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‘World of Color’ – Behind the H2O – Making the Fountains Dance

Steven Davison

by , Imagineer, Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment

I can’t believe how close we are to the opening! It’s been a crazy few months, but I’m having a great time putting together this show.

Today I’m sharing a first look at how we’re getting the fountains to “dance.” Since “World of Color” doesn’t have any live performers, the fountains will become our dancers and actors. To help with staging the fountains, we brought in Joshua Horner. Josh is a fantastic choreographer from Australia. One of his dreams was to work with Walt Disney Imagineering on a show. Well, I am glad we were able to make his dream come true!

We asked Josh to take the musical score for the show and create a style and choreographic point of view for each number. Whether it was the signature look to the show’s theme, or the lush balletic moves in “Part of Your World,” Josh put his heart and soul into the movement of each piece.

The end result of his work was inspiring. We brought the creative team together and had Josh present his ideas. For each of us it became a wonderful fount of inspiration that sparked new ideas and really helped shaped the show.

Today we’ll give you a glimpse into the process.


  • It was a pleasure meeting you last night Steven

  • When will you be alowed to pick-out a spot after you have gotten your World of Color FASTPASS?

  • Me and my family wanted to see world of color but some family members won’t be coming to California Adventure Till later. Does the person receiving the World of Color FASTPASS ticket need to be present to be able to receive it?

  • Mr. Davison, I have been anxiously watching the development of this show from the time it was announced! Seeing your presentation at the D23 Expo was amazing and all of the behind the scenes videos you have shared with us show the passion and dedication everyone has put into this wonderful display! I was so excited to hear that the “grand premier” would be on June 11 (my birthday)!!! But unfortunately I have to wait to see this colorful creation. (hoping to see it in July)

    From what I’ve seen already, we will be blown away!

  • So cool, can’t wait to see it!

  • I would love to meet Steven Davison, the man behind the magic.

  • Amazing!! There is something about those Disney soundtracks, they transform me right back to Disney World…..Loved the video and hope to see the fountain one day!

  • Let me just check to make sure…, uh, YEP! Goose bumps! Just like every other World of Color video I’ve watched!

  • Thank you Steve. This is by far one of the best videos you have shared with us. Keep ’em coming.Thank you to all for putting not only your talents into your work, but your heart as well.

  • Being a residing Australian myself and having visited Disneyland 4 times (the last Just last Decemeber)its fantastic to see Josh’s talents being used and proud to see that Aussie talent has been used in developing this brilliant upcoming show.

  • Jessica;
    Yes, World of Color is only at the Disneyland Resort in California.

  • Looks like it’s going to be a great show but is it only at Disney Land

  • With every little “Teaser” I get more and more excited. Just the little bits I’ve seen, blow me away! I can’t wait.

  • Now I will totally be looking for Josh’s work in the fountains when I am sitting there in DCA on June 11th!!! I can’t wait for June 11th!!!

  • Amazing. I can’t wait to see this.

  • Exciting!!!!!!!

  • Great video. I think its awesome that so much thought has been put into the show. 🙂

  • Another great video Steve! Continuing in the long tradition of live action references. Was awesome to see the fountains overlaying the dancers and just how well you guys were able to capture those fluid (no pun intended), very human motions with a stream of water. So very excited to see this next month!

  • What a great way to think outside the box. I think it was inspiring to use live dancers as “models” for the fountains. I guess if the animators can do it, why can’t same idea be applied elsewhere? Can’t wait to see the performance.

  • i am so excited to see this… i have been watching every video since it started i’ve been to disney to see for my self the progress.. i cant wait to acccualy sit infort of the show and see all the amazing work of many different people!

    way to go disney!

  • i think that something like a firework show or something like world of colours should have dancers it just adds that extra something special like in dinseylands fantasmic!!

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