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Your Wish Has Been Granted: Genie’s Run Extended at Hyperion Theater

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular

Contrary to earlier reports, the Hyperion Theater won’t be setting the genie free just yet. By popular demand, “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” will remain at Disney’s California Adventure park.

We received a lot of comments on the Blog asking for Aladdin to continue its run. It’s almost as if the Genie granted your wish!

Although “Toy Story – The Musical” was scheduled to move into Hyperion Theater following Genie’s last bow, Buzz, Woody and their pals will stay focused on the new additions in Toy Story Mania…for now.

Construction has been scheduled near the Hyperion Theater for August 15. Although that may still impact some performances, we’re doing everything we can to keep the show up and running. Stay tuned to the Blog for updates, and we’ll share details when we have them (or, you can always check disneyland.com for showtimes).

Now, close your eyes, make a wish and hit play to see Genie in action. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite Genie joke – and oh, no wishes for more wishes.


  • couldn’t toy story work at an outdoor theater? if so, why not use the old snow white/pocahontas musical area (current disney princess faire) for the toy story musical?

  • does this have anything to do with the not so good reviews that Toy Story the Musial has gotten since it’s debut on the Disney Wonder?

  • We just returned from an AMAZING TRIP to Disneyland, but the ONE thing we were missing was the chance to see the ALADDIN MUSICAL show. During our performance, not even 1/2 way through – the house lights came UP, the characters walked OFF, and the announcement said “This performance of Aladdin has been canceled.” No explanation, nothing. We missed the later show due to prior commitments. We were devastated…knowing Aladdin was leaving – NOW we have something to return for!!!!!

  • I’m glad this is staying.
    I love all aspects of Disney, but I do think you are going over the top with PIXAR. Having a classic like Aladdin in the parks keeps the balance. Besides, Aladdin is an excellent musical and should enjoy a very long run!
    Long may it stay!

  • This is such fantastic news for the Disneyland Resort! I was able to see this show for the first time last year and I absolutely loved it, and I was so disappointed that I would not be able to see it this October. This show is one of the best live productions I’ve seen in the parks, right up there with The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Musical Adventure. I was disappointed with Toy Story: The Musical on the Disney Cruise Line, so this is very welcome news that Aladdin will remain for the near future!

  • I honestly can’t believe it! This will make my trip in December for sure (assuming it’s extended that long)


  • Just saw Aladdin on Saturday and had a blast, I am pleased it will remain, but I would also say I was looking forward to something new at the Hyperion Theater. My favorite Genie joke is when he said “Viva Mexico” when he first appeared on stage during the May 5th, 2005 showing. It delighted us as my friends and I had forgotten that it was Cinco de Mayo.

  • YES! This is great news!

    Thanks for doing this, Aladdin is an amazing show and deserves to stick around a while longer. Thanks for listening to the fans, can’t wait to return to the park and see it again.

  • This is really cool news.

    Though I’m still hoping that someday the Hyperion theater will receive something new. The Aladdin show is great, and I’m glad that it will be sticking around for now, but I’m still excited to see what new things the future holds. 🙂

  • Thank you for extending the run of this magical show! My brother tells me that the show was originally scheduled to run for 6 months, but was extended due to its popularity. I know that every time I have seen it over the years, the auditorium was packed to the mezzanine, and sometimes even the balcony, levels and the guests were all enchanted by the wonderful performances. Here’s hoping that Disney will continue to hear the laughter and applause coming from the Hyperion and extend Aladdin’s run ad infinitum, or, as Buzz would have it, “to infinity and beyond.”
    (The prior commenter may have a good idea about placing the Toy Story musical in Disneyland’s Snow White theater. The location between Fantasyland and Toon Town could be ideal for a show about toys, and there is already a set of restrooms conveniently located in the theater.)

  • Not sure why wordpress posted my comment as “anonymous” when I was logged in as “Hillary,” but would just like to correct that error by posting an addendum.

