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Behind the Scenes: ‘World of Color’ Control Room

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes and going inside the control room that allows Disney cast members to run “World of Color” every night.

The production uses one of the biggest show control systems ever built. More than 18,000 active points of control are precisely managed by a single system.

In this video, Disneyland Resort Ambassador Danielle DuBois takes us into this technological marvel and speaks with Chuck Davis, Senior Technical Director.



  • Hey Heather, will the Disney Parks blog be putting up a video honoring Star Tours at Disneyland? Since it will be closing later this month it would be nice to have a video mentioning it.

  • This is why I signed up for this blog. I love learning behind the scenes stuff. 3 people to control the WOC show. Wow! Thanks for the report.

  • it’s so amazing the technology advancing from audio-animatronics to computers doing all these great things. I truly believe Walt would have been amazed by all this.

  • Hey Heather,
    Fantastic footage! Any word on a release of the soundtrack to “World of Color?” The score is amazing and when it’s synchronized with the fountains, it is absolutely beautiful!

  • Awesome video Heather, thanks! 🙂

  • Disney uses a control system by a company called Medialon. The audio is time coded down to a milisecond. When the show is programed, “markers” are embedded into the track that trigger commands for lights, projectors, fountains, fireworks, etc. I am a former Imagineer at WDW and while I was there, many of the show elements were being changed over to this system. VERY powerful and has AMX interface to allow limited control in real time, just in case.

  • Thanks Heather! You always bring us the most interesting and valuable and relevant information of all the posts here on the Disney Parks Blog! This was very interesting to see the science and hard facts that create this magical show each night. I have seen World of Color several times now, and my jaw still drops open at the huge scale of it all and how beautiful the show is!

  • Nice video!

    Interesting to know that each fountain can be controlled/programmed on site. I would fathom to guess that a SMPTE track typically controls the show during production and that the equipment can be moved from the DCA Parade building to Paradise Bay during periods of programming.

  • Wow! The World of Color nerve system!

  • This is really cool. But durring the show, what do the show operators do? I assume the fountains, lights, fire, projection etc. works by itself but do they just monitor everyting and make sure it all comes in on cue?

  • If the control room is in the parade building. What’s the tiny room underneath Ariel’s Grotto?

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