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The ‘Characters’ of Main Street, U.S.A.

Recently, as I strolled leisurely down the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, U.S.A., camera on my shoulder, I found myself drawn to all of the live entertainment – the Main Street Philharmonic marching sharply toward Town Square, the Dapper Dans clicking their heels in front of delighted music lovers, and some of the more, uh, eclectic performers- the Main Street U.S.A. Actors.
Victoria Trumpetto, Main Street Choir Director
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Victoria Trumpetto, Main Street Choir Director. Ms. Trumpetto spied my camera, I think, and sashayed over to me in all of her Victorian splendor, and, wasting no time, recited the first few lines of a daily ritual, while gazing longingly at the bright new leaves of a (trivia alert) Heritage variety of Southern Live Oak…”This tree is green…It is never mean…Soon it will branch out.”
Victoria Trumpetto, Main Street Choir Director
As I later observed Ms. Trumpetto happily engaging others on the sidewalk, I took note that her lyrical musings were never the same twice…Great fun…


  • I’ll never forget when she had my normally quiet, introverted Dad singing out loud on Main Street. One of my best memories of Disney World, to be sure.

  • we remember that lady shes was pretty funny and very nice. We loved watching her with the other people!

  • We’ve never really spent much time on Main Street, so we’ve missed these performers. We intend to spend some time this summer enjoying the main street performers.


  • We were just there at the end of April and spotted her too!!!
    Soooo adorable, we also got her picture!! Didn’t get to take one with her though =(. My husband did two years ago with 2 of the ladies-he was so proud!! Miss our trip already!

  • My family was just there at the end of April and we also saw her. We weren’t able to get our picture taken with her though =(!!
    Love Main st.

  • I’m so glad to see some photos and recognition of the characters on Main Street! If you happen to meet any of them,they will most certainly brighten your day! Disney should have more characters like this. It’s great. I remember I was in the magic kingdom at the beginning of December 2008. I can’t remember why, but I was feeling kinda down for some reason, and happened to walk into the fire station. Well there went my bad mood!! I was approached by Lady Victoria and one of her friends, and I must have spent about 20 minutes just talking and joking around with them. They critiqued my pins, and loved my santa mickey ears. When my dad said something about me being in a bad mood, she dug through her purse and handed me a bell, telling me too go and spread Christmas joy throughout the world… I still have that bell as a reminder of my great trip! It was just such a great experience that as I said, will brighten anyone’s day. Is there a full list of the characters of the magic kingdom? I only know Victoria Trumpetto and Mayor Weaver.

  • We are regulars at Disney, being a Florida native. I recently started creating memory books for my children of “Just Disney Stuff”. Well, I can’t believe i stumbled onto this blog. I have about 40 pictures of Lady Victoria. She does get around.. We have thousands of Pictures and videos. I will certainly be keeping my eye on this blog. Thanks.

  • these characters are cool and funny … they are normally out in the mornings till about 2pm .. then they are no longer around …. so if you want to see them go in the morning time :):)

  • I LOVE Victoria. Had a long conversation with her, her friend and the Mayor last September about women in politics. My husband is in politics and she kept trying to talk me into running against him! She was also very impressed that our small Texas county had a FEMALE County Judge! Had tons of fun with her as I can “give” as much as she does! Wonderful, wonderful lady. Everyone should try to meet her … you’ll not soon forget this “Character of Main Street, U.S.A.”!

  • She paid me a penny after I sang, “Doe a deer, a female deer” on Main Street for her. NO ONE else in my family would sing. It was hysterical. I loved her 🙂

  • Terrific photos!

  • It would be great to see these turn of the century citizens on Disneyland’s Main Street too 😉

  • I’ve never seen her 🙁 …but, I HAVE seen the Mayor, and he’s awesome! My Dad is a public opinion poller so we got a photo of them shaking hands as if it were a picture in a newspaper.

  • Miss Victoria is a special favorite “friend” of ours that we met on our WDW Honeymoon in 2008. Because of Mousefest activities that often took place at the Magic Kingdom, we kept running into her almost every day! She always remembered us as the newlyweds who brought their best friend on their honeymoon, and never failed to crack us up with bawdy jokes about our trio!

    We also saw her total doppelganger at the DVC Merry Member’s Mixer, dressed up as one of Santa’s elves, complete with green beehive and a rolling pin! Interestingly enough, her clone ALSO recognized us!

    WDW’s Streetmosphere performers are definitely in our top 10 reasons that we keep coming back as many times as we can each year. Thank you for writing a blog about Miss Victoria!

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