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UPDATE: Princess Half Marathon Weekend Date Change

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend
We have a quick update to share today. Due to a scheduling conflict at the Walt Disney World Resort, the 2011 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend presented by Lady Footlocker will now be held February 25-27. Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend brings women of all ages together to participate in an event designed just for them. Let us know if you’re planning to participate. Registration opens July 6, 2010 at


  • What does this mean for ESPN The Weekend and the 5K? Are they still on?

  • Oh my it is going to be cold then…I was hoping to participate but i am not sure I want to freeze for half of it. A half marathon is hard enough with out wintery weather.

  • Any word on when the list of host resorts will be released? I’d love to be able to go ahead and book now!

  • I am currently stationed in Kuwait and was hoping to participate next year. But this changes everything. I may not be able to attend. By the way, will Disney ever do a fun run for the Armed Forces? I know that you have the special Armed Forces offers. Maybe Disney should coordinate something like that.

  • Um, it is not ever that cold in February in Florida. I think this is great as it will allow more folks to participate! Not as hot and not as dangerous! Hooray Disney!

  • Darrel, can you tell us which days of the weekend will be the kids’ races, the Royal Family 5k, and the half-marathon itself. I’m thinking of convincing my friend to run in the 5k together…

  • Loved doing the Half this past March and would love to run it again! Maybe I can convince my husband to run it with me next year as a birthday gift!

  • It’s a bit disappointing that they couldn’t figure this out sooner. As a DVC member, I made hotel reservations in April. Now I may not be able to get them. I’m crossing my fingers!

  • Ugh, seriously! 8(

  • Totally bummed. This baby is due in October, giving me now less than three months to train since they moved the date. 🙁 I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage now!

  • I wouldnt miss it for the WORLD! I have been in the first and the second. Its a great race and so well done. I will be in Anaheim for the DL 1/2, the wine and dine and the WDW Marathon in 2011! Cant wait

  • I don’t see how moving the race up by one weekend will make much difference weather-wise, but any chance of starting the race a little later in the morning, such as 7 AM? Or not requiring racers to be there until 4:30 or 5 AM? I don’t understand why racers have to be at the start 2 hours before the race begins. Still looking forward to it though…

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