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Your Favorite Time to Visit Walt Disney World is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is winding down but as always, more amazing experiences are on the way at the Walt Disney World Resort. Is your favorite event or season still to come? Today, we’re asking when you most enjoy visiting the parks:

Now, it’s your turn. Please let us know your favorite time to visit Walt Disney World in the comments.


  • We love visiting Disney ANYTIME! 🙂 However, we Loved February! It was awesome !

  • First week of January. Not crowded, Chrismas decor still up at a bargain price.

  • January. Cool weather and no crowds. It’s great!

  • first week of May. Just returned. Perfect weather and no long waits in line!!!!

  • Food and Wine especially when we can overlap with mickey’s very merry, or not so scary

  • Anytime is great visiting Disney but if you like the holiday spirit and the crowd that comes with it then Christmas and New Year’s is the time to go. Everything is beautifully decorated and people are in good mood plus the weather is good. But I just went last week and not too crowded but still the Disney feeling, I even had time to laydown on the grass when visiting Epcot between going from one ride to another. So, anytime is good of course.

  • Halloween!

  • really anytime i can get there but we are leaning toward thanksgiving day until the week after as our favorite time

  • Me and my boyfriend visited for our first trip together to Disney in September 2009. The Wednesday right after Labor Day. It was fantastic when it came to wait times in line. The most we waited for a ride was 20 minutes. I coudln’t believe it when I was able to WALK RIGHT IN to the Tower of Terror the 6 times that I rode it!

  • I agree with the other posters, ANYTIME I can get to the World is awesome but one of my favorite times is fall during the Food and Wine Festival and now that my kids are both over 21 we can all enjoy both food and drink.

  • Our favorite time is in the fall for the Food & Wine Festival & Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which we attended for the 1st time last year & loved it. The weather’s usually good & autumn seems to have a more laid back, relaxed feeling to it. Have been to WDW many times but haven’t been able to go for Christmas decorations or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & would love to see them. Guess I’d better “wish upon a star” for next year.

  • My husband & I usually like to visit in the fall months when the parks are less crowded. It makes for a nicer, peaceful visit.

  • While there’s no better time than Christmas (one year I was checking in at Wilderness Lodge and there were carolers singing in the lobby – you can’t beat that) I did enjoy an October visit during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Oh heck, anytime is good – let’s go tomorrow!

  • At first, I used to go during March break, simply due to convenience (no school to put a damper on the fun!) but since last year, where I went in October for my sweet 16th (and oh how sweet it was!!), my family has decided to go at that time every year – this year, ‘sweet seventeen’… 😛

  • International Food Fest at Epcot every October, YUM!

  • Anytime, actually. However, my absolute favorite time is either Christmas or Labor Day. Christmas because everything is so beautiful with the wonder of Christmas and the extra activites are great, but Labor Day because the parks aren’t that busy. I just can’t definitively decide between the two.

  • Anytime is a great time to visit Walt Disney World, but I especially enjoy coming during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival and the International Flower and Garden Festival. I’m headed to Disney tomorrow morning!!! 🙂

  • No doubt, it has to be Christmastime. The Osborned Family Spectacle of Lights is truly amazing. The Christmas decorations, music, parades and fireworks really help get me in the Christmas spirit.

  • Our favorite time is February of years ending in 1 or 6, when we mark our weddng anniversary in multiples of 5. Our family’s first trip was in 1996, on our 15th anniversary. We’ve been back in 2001 and 2006 – in ’06, our son proposed to his fiance. We’ll be there in February 2011 for our 30th anniversary, which is Valentine’s Day. We’ll be with our sons again, as we have for every trip. We can’t wait!

  • Smack dab in the middle of summer. I love the crowds and typically everything is up and running. Plus, longer operating hours.

  • It use to be Jan/Feb when it’s cold in Ohio but now my favorite time is the fall specifically Halloween and Food and Wine fest time. We went for the first time for the F&W and managed to score tickets to Mickey’s not so scary halloween party. What an awesome time!!

  • Since I’m going to be in the World this Sunday, I would have to say my favorite time to visit Walt Disney World would be… this Sunday!!

  • My family’s most favorite time of year is the first and second week of December. The weather is great, the Christmas lights are up and the crowds are not bad at all. Going for the week of Thanksgiving this year. Looking forward to having turkey with Mickey!

  • Last week in Sept, first week in Oct. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Food and Wine Festival. Can’t beat it.

  • At the beginning of summer vacation, right after school gets out!

  • Our favorite time is the second week in December. The Christmas decorations are up, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas is underway, and there is a bit of a lull in attendance before the schools let out for Christmas break. Add in the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT and it’s always an amazing visit.

  • We love the first week in March. After February school vacations, but before southern Spring Breaks start. The weather is nice and cool, and it is our anniversary.

    Halloween is a close second. Love the party! Food and wine is a blast (go with a group!) The weather is slightly too warm.

    Christmas is beautiful. Try to go the first or second week in December for light crowds.

  • Christmas time…nice weather when it isn’t raining and less crowds

  • Anytime but especially when it’s all decked out for Christmas

  • Wine festival

  • Every time is more amazing than the last, but Christmas is the absolute BEST!!!!!

  • I love visiting Disney World for Halloween. The crowds are small, the weather is great, and there are so many extra things going on.

  • Thanksgiving – 2 holidays for the price of one!

  • sandy and joe from virginia. Our best time was 1st week in november and the 1st week of february, they were both great times, not a whole lot of people and you could walk right up to every ride, it was awesome for us.

  • Anytime is great – but I like the fall best – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Food & Wine Festival. Early December is also nice – a little cooler – not crowded and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and all the beautiful decorations. It is truly magical.

  • anytime of course disney is that best place to be when you want to have fun

  • First couple weeks of December. Great weather, low crowds and Xmas decorations!

  • Kathy M. from Lincoln, RI. loves the Fall months

  • I LOOOVEEE Spring but we always visit WDW on September…Every year!
    Still warm enough for the Water Parks (veeeeryy important!!) and way cheaper…plus, there’s usually FREE Dining Plan!! 🙂

  • End of January through anytime in February. Its great to get out of winter in WI for a while, the crowds are thin and the sun is out. Planning for this winter!!

  • Our favorite time to visit Disney is late November early December! Hope to go again this year.

  • This year it is in 2 weeks. Last year it was September. Two years before that is was January. Is there a time that is not good to visit WDW?

  • Anytime is great but i always wait for before or after summer when there is not alot of tourist…Sorry people don’t wanna be there when ya’ll are on vacation.

  • October is a really good month to go. The lines are manageable and the weather is beautiful. Of course, January is a fun month to go as well!

  • Late Sept/early October….Food and Wine Festival!!!

  • September for free dining and it’s our anniversary.

  • anytime i’m there otherwise the week after thanksgiving!

  • June

  • The week of Veteran’s Day in November. Great weather, short lines and my husband’s birthday.

  • we enjoy Disney World the week going into Labor Day. No crowds & extra Disney attention!!!

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