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Star Wars Weekends Firsts

The countdown to Star Wars Weekends is on and Disney Theme Park Merchandise couldn’t be more excited to help kick off the festivities! Steven and I had the opportunity to tell you about some of the great merchandise that we will be offering this year, but there are a few more extra special pieces that I just couldn’t keep to myself.

Star Wars Weekends Firsts

For the very first time, the Disney Hollywood Studios Sketch Artists and Ink & Paint Teams have created limited edition, hand inked & painted cels especially for Star Wars Weekends. The two new animation cels feature Anakin Mickey & Darth Maul Donald. Each are a numbered limited edition of 100.

Star Wars Weekends Firsts

Created by Disney Sketch Artist Jason Zucker, this amazing full-color sketch features Donald as bounty hunter Boba Fett and was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back” and to pay homage to the notorious character and bounty hunter Boba Fett. It’s the first time a full-color sketch has been done completely by hand for Star Wars Weekends. This complex and intriguing art is a limited edition of 30.

Star Wars Weekends Firsts

Another unique piece that’s a first-of-its-kind at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a sketch featuring Donald as Darth Maul. The limited-edition art created by Disney Sketch Artist Derek Lesinski, is a progression sketch in which 4 separate images are done by hand, progressing from a rough sketch to a final full-color sketch. This is the first time during Star Wars Weekends that we have offered a full-color progression style sketch with a panoramic view. This complex and intriguing art is a limited edition of 30.

Star Wars Weekends Firsts

Created just in “time” for Star Wars Weekends, comes this hand sketched, limited edition watch. To create the watch, we once again utilized the skilled hand of Derek Lesinski to create the original art. Once the art is perfected, it’s reduced down to fit the size of the watch face. Each artisan watch comes complete with a reproduction of the full-sized art. This is a limited edition of 50.

Star Wars Weekends Firsts

Another first for Star Wars Weekends is the Passholder Exclusive T-Shirt. Last year marked the first year that Disney Theme Park Merchandise offered a Passholder Exclusive, Star Wars Weekends Pin. The response was so overwhelming we decided to give our Passholders something more to celebrate this year with a special shirt created just for them! Remember, you need to show your Passholder ID to purchase the shirt.

Look for these items at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the Animation Gallery at Boba’s Bounty.


  • Totally AWESOME! I can’t wait!

  • Awesome. Does anyone know if these can be purchased online (not through ebay). every year I see wonderful exclusives come out of Star Wars Weekends, but I cannot get there. I would love the opportunity to buy some of the Disney/Star Wars merchandise.

  • We are so getting the shirts tomorrow!

  • are the events for each star wars weekend the same everyday? we would be willing to fly down for the weekend but i didnt know if the events everyday fri-sun are the same in the park.

  • I wish we had Star Wars Weekends in Anaheim. =[

  • I just went to Star Wars Weekend today and was very disappointed on where the limited editions were kept. they were located in AFI Showplace. we waited 45 minutes and cast member stated it will be about another hour before getting into the building. we overheard one guest state that he waited 3 hours. not good.

  • I agree with Carolyn. The setup for merchandise is very disappointing. We waited for 1.5 to 2 hours just to see the merchandise. Last years setup was much better. The venue it is in this year is much smaller than last year. Overall we were very disappointed.

  • I purchased one of the limited edition Mickey Anakin art pieces this weekend and one of the two artists that worked on it graciously autographed. How can I get the 2nd artist to autograph it?

  • We just returned from a wonderful trip to Disney but just missed the Star Wars weekend. Does any one know if and how i can get a polo style Disney Star Wars shirt for my husband for father’s day? He really wanted a Disney Star Wars shirt he could wear to work. Thanks!


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