Park Balloons: There’s a Skill to This Inflated Fun

Balloons have been a guest favorite since day one, literally. Disneyland has been selling balloons in the Park since 1955. So, how does that cool Mickey Mouse-shaped balloon get inside that clear balloon? It takes skill. And how do the vendors hold all those balloons without letting them go? Again, it takes skill and a special technique. Check out this video and see how they make balloon magic. By the way, if you ever pop a balloon while you are in the Park, just bring it back to the vendor and they will give you a new one!


  • I purchased a MM balloon on July 4, 2009. Guess what, it is still “alive”. Granted it is much smaller, about the size of a Honeydew Melon, but hanging on all the same. It’s way too cool.

  • I still want to get my photo taken while holding the balloons!! That for my would be MAGICAL!!

  • @Sheila OMG! I had the idea to get CM autographs, too! I thought it was a great idea but would have been reaching the thousands if I were to try to get everyone. I’ll give it a go one day soon. I didn’t know they would state their title, too. That’s so awesome! =)

    Anyway, this video was great and informational! I’m gonna get a balloon when I go back on Friday in honor of this video.

  • Michelle…GREAT idea…have Mr. Frederickson sell balloons! THIS Mommy still loves balloons…I just use the kids as an excuse to buy a couple…ha, ha!

  • The balloons are cool. I’m an adult and I still love the balloons. Every year there is a new one to see. We make a game out of finding the new balloons each time we visit.

  • I wish I could see this on my iPad! No flash, please. 🙂

  • Such a wonderful idea to replace the balloon with a new one should the balloon pop while at the park. I was not aware of that – do the balloon venders tell customers this when a balloon is purchased? This just fits in totally with the Disney philosophy. I lived in Long Beach in 1955 where my love of anything Disney began with frequent trips to the park in Anaheim. Disney is a big part of my life and memories.

  • We love the ballons. Our daughter has got one each time we have went to WDW.

  • The real question is…. how do they find the balloon the guests want with so many strings!?

  • Oh my goodness, we were at Disneyland yesterday and my 13 year old son asked me, “How do they get the Mickey balloon inside the clear balloon?” I tried to explain, but this video said it ALL.

  • I used to blow up balloons at Disneyland in 1980. It WAS very hard to get both the ears the same size.

  • Cool video.

    I agree with Robbie!

  • I would love to know how many balloons are sold in WDW & Disnaeyland parks each year?

  • I’m sure someone has thought of this already, but since I haven’t seen it in the park yet, I thought I’d share. Mr. Fredricksen from Up should sell balloons in the parks!

  • I love to watch the little kids buying balloons! I too love the cast members! I remember at one time, I went around collecting autographs.. not from the Characters, but Cast Members. “Chris the Pirate” or “Colleen, the Balloon Vender” Thanks! You CM’s are truly the superstars of the parks.

  • These Cast Members seem like they truly enjoy their jobs. These are the kinds of CM’s that really help to make a trip enjoyable. Thanks, CM’s!

  • These are the type of videos that make you stand out well above the other “disney fan” sites! I LOVED IT!

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