• So cool!

  • This is outstanding, Very Well Done

  • That’s Monstro the Whale and the entrance to StorybookLand! I always love riding the StorybookLand Canal Boats, and I never tire when the hostess driving the boat says “the very same whale that swalloed Pinocchio!”. Such a Disneyland classic attraction, that’s been going since the 1950’s!

    Thank you for capturing this old classic in a new way!

  • I completely agree with you Deborah! I won’t get to go this year due to work but next year I will be there for sure. Amazing photograph, Paul. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • WOW Paul! I love this photo 😀

  • Such a great photo!! It’s like you’re so lost in the beauty that you can just barely see the ‘waking giant!’

  • Well done Paul!

  • Absolutely stunning, Paul. I love seeing these photos (makes it easier to not be there – but at the same time it makes me want to go more!)

  • Monstro is majestic and so is your photography.

  • I love this! what a great perspective!

  • Love your photos! You have the most awesome-est job at Disney!

  • Very nice!

  • Love this picture, it’s just awesome

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