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The “Characters” of Main Street, U.S.A.

Who would be so bold as to combine stripes and polka-dots? Why, Miss Inga DaPointe, of course – the fashion maven of Main Street, U.S.A. Miss DaPointe also serves as the Fashion Editor of the Main Street Gazette when not adding cheer and fashion guidance to the many Magic Kingdom guests who frequently ask her for autographs and photos.
The “Characters” of Main Street, U.S.A.
The exquisite parasol Miss DaPointe is holding is made of authentic Battenburg Lace- the real deal. During the late 1800’s, every English Duke had his own pattern. Queen Victoria named her son-in-law as the first Duke of Battenburg, thus Battenburg Lace was born. What elegance…


  • I love all the great characters. Could you introduce us to Dorma Nesmond and the Ukelele player from Hollywood Studios? Dorma started speaking Chinese with some Chinese guests one time when we were there.

  • I love these “residents” of Main Street. They really make Main Street feel like a place you can live in, and they give it believeability. Thanks for the pictures.

    By the way, I also enjoyed the article on you in the most recent D23 magazine. I love that picture of the Tree of Life!

  • I met her!!! Multiple times actually. One time, she was wearing the same thing too! We had a person with us from France and they started speaking French! She’s just so adorably sweet.

  • My dad has a great pic with her from our last trip in September of 2009!

  • I love her. She was in a Orange dress with a white and orange hat when I first met her. She had been told that I did musicals with a military community theater group here in Virginia Beach,Virginia. So she ached like she was my voice teacher. And did a weird thing to The Lion King Opening. Will it just so happens my theater group had just did a summer varity show and that was one of the songs. So I belted it out. Much to her surprise. LOL. I tell people that I got to sing in the middle of Main Street USA. And I got paided with a very collectible pin. The tree of life pin.

  • I must meet her on my next trip!! Can’t wait for the next installment in this series!

  • She is my absolute FAVORITE, and such a joy! Her fabulous outfit says it all. When we met at the end of October last year, during a portrait sitting, we decided that we surely must be cousins. And then Miss Inga was kind enough to introduce me, as newly discovered kinfolk, to all her wonderful fellow citizens. Hello from Raleigh to Cousin Inga, and to all the lovely citizens of Main Street!

  • Love the “punny” humor in the Main Street character names. Especially funny for an editor! Another great example of the amazing details of everything at Disney World.

    Continue to love your photos, as well, Gene! Keep up the great work.

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