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Couple Knows it Really is A Small (Disney) World After All

Alex and Donna Voutsinas
The famous song “It’s a Small World,” says it all. But no one knows it better these days than Alex and Donna Voutsinas. You might have seen their now-famous photo with Mr. Smee in the news recently, and today they visited Magic Kingdom park to recreate the snapshot.

The year was 1980, and young Donna was with her family at the Magic Kingdom park, posing for a photo along Main Street, U.S.A. with Mr. Smee and her brothers. What she didn’t know at the time was that her future husband, Alex, also would be in the background of the same photograph – riding in a stroller pushed by his father. (Alex and his family were visiting from Montreal; Donna and her family were visiting from Miami.)

Years later, as the couple looked through childhood photos one week before their wedding, Alex noticed something that immediately caught his eye.

“We were looking through pictures for our wedding video and my wife took this one out, and I noticed my dad,” Alex told the Disney Parks Blog this morning. “My dad used to have jet-black hair with a white tuft and I just noticed him right away. Then I saw myself in the stroller.”

The couple held onto the snapshot for about eight years. Two weeks ago, at the urging of friends and family, they posted it on Facebook. After the media and press discovered it on Facebook, their amazing story took flight and has since been reported around the globe.

Today, the couple visited the exact spot the snapshot was taken, recreating the famous photo with Donna’s picture pal, Mr. Smee. And this time, their own children – six-year-old Rocco, three-year-old Vince and one-year-old Antonio – posed with them and shared in the fun. The family now lives in Boynton Beach, Fla., and – as can be expected – are Disney Parks fans.
Alex and Donna Voutsinas

Back at Walt Disney World Resort today on vacation, Alex and Donna were interviewed live from the Magic Kingdom on “The Early Show” on CBS, where they showed the magical photo from 1980 and recalled the moment that they learned of this Disney dream-come-true. That interview, as well as the now-famous, original snapshot, can be viewed at this link.


  • More proof of just how MAGICAL Disney is…

  • I agree w/ya David! That’s why I love Disney! That is such an awesome story 🙂

  • Wonderful, magical story! Is the “original” picture up somewhere?

  • My husband and I have a different story but same outcome and we have been together for the last 10 years now. I just wish our family’s would give us copies of the pictures to share with our kids. You are not alone in such a wonderful story. I called and asked the News guys to tell you that your story has another family connected the same way. I wish you many happy years of happiness.

    Our story is with my husband in the Disney Parade in 1993 at Disney Land and my mom got pictures of him and his mom got pictures of him and his sisters in line for a ride with me in them. Fate stepped in when I moved to Alaska and meet him for the first time.

  • Mr. Smee has aged well. 😉
    Such a cool story.

  • Not only is it the magic of Disney. I think it’s also God that brought these two together. Lovely Story.

  • post the original!!! please share 🙂

  • My husband was in WDW for the forst time in 1976. He was there in June that year. I was there in March on my senior class trip from high school. We are from towns that actually butt up against each other, even though we were in different states. Anyway, we were there 3 months apart each for the forst time. I have been 8 times since and of course seen the progression of change through the years and WDW remains my favorite place in the world to visit. My hubby and I met each other the first time in 1978, and then never saw each other again. I married in 1982, he never did. I divorced in 2004 and I re-met my now husband in 2006 at his brothers house. We married in May or 2009 and went on our belated honeymoon to WDW! He was astonished at the property and walked around with his mouth hanging open 1/2 the time! It was awesome!

  • Incredible!!What a fantastic story!!

  • Enchanted!

  • Did anyone else notice that Mr. Smee got a makeover? Smaller stipes on his shirt. Bigger eyebrows. Pupils facing doward. Smaller mouth with no tongue. Hat facing toward the back, not to the side.

    What gives?

  • Mark — Do you look the same in photos from 1980?

  • how sweet! im in tears, hope they have a happily ever after too!! blessings to all!!

  • Such a great story!

  • These are my two friends, what an amazing story…I’m so happy for them, especially because I’m such a Disney buff.

  • After reading this story, I have begun looking at my family’s photos from last year’s trip to Disney World. It was our first “full” family trip with our two sons (4yrs of age and 20 months at the time) I wonder if any of the little “princesses” in the background are going to one day be my future daugher-in-laws.

  • I cry when I see this!!! Disney is the most magical place on earth!! My family thinks my husband and I are crazy because we ONLY vacation there and go every year. Well this is why, it is filled with Magic!!

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