Summer Pass Brightens Summer Nights at the Disneyland Resort

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Summer Pass Brightens Summer Nights at the Disneyland Resort
We just announced a new Summer Pass for all of you who live in Southern California and Northern Baja. It’s great news. Here are the details:

The Summer Pass is good for three park visits to either Disneyland park or Disney’s California Adventure park (one park per day) within a 45-day period, for residents residing in zip codes 90000 through 93599, and 21000- 22999. For $108, or $36 per visit, guests will enjoy three fun-filled summer days and nights at the Disneyland Resort. For an additional $21, local residents can upgrade their Summer Pass to a Summer Pass Plus, a 3-day Park Hopper ticket that allows guests to visit both parks on the same day. This offer is available for use June 11 to August 29 and is blocked out from July 2 – July 4, 2010 and August 22 – August 23, 2010.

Where can you get it? The Summer Pass can be purchased at, the Disneyland Resort box office, Disney Stores, Disneyland Resort Hotels, and a variety of southern California supermarkets and retail chains, including Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, Stater Bros., Food 4 Less, Gelson’s and Deardens. Resident ID is required.

More information about the Summer Pass, the Summer Pass Plus and Summer Nightastic! can be found at

With a deal like that, I assume I’ll see you in the parks this summer.


  • Does anyone know for sure if these can be upgraded to annual passes after day 3 like last year?

  • Come on!!! Wisconsin dosen’t get it?? Oh well, Disney World, here I come!!!! 😛

  • Amen. It costs more for my family to eat there than it does for my family of four to get in.

  • This makes me really wish I still lived in my old zip code instead of 5 hrs away from it.

  • Love it!!! These passes make it so easy for family and friends who don’t have AP’s to join me in the fun during the summer. Thank you Disney Parks for bringing back such a great summertime bargain!!

  • I will be coming for the half marathon weekend in Sept. I will have my passes but my friend lives in SolCal and was wondering if there will be any deals at that time so he can come and meet me in Disney to cheer me on.

  • What about NorCal??? I make the drive with my kids as often as I can and would visit more often if admission was a bit cheaper. It’s only a half day drive…

  • Is it possible to have my SoCal relative purchase these for us to use?

  • I too wish that your deals for the Southern California residents would be open to the entire state. I love the monthly payments available for annual passes if you live in So Cal, but I live in Northern Cal – I’ve had an annual pass previously and still made the drive regularly! I’d have one again this year if the monthly payment option were available to me.

  • My husband and I just became Annual Pass holders on Christmas day, it has been fantastic! Now our kids who are all grown up can join us a couple of times for this summer, Thanks!

  • I used this pass last year. It was $99 per person. We went during fourth of July weekend. My kids had a blast glad they are bringing it back eventhough it went up a bit in price. It’s still a very good deal.

  • to constance…Captain EO is back…
    some food places r not so bad just spending 20+years as a passholder makes u figure out where to eat and go. now the yearly passes are getting WAY too expensive though…they all used to be $99…and less black out dates.
    but like the summer pass good for my kids friends who dont have passes to come with us and spend days at the hotels for a reprive

  • @ Constance,

    Captain EO is back at Disneyland…

    Agreed that this is a good value, and there are ways to eat at Disneyland for cheap, people!

  • Please consider having the discounts apply to ALL California residents instead of just SoCal.

  • @Constance. Apparently you haven’t been back in a while. Captain EO has BEEN back for almost two months!!! But yeah, About these food prices. Actually Id like a Parkhopper Version. I can’t just stay in ONE park, I have to ride space mountain and Tower of terror on the SAME day. LOL

  • Any discounts that Disney can offer is GREAT! The Happiest Place On Earth! Now reduce your food prices and bring back Captian EO and everything will be PERFECT!!!

  • YAY!!!! This was the best part of Summer Nightastic last year! Glad it’s coming back! 😀

  • That is such an awesome value. Way to go, Disneyland! You’ve restored some of my faith in you lol Now let’s talk about your food prices…

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