• I love love love the theming of this ride and everything else about it… except the drops. After losing my stomach because of it for the last time, I refuse to go again. It ruins the entire ride for me knowing that is coming and I just can’t do it any longer. 🙁 (I can barely handle Splash Mountain, and that is a single, shorter drop which is much less vertical.) Is there any possible chance at all of making one elevator ride occasionally for the people (kids and elderly alike) that simply cannot handle being dropped? I know I wouldn’t be the only one lining up for the “tamer” version for sure! Even if it were just a walk-through version… I would be really thrilled with that! I’m so sad that I can’t go on it any longer… 🙁

  • This is one of the best ride in Disney World.

  • i used to ride TOT back in the days of bar only seating totally loved it then I graduated to the seat belt only seat in the back row THAT was an AWESOME feeling!!

    now with all the changes to the ride by adding belts to any seat Ive switched to riding TOT at night only!!! thats an experience in its self!!!! especially if your in the front row!!!!!!!!!

  • Quick story! My granddaughter taunted me into riding the Tower of Terror. She was just tall enough to go on the ride for the first time. I was going to chicken out and she told me not to be a wuss. Anyway, I went on the ride and it has been a love affair ever since. The tower of terror is by far my favorite ride.

  • One of the things that makes Disney parks so special is the theming. I tend to get seasick in a regular elevator, so needless to say I do not make a habit of riding thrill rides (Test Track aside). However, where amusement parks just have boring, ugly old roller coasters and freefalls, Disney parks makes their rides enjoyable for everyone, even if they don’t ride it. Tower of Terror is an amazing piece of scenery, plus I love going through the queue of Tower of Terror with my friends, just to enjoy the theming. Thanks for this beautiful shot!

  • Going this summer and haven’t been in a while. Can’t wait to get on this ride over and over. Looks amazing;) I can’t believe I waited this long to go!!!

  • I LOVE this ride but it had issues the last time I visited so I REALLY cant wait to go on it next time!! Love the atmosphere as you enter the ride… spoooky!!! xx

  • Awesome ride! One of my many favorites at WDW and Disneyland as well. By the way, nice pic! Still remember the first time I rode it and took my niece & nephew on as well. Priceless!

  • “and do drop in!”

  • Love this ride so much! I’ve been on it 6 times in a row! I can’t wait to take my daughter on it because we’re going back next year and gonna do everything. CAN’T WAIT! That ride is so awesome!

  • My husband and I are annual passholders… we’ve been on this ride many many times (at WDW). The best time for us was actually after the ride ended and right after you look at your photos. One time there happened to be 2 Citizens of Hollywood cast members, sitting off to the side, frozen in time. It was spooky. If someone did something that was the “right” key or trigger (don’t remember what it was) then they would come to life for a few seconds playing the little song that cast member does. Or they would just make a noise and spook the person trying to get them to move. It was the best!! Never saw it before and haven’t seen it since.
    Oh an make sure you look for the hidden mickey’s on this ride… off hand I think I’ve found 3 but there are supposedly 4 or 5.

  • ohhh man, I REALLY do not like the actual feeling of the ride,but the experience is completely like no other. I’ve only ridden once,but the atmosphere is so extreme that you’re shaking in your socks long before the ride even starts. THIS is why I love Disney. 🙂

  • I always check the blog hoping to see a new image from the amazing Disney photographers. Another wonderful photograph as always!

  • WDW’s Tower of Terror is themed great–better than Disneyland’s. But–Tokyo Disney Sea’s Tower of Terror (Hightower Hotel) is even BETTER. Amazing themeing at Tokyo Disney Resort!

  • The entire ride is spectacular from the view walking down the street, to the garden queue, to the inside of the tower, to the cast members, to the Twilight Zone clip, to the basement, to the elevator, to the holograms, to the drops. AWESOME!!!! Now if I could just get my husband past the chicken exit 🙁

  • I wish they would install an illusion so that when the elevator doors first open into the “Twilight Zone” it appears that you are plummeting face first toward the ground.

  • Love the ride.

  • I LOVE this attraction!

  • LOVE this ride! My best buddy, Jules, and I actually rode it 11 times IN A ROW one trip. Just good luck or great timing. We had to take a little break as our heads were getting a little fuzzy from the drops! The scenery is so much better here than in California. The details are worth half the ride.

  • I will ride it time & time again & even got my Dad (79 years old at the time) to ride it!

  • By far my absolute favorite attraction in all of WDW. I love how the storyline and theme starts way before you get to the attraction itself – the dilapidated billboard on Sunset Blvd. It’s wonderful.

  • I also would LOVE a high resolution copy of this! It’s my favorite ride and a tradiditon with my Dad 🙂

  • One of my favorites, from the time i walk into the hotel until I am looking for our picture, although I am most excited waiting for the elevator door to open so i can take my place for THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

  • Finally got up the nerve to go on ToT this past December. . .one of my new fav rides!!! Can’t wait to ride it again!

  • One of our absolute favorites!!!

  • Great pic, Garth of one of my MOST favorite WDW attractions! The storyline and theming for the ToT is top-notch… Walking down Sunset Blvd towards the hotel is a great lead into the entire Twilight Zone experience.

    NCDisneyDad Bob ºOº

  • Loveeee this ride!! First time on it my long metal heart necklace ended up whacking me in the forehead lol…. and I STILL loved it!!

  • My friend and I rode it 13 times last year(once for every floor you fall).
    By far one of the best rides at WDW; not only for thrill, but the atmosphere of the it is simply AMAZING!!

  • The one at WDW is much better than the one at Disneyland, and mainly because of the scenery and the lead-up to the plunges! The scariest part? When the cage slowly turns at the end, and you see a pile of cast-off theatrical trappings – including a really eerie ventriloquist’s dummy.

  • This is fantastic. The Tower of Terror is my absolute favorite ride. I would LOVE to have a high-resolution version of this image to use as my desktop background. Any chance you could provide one?

  • Love this ride! I can not wait to take my daughter on it!

  • Love the ride, but I think the scenery and set up is my favorite part of the experience!!

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