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Your Favorite Time to Visit Walt Disney World is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is winding down but as always, more amazing experiences are on the way at the Walt Disney World Resort. Is your favorite event or season still to come? Today, we’re asking when you most enjoy visiting the parks:

Now, it’s your turn. Please let us know your favorite time to visit Walt Disney World in the comments.




  • Halloween! Great weather. Great party. Great crowd level.

  • I agree with Jeff (anytime), but I’m about to give May a try – our trip starts Thursday!

  • My favorite time to come is January, Spring Break, or Summer time.

  • Food & Wine Festival!!

  • First week of November has always been good to us. Perfect weather (hurricane season is over), crowds are light (though we did experience a New Jersey invasion once when their schools closed for a week at this time…still not too crowded) and everything is just right!

  • Now that I don’t live in FL any longer I prefer going in either Sept. or Nov.

  • We love to come in early September. Labor Day weekend os over, everyone is back in school, the Food and Wine Festival crowds have not started yet, and it’s not quite as hot as August. Our new favorite is the first week of December, especially if WDW is expecting a cold front. It makes it really seem like the holidays to us Floridians who get 80 dgree Chritmases!

  • Whenever possible! 😀

    I’m going the end of June to Disneyland though. Then the College Program August thru January. I’m really excited because it’ll be my first time at Disney during the holidays! <3

  • october. short lines. small crowds. disney to yourself is a great way to do disney. 🙂

  • Hopefully it’ll be October, which will be when I take my next trip to Disney World! When exactly is Star Tours shutting down? Has it been announced?

  • The last quarter of the year. Food & Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and then all the holiday festivities in November and December. It’s absolutely beautiful, and most of it is fairly uncrowded.

  • Late October Early November, during the Food & Wine Festival

  • The first few weeks of December! That way I can see all the Christmas decorations, but miss the majority of the crowds. Really, though, anytime is great!

  • Any day that the sun comes up in the East!

  • Anytime is my favorite time to visit Walt Disney World!!!

  • May 16th at 3:30pm

  • Christmas time and September!

  • We love mid to late october mickeys halloween party is great!december with all the christmas decorations is also magical!

  • Diane From Ma.
    First week in Dec. Not crowded but all the Christmas Deco. are up and everything is ready to go.

  • Definitely Food and Wine Festival in the fall!

  • I’m hoping the third week of October this year. That’s when we are planning to go. My husband and I haven’t been in almost 10 years and we are taking our two boys for the first time! Can’t wait!!

  • I love April… is great and it’s Flower and Garden! It’s like a prelude to summer. Of course, that is not to say that it isn’t fun any time of year. 🙂 My second favorite time is during Food and Wine…yum!

  • We have visited for the past three years the third (3rd) week in September … will be there this year as well! All Star Music (our home in the World) here we come! 130 Days! Yahoo!!!!!!!

  • Beginning of May to celebrate our anniversary and to attend the flower and garden show….October for MNSSHP and the end of Nov beginning of Dec for all of the Christmas festivities!

  • I love early December. All of the Christmas & holiday decor is up, but the crowds are lighter than during Christmas week. But honestly, anytime I’m there is my favorite time!

  • I loved going in February with my family. Before the Halloween events, we use to go in October. So now, I enjoy September the most. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

  • December as it’s my b’day month & all the Christmas decorations. Really any time as there’s always something fun to do!

  • Halloween & the Food and Wine Festival! It’s still warm, the crowds aren’t as large, I get to dress in costume AND try food from around the world!!

  • Living in FL and being a pass holder, I’ve visited Disney every time of the year and love each time. My favorite time is the first of December — Thanksgiving crowds are gone and all the holiday decorations are beautiful, not to mention, the weather is usually fabulous. I really don’t get in the Christmas spirit until I see the Osborne Family lights at Hollywood Studios…always incredible.

  • We like April around the 20th thru the 23rd. My B-day and our wedding anniversary.

  • Christmas time….cooler weather and Christmas carols are everywhere at Disney World. The only down side is swimming in the heated pools…getting in them is warm…but you are a frozen person when you get out. LOL

  • My favorite time to visit is in October the days are nice and warm but the evenings are cool! I also enjoy the holiday season its so festive and beautifully decorated!

  • Our favorite time of year is the week after Labor Day. For years we have been coming and spending pool time Sunday and Labor Day Monday, then going to the parks Tuesday – Thursday. Less people, more time to spend on our favorite rides and at our favorite places. We enjoy the timeshare there at Old Key West. We countdown every year starting with the day after we get home!

  • #36 – Historically for us, it has always been the first to second week in December. The weather is much cooler than at other times of the year, the Christmas decorations are up, we can enjoy the Candlelight Processional and it’s always been much less crowded then.

    That is, until our last visit in December 2009!! Every park we went to, regardless of the day, was packed!! I guess it was a combination of the FREE birthday and other package deals that were happening then, but it was really hard to navigate the parks in my wheelchair, with all the humans everywhere! This last time, we weren’t able to do and see everything we wanted to do, like we have in the past, because everything took longer due to the crowds.

    We usually go once every 10 years, since in that amount of time there have been a sufficient amount of changes or new things put in to warrant spending all it takes to make for a fun vacation.

  • We love the second week of September. Lower crowds and temperatures than August and it’s really fun to have “regular” Disney World when we arrive and “Halloween” Disney World by the time we leave!

  • Anytime!!! However the Epcot Flower and Garden Show and Christmas are extra special.

  • Oh my, I could have written what Nancy from PA said. “We like April around the 20th thru the 23rd. My B-day and our wedding anniversary.” Only I would say my husband’s birthday and our anniversary. Next trip is planned April 2012. However, I wouldn’t mind trying early Nov. or Dec. between now and then.

  • December! The weather is cooler and all of the Christmas decorations are out. It’s awesome seeing Cinderella’s Castle covered in all of those lights.

  • We have done all seasons. Our favorite time has been two weeks before Easter because we like to stay for two weeks and this allows for some down time. Our Family group has grown to over 35, so the more time the better!!! Our next one however is in 2011 and will be the week after Thanksgiving, It’s time to see the lights and Santa!!

  • During October. You have the best of both worlds with the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Plus, the weather is perfect!!

  • I love Disney World anytime, but late January is my favorite. The weather is usually warm and the crowds are small. You can see and do as much in 4 days and you can in a week at other times of the year.

  • Anytime is a great time, especially when free dining is offered! 🙂

  • Well anytime of course, but I do so love Halloween! I went three times last year (once with family, twice with friends). The atmosphere is just amazing, AND you get to dress up and run around the Magic Kingdom! I went as Belle last year (spent 5 months making my costume for this one event!) and got some amazing experiences. Definitely worth splashing out on this event!

  • Our favorite time to visit Disney is during October! But of course we would go anytime of the year! I really want to go during the Christmas season I heard it is beautiful!

  • My favorite time is December 1st. Not only because it’s my birthday, but also because the first week of December is the least crowded time of the year!

    The Food & Wine Festival is a very close second. Ironically not for the food or the wine, but for the incredible beer selection! It’s so good it really ought to be called the EPCOT International Food, Wine & Beer Festival!

  • We love to go on the first week of June for wedding aniversary. The weather is great! This year we will also celebrate our girl’s first visit!

  • We love to go in January. It is a huge reward to look forward to after surviving the hectic retail season on our jobs! The crowds are down and the weather can go either way, so we go prepared.

  • Anytime I can get there, my home away from home!!!!!!!!!!!

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