for adults, I would like to start working on a costume! ^_^

  • any word on what’s new for this event at Disneyland?

  • I remember something similar that was held in Disneyland back in 1995. I attended it and it was absolutely great. I remember they had live costumed actors scattered along the Pirates OTC and Haunted Mansion rides. There was an event where the Castle was decorated up in thorns, and at the beginning of the party they had a witch on a cable fly down from the Matterhorn to the Castle. The party consisted of all the characters walking thru to Castle gates to meet everyone for pictures and autographs, I took pictures of the party- it was great!! The Indiana Jones ride had just opened that year so I had to sign up for an early entry into the park to catch a ride.

  • What time zone do ticket sales start in? Sounds silly, but I’ve been planning for two years to take my kids to this for Halloween proper (also my birthday.) so I am willing to be up late, or early to get my tickets.

  • I really enjoyed the Halloween Haunts tour last year. Will that tour continue?

  • Highly disappointing to have to pay extra to see the Halloween fireworks. Further reduces the value for annual passholders.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the heads up on Halloween Time! I’ll hopefully be able to check it out this year.

  • Here are my reasons why I don’t think this change:
    -Halloween party are only on Tuesdays and Fridays instead of almost every evening… meaning the event will be more packed and busy
    -Shorter hours for regular Disneyland goers (park will close at 4:00pm… too early)
    -DCA needs the fun activities because it is not as popular as DL… why move it to a park that has everything already?
    -DCA is roomier, easier to navigate, esp when lining up for trick-or-treating, dance floors, and costume-clad families, babies, and strolelrs
    -With all the rides being available during the Halloween event, I feel like the whole Halloween trick-or-treating event won’t be as fun because ppl will want to do the rides more

  • We are definitely looking forward to this year! Last year was our first time to Mickey’s TOTP in CA Adventure, and it was a great time. It sounds like this year at Disneyland is going to be even better!

  • Any word on when Halloween-time in general will start this year? Starting to plan a trip and looking at the last weekend in September. But I would look into moving it if Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion are down for Halloween prep.

    • Halloween Time begins September 17.

  • My family and I were there last year on Halloween night and had an amazing time. We will absolutely be there again this year. I’m still humming the songs from the halloween parade til this day. FYI – even on halloween night it had a good capacity. Oh and tons of candy which we donated… Well some of them hehehe

  • will Disneyland be closing at 4, or 6 so that the only people in the park have tickets to the Halloween party?

    • Disneyland park will close at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and 7 p.m. on Fridays and Halloween night to accommodate the event.

  • RE: Rodney Comment- Seasonal overlays are always a welcome addition. I, myself, enjoy N.B.C. of HM! And you are right DL did a fantastic job with SM over Halloween (altho, bob might have been alil extreme for the younger fans) I would like to see some of the technology used to make BOB appear be used for some space theming (maybe comets, asteroids, ect.) And who can forget the excellent visual and sound of the exterior of SM! Wish a type of this was done year round to make the Mountain pop at night.

  • how much more on top of the pass with the tickets be?

  • What time will the park open in the morning? Can Season Pass Holders come in the morning and then get tickets for the Halloween event?

  • Yeah really thank you for yesterday it was awesome and will pass holders get a discount on the tickets or just the early release?

    • Check back on June 4 for information about Annual Passholder savings on advance purchase tickets for select nights. Buy early and save on tickets for select nights when purchased in advance.

  • So all the holiday offerings that were included with a regular days park admission last year, are being charged separately this year?

    • Thanks for your question, Kyle. Regular park admission will provide guests with everything they had access to last year with the exception of Halloween Scream fireworks.

  • Does this mean that the park will close at 4pm for the rest of the guests? Sounds great!

    Also loved the meet-up yesterday! So fun and informative.

    • So glad you enjoyed the meet-up! Disneyland park will close at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and 7 p.m. on Fridays and Halloween night to accommodate the event.

  • Is Halloween Screams a party-exclusive now? Or will it still show during normal park hours for all guests?

    • Halloween Screams is exclusive to Mickey’s Halloween Party guests.

  • I love Halloween time at the parks. Love the fall colors and the treats.

  • I like Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy much more than the normal one. The added effects create a different atmosphere, one that allows the rider to feel like they are part of the ride rather than just riding the ride.

    Yesterday’s meet-up was very enjoyable and unforgettable. I want to thank everyone who allowed us to be part of it.

    • Thanks, Rodney. I’m glad you liked it!

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