  • Yaaaay! This is the best show, ever! So happy it’s going to be around a while longer:-) I love how the genie’s jokes change to be topical. You never know what you’re going to get, which keeps us coming back to see it. We’ve been known to schedule our trips to be certain we’ll be at CA on a day Alladin is showing.

  • my most favorite genie joke ever was when he was explaining the 3 non-wishing rules to aladdin and explained that he can’t make people fall in love, then genie said “i call it the ‘jon & kate’ rule”, the whole audience’s reaction was funny, you just here the whole theatre go “ohhhhh”, then genie said “too soon?” hahaha a joke that i liked from the video above was when he called the carpet “my shamwow” haha

  • Im gonna miss Aladdin I wont be able to make it til next year 🙁 I have seen it twice already but its never enough. I love Toy Story but dont know if it will compare to Aladdin on stage. I may watch it once but Im sure its not gonna be a… “i cant wait to see it again” show. I think Toy story as covered enough of Disneyland and California Adventure, we are gonna get tired real soon of it. I vote keep Aladdin.

  • Yes, as Jon and Hillary have suggested, the Fantasyland Theater would be a great place for the Toy Story Musical. Assuming that Disney is still hoping to use it at the Disneyland Resort someday.

  • HURRAY!! I LOVE this show!

  • I’m so glad to see it’s being extended! We see this show every time we go to Disneyland/California Adventure, and we never get tired of it! Genie always makes us laugh out loud!

  • It makes sense to keep Alladin running during the summer season and the Premier season of WOC to help even out crowds but i hope this is not a trend and we see Alladin staying around for several more years.

    Disney should keep these big production shows fresh and change them every so many years.

    Speaking of shows someone needs to tell management that they have a large outdoor theater being wasted in Fantasyland while being used as a meet and greet/ merchandise area. Disneyland needs to get a proper show back which would help eleviate crowds and that is geared to the whole family and not just the Princess group. Maybe its time to invest some money and enclose that theater to bring in a new facility that works

  • I love the Aladdin show and have seen it many times over the years. Because the Genie’s jokes keep changing to reflect current trends and events, it always seems fresh. In addition, the music and production is of such a high quality, that alone would keep me coming back to see the show again and again. I sincerely hope that Disney will not permanently end this wonderful production! I, too, have seen Toy Story, the Musical on Disney Cruise Line and I was disappointed. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt it was rather dark and negative; somehow the themes that are funny when animated (Woody’s envy of Buzz, Sid’s sinister personality) did not seem so funny when portrayed by live actors. Whenever I see Aladdin, I leave feeling upbeat and with that “Disney glow”. Keep the Genie!!

  • Please continue with Aladdin!! One of our very favorite things of each Disney visit. We schedule everything around these performances.

  • Jon and Kate ‘jabs’ … the Genie’s jokes are great! He ‘feeds’ of the audience so well … wonderful show – for both adults and children! Glad it will run for a little longer … VERY SORRY to so it end – in time … ;-<

  • I’m so happy Aladdin is being kept on. The Pixar characters are great, but they are being used waaaaaaay too much. It’s kinda making me sick of them. I love when they can use older movies as a basis for attractions in the parks. I hope I get to see this show again someday!

  • I absolutely love how the Genie changes things up everytime he does the show. Everytime I see it it is different because of this. I have my favorite Genie (which is the one in the video) and I also have my favorite Aladdin in the show. If I get real lucky I get my favorite Genie and favorite Aladdin when I see it. Now I can make sure that I continue to see the show.

  • Congrats to the west coast park, now is there any way to bring back the Adventurer’s Club on the east coast? I have a funny feeling that there were/are probably more people wanting our beloved club back rather than the Aladdin show (though it is a brilliant show)

  • #23 – This is great news!! Even tho we’ve seen this show many times, I’m glad they’re keeping it running, until they can come up with a SUITABLE replacement! I agree that the Toy Story show seems better suited to DL, because of it’s proximity to Toon Town AND the fact that Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters is close-by, in Tomorrowland!!

    The video clip must be fairly recent, since you covered all the jokes I remembered from the show (except for the Jon & Kate one listed above) at our most recent viewing, a few weeks back, when we made our pilgrimage, since that was when the news was that the Hyperion was going “dark” in August.

