A Spectacular Opening Night

Talk about creating magical memories! The premiere of ‘World of Color‘ last night was one of those great Disney moments that I will remember for a lifetime. It was a thrill to see the look on the faces of our Guests (including my wife and boys) as Paradise Bay was transformed into a rainbow symphony of our best Disney music, animation and stunning water effects. It’s a show unlike any other, and it represents the finest of what makes Disney, Disney.

Tom Staggs at World of Color Premiere

Of course, it takes a whole lot to create a show as big as ‘World of Color.’ This spectacular is the result of a great collaborative effort that has drawn on every part of The Walt Disney Company. Making magic requires teamwork, and I’m honored to be working with such talented teammates.

‘World of Color’ is the quintessential Disney celebration-one that builds on Walt’s legacy of using creativity, technology and innovation to bring our most beloved characters and stories to life in a whole new way. And I think it’s a satisfying first taste of what’s to come at Disney California Adventure and at our parks and resorts around the world. We’ve got a pretty amazing lineup of new experiences opening over the next few years: Our “Little Mermaid” attraction and “Cars Land” at Disney California Adventure park; two new Disney cruise ships; a new stand-alone resort in Hawaii; and major expansions of Hong Kong Disneyland and Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

We’ll be giving you updates here on the Disney Parks blog as these projects progress, so stay tuned. And enjoy ‘World of Color.’


  • This show is absolutely, positvely wonderful – a truly “immersive experience”. Just by chance, we arrived on premier night and happened to be staying in the Grand Calafornian Villas on the sixth floor (#6504 if you want to request a great studio) with a balcony view of Paradise Bay – a great vantage point. We saw the show over 15 times from various viewing places during our 10 day stay – and I could watch it many, many more times. For anyone who is going to see the show, I highly recommend calling Disney Dining to get a dinner package with priority ‘seating’ for the show. We had a wonderful dinner and a primo viewing area without dealing with the crowds.

  • Eek! I can’t believe I missed this posting! I’m very excited you’re posting to the blog Mr. Staggs.

    I was at the public premier of World of Color and enjoyed it greatly. We had a great spot thanks to doing the dining package at Wine Country Trattoria. I just wish DCA had done more things like this sooner.

    Anywho – I hope in the future we might see you around the Walt Disney World resort more often, maybe even with some exciting announcements for Epcot! (rides in world showcase, rides in world showcase!) I’m getting great use out of my Premier dual-coast annual pass and look forward to more reasons to hop around 🙂

  • Hi Tom!

    It was really great getting a chance to chat with you on the red carpet that night. And am more than a little thrilled you kept your word and posted a blog about the event! (I expected nothing less:)

    Hope to get a chance to chat with you further in the future..

    (one of your ‘Mommy Bloggers’)

  • I loved that you had a live streaming webcast for the premiere of World of Color, and I was wondering if there will be more similar streaming videos in the future? I remember the old days when the Magic Kingdom had a webcam, is there any possibility of the return of webcams in the parks? It was always fun to watch between visits.

  • So time to review WOC (world of Color). Its a Good News Bad news tail. WOC, Which should be called WOW! The show is amazing. Everything you have come to expect from Disney. Blow your sox off color, sight and sound. I STILL have goose bumps. The music and the images bring you inside the story. They wrap you in bothy old memories and new, its truly a spectacular sight.
    The “seating” leaves a lot to be desired. Standing room only,(so the guy in front of you is bound to put his kid on his shoulders, fast pass, dinning experience, pic nick, all get the same “seating”. We got the fast pass and were there 3 hours early. But still missed about 50% of the show due to poorly planed viewing area.
    The show AMAZING@ we will go back again and again and find the best viewing.

  • We are so looking forward to viewing this new “spectacular”!!! Tom – thanks for taking time out of your schedule to spend time on here with us.

  • So when do we start getting coverage on the Mermaid ride 😀

  • Hey Tom, you guys should really consider bringing a show similar to this to the Animal Kingdom in Florida! That park could use a nighttime spectacular of its own, and since we can’t get fireworks because of disturbing the animals, this would be perfect! I could imagine it right outside Everest in the big lagoon or get rid of Camp Minnie-Mickey and build it from scratch on that piece of property.

    Oh and while on the topic of Animal Kingdom, please get someone to fix that Yeti on Everest! Thanks for taking the time to read my comments.


    • Hi Mike. For now, “World of Color” is only at Disney California Adventure. However, we are always looking for opportunities to enhance the Guest experience at all the parks, so keep watching for more good things ahead!

  • Hi Tom!
    Well, you promised us Mom Bloggers you would post on the blog and here you are! Thanks for jumping in to the world of blogging! Look forward to more posts for you.
    World of Color lived up to every bit of the hype and anticipation. It was fantastic! You’re right, the premiere will live in my memory a lifetime as well.

    • Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the warm welcome. I knew that once I promised you I would post, I couldn’t let you down. Thanks again for all you and the other Mom Bloggers do for our guests!

  • I too saw it last night; we ate at the newly reopened Wine Country Trattoria and utilized the preferring standing/seating option. Food was great. The show was breathtaking: the internet cannot do the show justice. We were right on the edge of the “splash zone,” and definitely got wet. (Thankfully, the “hellfire” sequence warmed us up.)

    We stayed after the 10:15 show and watched the 11:30 “bonus” show as well, but from further back. It was an entirely different experience, as the park has fountains that sneak out and “dance” during the show. Even from the back we got wet.

    I thoroughly love Fantasmic, and I think this show beats Fantasmic across the entry plaza. Congrats!

  • Thank you so much for broadcasting it on Ustream! Being able to watch it like I was there really made it a special evening and has gotten me so excited to head back to DL as soon as possible to see it in person.

    Congrats on another great show, Walt would be proud!

  • Hi Tom,
    Congratulations on the premier of “World Of Colour”, truly a masterpiece of imagination and creativity that only you genius’ @ Disney could create. I caught the video online and it really is a classic Disneyland show, full of spectacle, magic, music and awe inspiring technology. I will be booking my tickets to come over to California very soon, I just CANNOT wait to see it in person.
    Congrats again guys for keeping the spirit alive! xx

  • What a magical addition to the California park, can’t wait to see it!

  • I am so excited to see World of Color in person! My whole family watched it last night on the live web cast, I wanted to thank you and everyone who made it possible to watch it live online. It gave so many people the opportunity to witness the amazing premiere. I have been waiting all year to finally see it and it brought tears to my eyes.

    • Amadea, we were happy we could share the premiere via web cast. Hope you can see “World of Color” in person soon. I think you’ll love it!

  • Just adding my thanks for the post, the ustream feed last night, and the show itself. World of Color looks amazing, and I hope to see it in person one day. Also, so thrilled to see The Little Mermaid attractions coming to Disneyland and WDW. That movie was my first connection to Disney, and I still treasure it!

    I am so happy to see all the Disney Cast Members from all areas contributing to this blog. Such a wonderful way to connect to the Disney fans. We appreciate it! 🙂

  • Wow!!! Another amazing Disney achievement. Walt would have been proud for sure. Thanks for the live Ustream feed. It was like I was almost there. Almost 🙂

  • Tom and Bob (HEY! Where was George?!?) thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Thanks Tom! It is great to see you on the blog. Can’t wait to see the show. Also thanks for the Ustream feed. It was great that you were able to share the opening ceremony with all us Disney fans.

  • Thanks for the update Tom. Congrats on seeing the project through completion. I wish I was in America to come and see it — its been getting such amazing reviews already. I’m kind of disappointed my next planned trip isnt until late 2011. I cant wait to come and see it on my honeymoon.
    My next wish is that you can figure out a way to bring a Disney quality attraction down under to Australia!

  • I should also add it was kinda funny seeing the VIP’s get soaked. lol … Looks like they took it well though. But anyway nice job Disney Imagineers!!!

  • World of Color was AWESOME!!! We watch via the internet stream and it was great. Only 2 hick-ups, But now big deal. Looked real nice on the big screen with surround sound. 🙂

    • Hi Doug, I agree–the Imagineers performed their magic once again.

  • Hi Tom, and welcome to the wonderful world of social media! Will we be seeing you on Twitter soon?

    The show looked great on the live stream last night, despite some bandwidth-related video hiccups. It looks like you’ve got another hit on your hands! Here’s hoping that the rest of the DCA makeover and the other projects in the works go as smoothly.

    I’ve had confidence in your ability to step into your current role smoothly since the switch with Jay Rasulo was announced, and I look forward to what you’ll bring us as you continue to lead Disney Parks & Resorts.

  • Hi Tom!

    I was there last night. I loved the opening ceromony, and I really enjoyed World of Color. I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

    I’m also really looking forward to The Little Mermaid ride and Cars Land! 🙂

    • Thanks, Fred. I’m excited about The Little Mermaid and Cars Land as well. Last week, before the “World of Color” premiere, I walked the 12-acre Cars Land construction site, and it’s going to be amazing. We’re well into construction and vehicle testing for Radiator Springs Racers and it is great to see the land taking shape.

  • This show looks absolutely amazing. The color, synchronized fountains, the projection. It all comes together with Disney Animated features and tells a complete new story. I can’t wait to see it in person, but I also hope a similar show or technology of this show makes an appearance at Walt Disney World. Something this great must be seen by anyone and everyone. 😀

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