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The “Characters” of Main Street, U.S.A.

Miss Beatrice Starr and Mrs. Frances Fermata
Miss Beatrice Starr, left, is better known as “Bea” (pronounced Be-uh), and is the Chairman of The Main Street Thespian Society. Teamed up with Mrs. Frances Fermata, the resident Matchmaker of Main Street, U.S.A., she creates a Tour de Force of elegance and side-splitting humor. This hysterical duo makes smiles by the mile for all who pass by. And those hats!


  • Thank you so much, Gene! I am loving the series!

  • Mrs. Fermata is a hoot! Getting to meet her is always a treat that we hope for when we are on Main St. Who needs or eharmony when you can count on her?

    These streetmosphere characters are the things that make Disney stand head and shoulders and gorgeous feathered hats about all others!

  • Once again, thanks for this series! It’s great how many memories these characters bring back. Main Street in the morning can go a LONG way to make your day! Start with the welcome show, trolley parade, characters of main street… so many great experiences that make the Magic Kingdom truly Magical! I’d love to see a “Characters” of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard too!

    • Thanks Matt. I think expanding the series is a great idea as well.

  • We were just at WDW last week and we met Frances Fermata. She was amazing! I was even invited to sing with her and Scoop Sanderson. It was a wonderful experience to be able to spend time with these “characters” of Main Street!

  • I was shopping in one of the shops on Main Street when they made their entrance from “Behind the Scenes”. They were hilarious. As soon as they walked out of that door, they were in character. I was trying to decide between two different colors of the retro Disney shirt and they both looked and said, “OH Honey, you need to go with the pink not that PURPLE one. Why dont you just go right ahead and put that back!!!” LOL I thought it was hysterical. It was one of many special memories. It also just shows how GREAT DISNEY is at making you feel a part of the MAGIC!

  • I love Miss Beatrice Starr! She has not been available my last couple of trips. Sure hope she’s around at the end of June.

  • I met Mrs. Fermata last year…she is an absolute delight! She called my boys “delectable young gentlemen” and said I’m too young to be married. She sure knows how to make a girl’s day!

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