    Bravo Disney!!

    And here’s another vote for bringing the Adventurers’ Club back to WDW!!

  • OH HOW AWESOME!!! I love this show and I was so mopey and sad when I heard it would be taken away from us. But now it’s back!!! Thank you Disney Parks for granting another wish from the Genie!

  • I’m so glad Disney is keeping the Aladdin show going. It’s my favorite show in the park. Good job!!
    Can’t wait to see more updates on the California Adventure renovation.

  • Over the years, my family and I have seen the Aladdin show many times. Our favorite Genie joke came from a tense moment when Aladdin had done something wrong. A baby up in the balcony just happened to start crying, and the Genie said “That baby is crying because of you!” The audience erupted into laughter and even Aladdin had trouble keeping a stright face! Absolutely HILARIOUS!

  • This is such wonderful news! You can easily spend $100 or more to see a similar show on Broadway, yet California Adventure guests can see “Aladdin” in a real theatre for free! And should I add that the Hyperion’s seats are FAR more comfortable than most? At a time when money’s tight, there’s simply no better entertainment value. As for my favorite Genie line, it came several years ago when MySpace was the more dominant social network. As he was hurling one-liners at Jafar, he said “You’re so mean…when you’re on MySpace, even Tom won’t be your friend!” Hilarious! Thank you SO MUCH for saving this incredible show, even if it’s only for a while longer.

  • YEEHA! This is the best news!

    Aladdin is THE best themepark show ever, it’s as good as a broadway show and truly magical. There is no need for even more Toy Story things in DLR, just keep Aladdin where it is and I might fly over the ocean once more to see this great show 🙂

    Thanks Disney, this is one of the wisest decisions you made the last time!!!

  • I’m so excited to hear that Aladdin is staying!!

    As an annual pass holder, I was kind of upset to hear that one of my favorite parts about California was being replaced with ANOTHER Toy Story attraction. While I love the toys, I think two rides, the ranch, and a show is a bit much. Particularly because the Disney musicals of the 90s are so iconic.

    I was at the park last Friday (5/7/10) and went to see the Aladdin show, and the little girl sitting behind me was asking her parents who was in the show. She knew all the Toy Story characters, but had no idea who Princess Jasmine was.

  • Yay! My husband and I probably won’t make it back to Disney until late August or September, and we were bummed knowing that we wouldn’t get to see Aladdin one last time. It’s such a great show…am so happy it’s not ending! 🙂

  • This is great news!!! We love aladdin and it is always a must when visiting disneys california adventure, we have seen toy story the musical on disney cruise line, and although it is cute for young kids, we were very disappointed by it.

  • I have been curious for quite some time now as to why they don’t restore the Fantasyland Theater and the Big Thunder Theater (The one back behind Big Thunder Mountain, along the path between Fantasyland and Frontierland). Those are both great performance spaces that seem to be going to waste now.

  • Yahoo!!!!! I can’t believe it! First, my DVC waitlist comes through, and now this. What a great day.

    Thanks, Disney, for listening.

  • Thank you so much for listening! That is the best news! A trip to Disneyland just wouldn’t be the same without seeing the Aladdin gang! I so hope it will continue into 2011 as we get to bring our 8 year old great-neice for her very first ever Disney trip! I agree with some of the others about the empty theater by ToonTown. Perfect spot for The Toy Story Musical! It seems such a waste right now in that area as much as we enjoy the princesses, it could be utilized so much more. Thanks again and keep us posted!

  • While your busy with all the construction outside the Hyperion… is there any chance we’ll get an enclosed (or at least nicely covered queue area for the theater? Since we have to wait for so long before being let in for the show, it sure would be nice to have to be exposed to the elements.

  • I was so sad when I heard it was closing. Now I am SO HAPPY that it is staying for now. I saw if it aint broke don’t fix it. It has been so popular I don’t know why you would close it. It is a favorite of everyone who sees it. I say live it alone and keep it there.

