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New, Improved Online Dining Reservation System for Walt Disney World Restaurants

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Walt Disney World Online Dining Reservation System

Attention Disney “foodies” …we’ve got some new ways to search and retrieve online reservations for Walt Disney World restaurants and we’d love to know what you think. Yes, our online reservation system is in beta and being revamped – and you’ll notice the difference at first glance. You can now search for restaurant availability by location, cuisine, experience and even time of day.

The page is live and ready to try. There will be more changes to come but we wanted to share this news with Disney Parks Blog readers. Let us know if you like the improvements.


  • I like it but I needed to change the number in my party and I had to cancel and rebook.

  • I had no trouble with the last system, but this time I can’t even bring up the reservation page when I click on “Your Reservations”! It just shows me the background image!

  • The system looks great. One queston..I am travelling with a prty of 7 but we have three reservation numbers. If I make reservations online will I need to make three separate reservations for each meal? Thanks.

  • I want to know, Disney Resort Guest, can book dining 180+10 days in advance or only 180 days…..



    To retrieve dining reservations so you can check on them or cancel them, go to the main page on the Disney World website. Hover over “My Disney Vacation” click on “Dining Reservations”. This takes you to a “Sign In” screen log in and click “Continue”.

    The next page popping up should be “My Reservations”. If no Dining Reservations pop up don’t panic, click the “Retrieve your reservation by confirmation number” link on the right. Type in or paste your reservation number and type in your phone number, then click “Retrieve Dining”.

    I hope this helps.

  • Oh, wow. This is absolutely brilliant! I love that you can search multiple restaurants at once, and that it looks at a range of times instead of having to reset the parameters if you can’t find what you wanted.

  • Jennifer, how did you retrieve and cancel dining reservations? You said it was very easy, but I don’t see how to do it, and it seems like I’ve looked everywhere! 🙁

  • I found it very easy to use and very easy to retrieve and cancel reservations. I only wish you could book the Dinner Packages such as Fantasmic online as well.

  • Can anyone help?
    I made several dining reservations under the old system. We are not staying at a disney resort. I cannot retrieve any of them. What reservation page is the link on to retrieve dining reservations? I can’t find it anywhere?

  • I really like the new system. It was fast, easier to search for restaurants and I loved the “breakfast, lunch, dinner” feature that searched for that entire meal’s time frame.

    One update I would make, and I believe it was mentioned already, is to be able to search for any dinner reservations for the length of my stay. If you can’t get Le Cellier for the first date you chose it would be nice to see any of the days you could go within your vacation window.

    I also agree with another poster that a field for reservation confirmation number would be nice- I added mine after being prompted but it would be nice to just add it right off the bat.

  • Just back from a May trip and planning my August 60th birthday trip. I thought for sure it would be too late to get ADRs at my faves since it’s two months away. Not to worry. The new system provided me with many great options! I was able to quickly make all my ADRs.

    Would’ve been even better if it had included my DVC # and a birthday ADR for Le Cellier:) Maybe for my 61st!

  • I must be missing something. How do you pull up existing dining reservations? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find a place to enter an existing dining reservation.

  • I think the system is great and I made several reservations using it. I think an improvement would be to be able to input how many children/adults are in your party rather than just asking the number of guests. For example, I booked dinner for 6 guests online, but it didn’t ask me how many were children and how many were adults. So, I called to follow-up and was told that the reservation was for 6 adults and that it needed to be modified to reflect 4 kids, 2 adults or I would be charged for 6 adults. However, when I booked Cinderella’s Royal Table, the system specifically asked for the number of kids and adults and the ages of each kid. For the rest of the dining reservations, however, it just allows you to reserve the number of “guests” without specifying the number of children vs. adults. This part of the new online system should be modified.

  • Spectacular! I love it. These are the features I was looking for last year when we were making dining reservations. The program is extremely user friendly and very easy to use. Great job!

  • Not really liking it. There is no place to put my reservation number before I start – how does the system know I can book the 180 +10? And it looks like I have to confirm each reservation separately and confirm even if I’m not 100% sure before I can continue to the next. With this I think I’d rather call which is a pain too.

  • Good start, but until you require a credit card to hold a reservation and charge a penalty for failing to cancel at least 48 hrs in advance (if made more than 48 hours in advance, otherwise 24 hours) or for no-shows, the Dining “experience” at WDW is still broken.

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