  • Am very Excited now!, I was dissappointed a while back to find out that a week prior to my planned August trip to the DLR Aladdin would close. Now I cant contain my excitement that I will get to see it one more time! Always loved the genie’s pop culture jokes. In response to some of the other posts. We have enough Pixar in Disneyland, They could move Aladdin over to the Fantasyland Theater and get rid of those usless princess shows. If they retrofit it now, they could seamlessly move Aladdin uniteruptted and then start the ToyStory makeover for Hyperion. This would keep with the Fantasyland theme of the Classic Disney Genre.

  • Thank you so much for keeping Aladdin around. I am so sick of everything being about Pixar.

    Aladdin is a lot of peoples favourite show so it should never be an option to get rid of it. It’s not like it’s the exact same everytime.

  • Please keep extending it, and extending it, and extending it! Keep Aladdin “part of our world” in DCA… you already have another attraction based of off Toy Story in the park.

  • YES! the Aladdin musical is staying! 🙂

  • I have mixed emotions over this news. While I love Aladdin, I was SOOO excited by the prospect of seeing a Toy Story Musical!! I would LOVE IT if you’d put Toy Story in the old “Festival of Fools” theater space at Disneyland. There seems to be so much unused space over there!! Put in a musical over there and keep Aladdin in Hyperion! That would please EVERYONE!!!

    And the princess shows are NOT useless! Little girls who get to dance with the princesses and hear them tell stories are in HEAVEN during those shows. I’m VERY VERY happy to hear those are coming back! My nieces are already looking forward to it and were very sad that they weren’t going on during our last visit.

  • I’m so excited about this! My husband and I dragged a friend with us to a show this past March- and I kept saying, “this will be our last time to see it!!” Glad to know that I was wrong! I have LOTS of favorite Genie quotes, Aladdin: “I’m going to give you something you’ve always wanted.” Genie: “You’re going to get me a Wii?!” (Heard this in Dec. 2006, right after Wii’s came out and we’re in VERY high demand!) Genie: “I can’t bring anyone back from the dead- but if you have an iPhone, there’s an app for that!” and last but not least, while mocking Jafar, Genie: “If your last name was Pepper Shaker, it would be Sult-an-Pepper Shaker.”

    Glad I can make another trek across the country to see this show!

  • Please keep this wonderful show, we took our three year old granddaughter and she loved it, she wanted to see it again, every time we were in the park, the acting was great, and we loved the Genie, our favorite joke is the Lady Gaga joke, please keep the show, we’ll be back in Nov. of 2011 and we want our new granddaughter to see this show to.

  • My favorite “Genie” joke is when he played Kanya West during one of the shows. If I remembered, he invoked Kanya during the scene when Aladdin is introduce to Jasmine as King. The whole theater roared.

  • I know this show has been around for years now but its just so amazing. The Genie with his current event jokes are always hilarious. I was completely devastated to hear that they were replacing this amazing show with Toy Story. I love Toy Story as movies and understand Disney has a ton of buzz around it because of the incredibly fun ride but as a musical I can say I know it will be good but I would have missed Aladdin. The attendance for Aladdin is still great. I had to stand in line 2 hours before hand to get a front row seat and get there at least an hour before show to make sure my group even got in. I think that’s saying WE LIKE IT still. I do agree with one of the posters that it could work as an outdoor musical. Like during the parades the army men go around and the characters dance. High School Musical isn’t attracting much of a crowd anymore, why don’t they replace that show since they already have the costumes apart of the Party Celebration parades. I truly think it will be a disappointing move for California Adventure but here’s to hopping Aladdin stays.

  • That is fantastic!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Disney!!!! Aladdin is hands down the best show I have ever seen at a Disney Park and that is saying a lot because you have great shows! We gave up our summer trip to WDW this year to go to DL instead, just so we could be sure our 4 year old daughter got to see the Aladdin show before it was gone! I’m so glad to hear it has been extended- hopefully that will be for a long, long time!

  • saw the Aladdin musical in summer of ’05 and ’09, amazing both times !!! excited to see Beauty and the Beast at DisneyWorld in 2 weeks !!!!!

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